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Do you train or manage fitness clients? Then there's a possibility that you need to bill clients for your services.

Like every other industry, running a personal training business requires that you adopt a reliable means of creating your invoices. That way, you can fasten payment processes, save resources, and overall, impress your clients.

In this article, we look at what a personal training invoice template is, when to issue them, and how you can generate professional invoices to enable the smooth running of your business.

What is a Personal Training Invoice?

When it comes to the billing aspect, personal trainers need a professional invoice to ask for and receive payments from their clients. This collection can happen before or after a client completes their fitness routine. So, a person trainer invoice is often issued by the coach as a means of requesting payments for training services from the clients.

Oftentimes, the personal trainer invoice template features blank fields for the total amount a client is expected to pay for their session.

When Do You Issue A Personal Training Invoice?

As a personal trainer, you're expected to issue n invoice once you sign up a new client. You should also remember to prepare a personal trainer receipt to serve as proof of their payment.

How To Create a Customized Personal Training Invoice with Bonsai

While preparing a personal trainer invoice template similar to that of regular invoice template works, you still need to understand that there are some slight, yet significant changes to incorporate.

That's why with Bonsai, it's easy to create both a personal training invoice template and a workout receipt template in just a few, simple steps. Let's see below:

Step 1: Download the Personal Trainer Invoice Template From the Bonsai Website

When it's time to charge your clients for the fitness session, all you need to do is visit the Bonsai website on your favorite mobile browser to create a free account.

After signing up, log in and download a free invoice template. You can either choose to download the templates in Word or PDF format. Much simpler than trying to use Google docs or excel.

Step 2: Include Your Brand Logo

By including your brand logo, you make it super easy for your clients to identify your business anytime their search for a personal trainer business near them.

Step 3: Fill in Your Details

Here, you are to fill in your name (as the personal trainer) and the full name of your client. In addition, this section requires that you include the mailing address where you expect to receive your payment.

Other necessary personal details to fill in are:

  • Street address
  • State, city, and country zip code
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Step 4: Download or Send the Invoice Link to Your Personal Training Customer via Mail

Before sending the invoice link to the client, double-check that you've filled in the following information:

  • Unique Invoice number for tracking
  • Invoice date
  • Payments due date
  • Guest's full name
  • Your preferred currency
  • Client's contact address and information
  • Taxes
  • Total fees for services provided
  • Discount charges

Step 5: Note and List Down the Provided Service(s)

Ensure to write a short description of each service provided to the client. You can also decide to add a description of the extra equipment used to provide these services.

After you confirm that all the items have been listed, you can review the document at any time to edit and add other necessary details that involve the training of your client.

Whether it be for group classes, 1-on-1 gym sessions, yoga, or weight lifting, write down the service and the total cost.

What is a Personal Trainer Invoice Receipt Template?

Just like invoices, payment receipts are also an important feature of every personal training business. Once you confirm that a customer has paid their fees or session, you should issue them a receipt as soon as you can.

To activate your personal training invoice template download, sign in to your mobile Bonsai free account to add your client's information alongside the service(s) provided. The good news is that aside from exploring the free account option, the invoicing process of customizing your personal trainer receipt templates on Bonsai is quite easy; you can generate them automatically upon successful confirmation of payment.

Typical information to add to your personal training invoice template includes:

  • Brand name and logo
  • Your company address
  • Receipt number
  • Receipt date
  • Description of fitness services or how many sessions
  • Client's contact information (email address or phone numbers)
  • Discount offers (if there are any)

A good receipt for personal trainers example would leave an important notice or instructions for the customers, somewhere at the end of the receipt.


Here, you will find answers to some popular questions you may have about invoices for personal trainers.

How Should an Invoice Look?

If you are making an invoice template for the athletic trainers industry, ensure that it appears as professional as possible. That's because a professional-looking, well-designed invoice would put your brand in a good light and can further motivate your customers to complete their payments on time.

Is There a Difference Between a Bill and an Invoice?

Bills and invoices can sometimes mean the same thing; the two terms both represent a specific amount that a customer has to pay for personal training services.


And That’s it! Using an invoice template will most likely seem like a simple thing to do. Nonetheless, it's usually not enough to create a receipt; As a personal trainer, one of the top priorities should be to create your invoices using the right template or guide. That way, you not only draft a detailed invoice but also share it with the client as soon as the service is delivered. That is where Bonsai comes in. Unlimited invoices with all the necessary payment terms and details are right at your fingertips.

While there are many tools that you can use to customize personal training invoices, Bonsai is much more efficient and offers seamlessness. Send professional invoices today. Try a free invoice template for 14-days free here.

Personal Trainer Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

Is there a template for personal training invoices?

If you're having troubles where to start when creating your invoice for personal training, head on to customize one of Bonsai's free templates now. Our templates contains all the information for the trainer to get paid and for the client to send payments over.

What is the best free invoice template for personal trainers?

The best free PT invoice templates are the ones provided by Bonsai. Simply customize and download one of our professional looking templates today. Bonsai's invoicing software allows you to set up recurring payments and automate the entire process.

How do you bill a personal training service?

After putting in those hours into your craft, it is now time to bill your client. When billing for your service, make sure to attach a professional looking invoice with all the needed information and don't forget to keep track and follow up when necessary. Bonsai has free freelance trainer invoice template ready for you to personalize with your terms/business information.

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