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As a business owner, using QuickBooks to set up your payment invoice gives your business credibility and enables you to keep a sustainable cash flow effectively.

However, when it comes to improving the general operation of your business, automating the processes is a faster way to ensure seamlessness. How can you achieve this? By incorporating the Bonsai invoicing tool into your QuickBooks invoice template.

Bonsai is an all-in-one free template generator that allows you to save time and energy by simplifying the drafting process and accessing diverse templates irrespective of your industry. From service industries, Nonprofits, retail outlets, and franchises; all you need to do is create and fill the custom template with all the required information, and that's it.

This piece will look at how you can better build and manage your company by merging QuickBooks and Bonsai into the system.

Try A New Custom Invoice Template With Bonsai

Overall, every small business owner needs to invest time and resources into a free, simple invoice automation tool. Thankfully, Bonsai is your go-to software for invoice templates.

With Bonsai, you can create custom invoice custom templates, and even send out sales receipts and payment terms from almost every device in different file formats as long there's internet availability.

So, integrating Bonsai with QuickBooks invoices running your business from any part of the world is feasible.

Integrating QuickBooks With Bonsai

Creating a custom-made invoice that allows you to send and manage invoices online is now made easy, thanks to QuickBooks and Bonsai. The integration of both platforms will help you hasten the invoicing process, boost cash flow, and monitor payments.

Sometimes, international processing transactions can be complex, especially for small businesses. This is because of the delays in doing the usual paperwork and waiting for international postal services.

Nonetheless, with Bonsai serving as a stand-alone alternative to QuickBooks, you can now enjoy smooth transactions any day, anytime.

What to Include in an Invoice

Ensuring that your invoice is properly formatted after making sales or providing your services is what quickly aids you in protecting your reputation as well as avoiding payment delays.

Here is some essential information you should always take note of when preparing an invoice:

  • Title of the invoice
  • Invoice number
  • Company name and address
  • Tax number
  • Other branding details like the company logo, registered trademarks

While the details above are constant for every invoice, you should see that they are updated regularly with the following items after each new sale:

  • The name and email address of the customer
  • Customer's billing address
  • Attach terms (example; the number of days that the customer has to pay up)
  • Invoice date (the date you offered the service or product)
  • Due date
  • All the goods and services offered.
  • A brief description of the product or service
  • The price and quantity of the goods or services offered.
  • Create a unique invoice number
  • The total cost before tax
  • The total cost of tax
  • Total cost after tax

If it is an import custom invoice templates, there is no need to change invoice template. Instead, stick to the custom form styles. The only additional information needed is the currency used for pricing and purchase order number.

How Can I Send Invoices?

After you are through with preparing the invoice template, an important decision to make is the means of sending out your invoices.

Although many businesses already have the proper response to this question, some of their counterparts are yet to figure it out.

Many methods exist to save and share your invoice directly with your customers using a reliable tool like Bonsai bookkeeping software. Some standard methods are:

  • Downloading the custom invoice template as a PDF document
  • Saving and uploading it as google sheets, Microsoft word, or google docs.
  • Sending or transferring it via mail (remember to state what the invoice is for in the body of the message).

Implementing any of these steps reduces any form of occurrence that might delay your payments. Not just that, but QuickBooks invoice stands out because it organizes your accounts and makes reference easier.

QuickBooks Free Custom invoice templates

To enjoy the QuickBooks free invoice template, you must ensure that the information you enter in the blank fields is accurate. Here's how to access QuickBooks online:

  • Enter "QuickBooks desktop app" on your preferred browser on your PC.
  • Log in, and find your dashboard on the website. This is where you will see the sales, accounting, reports, and other functionalities you need to control your business.
  • Locate the "customer's column" and click on "invoice."
  • A drop-down menu containing the saved invoices of your customers will pop up. If you are dealing with a new customer, you will need to input and save their details.
  • Fill in all necessary information about the product following this invoice format; the customer's item and probably the country you are exporting to ( if it is an international transaction) will determine the quality of information that should
  • Once all detail has added, the next is to crosscheck the information, download, and send out the final draft.
  • You can further customize the invoice by adding your company's logo.

This basic invoice template allows users to add other features like promotions, discounts, or extra charges attached to late payments.

So, you can customize the invoice template in QuickBooks to suit your personal needs. For more information about how to explore the platform, you should look up resources on the website that will guide you through creating an invoice in minutes.

QuickBooks Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

Can you create your own invoice in QuickBooks?

Yes, you can create your own invoice via QuickBooks. Alternatively, Bonsai's invoicing software let's you easily customize an invoice template, set up recurring or partial payments and allow you to automate the entire process.

Is QuickBooks invoicing free?

Yes, QuickBooks has free invoicing. However, if you want to unlock more features and customize a professional looking template, try Bonsai. Bonsai is the go-to invoicing software for freelancers--and for a good reason.

How do I create an invoice?

Sign up with Bonsai and easily customize one of our templates. Merely edit the fields for: invoice number, date of the invoice, details of the job performed, business name and address, how payment is to be made, and the total cost of the services.