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Billing that saves you time and gets you paid faster

Streamline invoicing

Auto-everything from creation, sending and reminding. Even automatic late fees.

Secure payments

Choose from a variety of global payment options such as accepting credit cards, ACH payments, and PayPal.

Recurring payments

Set up recurring and subscription billing for longer-term projects. Weekly, monthly retainer, or quarterly.

Create invoices in seconds

With Bonsai, automatically create your next invoice, remind your client for payment, accrue an overdue late fee and get sent read-receipts.

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Manage recurring billing

Put your retainers and ongoing client work on auto-pilot with recurring billing. Choose your cadence and get peace of mind you'll get paid on time.

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Simple payment
for your client

Look professional by making it easy for clients to pay via Bonsai. It's as easy as adding their card.
Bonsai also handles payment reminders so you don't need to chase invoices.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I create a small business invoice?

Sign up for a free trial and gain access to invoice templates based on the unique services you provide. Generate invoices from scratch or customize invoice templates to include special payment terms, conditions, and invoice line items. With Bonsai, your invoice automatically integrates with accounting to help you track payment inflows 

Does Bonsai provide invoice templates?

Yes. Your Bonsai account grants you access to hundreds of customizable invoice templates that allow your clients to pay seamlessly.