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Service invoices are commercial documents that freelancers and consultants use to request payment from their clients. Creating and sending invoices to clients is a crucial task in everyday business running that you cannot ignore as a service provider. If you render services other than providing a physical product to clients, a service invoice template Word will serve your billing needs.

It might not make sense to spend time learning complex software and invoicing systems that incur a huge cost to bill your service-oriented projects. A simple bill template might serve that purpose. The Word template is simple, easy to use, and cost-effective among a myriad of invoicing solutions.

You can quickly download a template online and customize it to your tune. Besides, you are free to itemize your services and specify your fees accordingly. A service invoice template Word would serve if you do any of the following:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Web development
  • Graphics design
  • Copywriting
  • Transcription services
  • Marketing
Service Invoice Template
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1. Details of a service invoice template

Your service invoice template Word will include the following details, among others, depending on your complexity.

1.1. Information of parties

Start your invoice with your personal information, including business name, address, email, and phone contact. Also, include the details of the client and the party that will clear the bill.

1.2. Service

Create a table with a specific number of rows and columns if you need to outline the service you rendered. Outline the services and put the fees against each to make things clear for settlement.

1.3. Fees

Freelancers and consultants have different methods of billing a project. Some charge a flat-rate fee for their services while others might apply an hourly rate for a project.

Hourly rate billing is flexible and widely used by freelancers and consultants. It is easily applicable in cases where a client needs multiple revisions and rework. State your billing method in the service invoice template Word to avoid confusion in compensation.

Service Invoice Template Sample
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1.4. Dating & invoicing number

Include the issuance date and clearly state the due date of payment to avoid unnecessary delays. Add an invoicing number for easy tracking of the document. The invoice number can be any preferred number but ensure it follows a particular sequence you can always reference.

1.5. Terms and conditions

This section is where you add other terms that you’ve not captured in any other part of the invoice template. This may include your preferred payment method and currency if sending internationally and discount for quick payment if applicable.

1.6. Notes

Here is an optional section of your service invoice template Word where you may add a call to action or thank your client for their cooperation so far in the project.

2. Types of service invoice templates

Consultants use different types of invoicing templates depending on what they want to achieve.

Below is a list of the common types of service invoice template Word:

  1. Basic – It is the simplest of the templates that include basic fields to accommodate the information of both the clients and consultants.
  2. Blank - it is the most versatile template that gives room for any form of customization. You can download it online and add any form of design, but don't forget to include the basic information above.
  3. Billing – This invoice focuses more on the service and the fees. There's no point adding too many graphic designs, just the information of client, service, fees, and maybe your logo.
  4. Proforma - You can use this type of invoice to determine the cost of service before sending it to your client. Instead of a completed transaction format, a proforma service invoice template Word takes the form of a planned transaction.
  5. Sales - Used for sales services.

3. How to create service invoice template Excel

As a freelancer or consultant, you've put in the hours and rendered a service to a happy client. The next thing is getting your compensation for the job done. What do you need? You need to create and send the invoice to the client to request payment officially. Now, your invoice should be tidy and professional. Using invoice professionally will do more for you than just getting paid.

That is why you should think of the format to adopt for billing your client. Freelancers and consultants can make use of a service invoice template Excel to bill their clients. Excel invoicing solution is cheap and professional. With it, you are sure to create a readable document for effective billing.

In today's fast-paced world, no one wants to waste any time on an unproductive activity. Service members want to save time, and businesses want to serve more customers and handle more projects. So, you can't afford to choose an invoicing solution that will take time to learn and use. That explains why any prefer a service invoice template Excel for billing clients.

It is simple, easy to use, and intuitive. It means that you don't need too many technical skills to come up with a solid billing template in Excel. And if you are too busy to craft one from scratch, there’s an option of downloading ready templates for independent contractor billing. We have several service invoice template Excel that you can download and tailor to your needs.

If you don’t find what you need on this page, browse through other pages to view all our templates for a custom design. If you are about choosing a service invoice template, see the basic information it should contain below to make it a good fit.

Service Invoice Template Example
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Below you'll discover the most important sections of a service invoice template for Excel:

3.1. Header

The header section should be divided into two sections. The top left of the page should have your business logo, business name, contact address, email, and phone contact. Beneath it or anywhere close at the top should be your invoicing number. You are free to choose your invoicing number, but it should follow a recognizable pattern.

Below this section or at the top right comes the information about the party you are billing.

3.2. Service

This section is where you describe the services you’ve rendered. A service invoice template Excel is capable of displaying information in rows and columns. Thus, you can include a large amount of data if applicable without compromising clarity. Describe your service but avoid unnecessary information.

3.3. Fees

If you charge per hour, include your fees and state what you charge for each sub-task that you've performed. The client wants to be sure you are charging them for the work done. Again, break down your fees and emphasize the total due by boldening it. But avoid too long a tally of fees.

Service Invoice Template PDF
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3.4. Terms and conditions

This part handles the conditions for which you provide your service and receive payment. It takes information including payment method preference, currency (if sending internationally), and discounts service if applicable.

3.5. Date

Add the date you created and sent the invoice to your client. Besides, notify your client about your payment window. Including payment, the due date may eliminate the possibility of unnecessary delay.

3.6. Notes

Here is an optional section of your service invoice template Excel. You may add this section to notify your client about anything you have not mentioned in the previous sections. It includes a discount for quick payment if applicable and a thank you note for cooperation.

Free Service Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do I write a service invoice?

Edit Bonsai's free service invoice template to include your logo, business information, contact details, payment terms, due date, description of itemized services, amount due, and invoice date

Are there free service invoice templates?

Bonsai has a large library of service invoice templates. You can select your specific role or service and add all the important payment details, logos, client info, and list of services.

What is the best free service invoice template?

Bonsai has the best free service invoice templates on the market. Our invoicing software let's you send professional looking invoices, set up recurring bills, partial payments and you can automate the whole process.