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Top lead management and tracking software for 2024

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Updated on:
June 19, 2024
June 19, 2024
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In 2024, get ready for lead management and tracking software that’s a cut above. We’re talking seamless lead capturing, scoring, and routing that’s a breeze, plus pipeline management that’s a snap. These tools are all about boosting your lead gen game and managing those sales leads like a pro, making sure you’ve got a slick lead tracking system in place.

Here’s the scoop on what makes these tools stand out:

  • CRM integration that’s top-notch for managing leads like a boss
  • Lead qualification and segmentation that’s on point for nurturing
  • Lead gen tactics that are all kinds of rigorous, baked right into the system

With these features, businesses are set to amp up their lead management game and see some serious growth.

Introduction to lead management and tracking software

Lead management and tracking software? It’s the best in any killer lead gen strategy. It’s all about automating the heck out of managing leads, from the get-go to qualification, segmentation, and nurturing. A solid lead management platform’s got all the bells and whistles: sales lead management, pipeline tracking, lead scoring, and routing.

The CRM part of this software is a game-changer for tracking and managing leads, cranking up efficiency. Plus, you get to improve lead gen and roll out some solid lead management moves, taking business efficiency and competitiveness to new heights.

Understanding the importance of lead management for agencies

For agencies, lead management is the secret sauce for nailing efficient lead capturing, smooth lead tracking, and effective sales lead management. It’s all about using a powerhouse lead management software to streamline your lead gen strategy and up those conversion chances.

This whole shebang involves key moves like lead scoring, nurturing, and getting down to the nitty-gritty of lead qualification and segmentation. Slotting a lead management system or platform into your agency’s pipeline management can level up CRM practices and make your lead gen efforts a winner, giving you that edge in the market.

Understanding the importance of task management for agencies

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Key features to look for in a lead tracking software


A top-shelf lead management software should pack features like lead scoring and routing—total must-haves for acing your lead gen strategy. It’s gotta be smart enough to rank potential leads based on how they interact and engage, and savvy enough to send 'em over to the right sales team. This is what makes for efficient sales lead management and sky-high conversion rates.

The software should also have pipeline management to keep tabs on the sales process, and lead nurturing to build solid relationships with potential leads. Plus, the ideal lead tracking software should come with strong CRM capabilities for effective lead management, segmentation, and qualification.

Integration capabilities

Plus, our lead management platform’s got your back with lead qualification and segmentation, lead scoring and routing, and lead nurturing. This means robust sales lead management that’s key for lead tracking and the whole lead gen shebang.

Adopting this lead management system means you’re in for a refined lead gen strategy, top-tier lead nurturing, and next-level sales lead management capabilities.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking is where it’s at with a solid lead management software. It’s all about supporting big-deal functions like lead capturing, scoring, and routing, letting sales and marketing teams keep a constant eye on how their lead gen strategies are doing. 

Real-time tracking in Bonsai is a sophisticated feature that allows for the monitoring and recording of various data streams, crucial for project management and operational efficiency. Bonsai's real-time tracking empowers agencies to make informed decisions and maintain control over their operations.

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With real-time tracking, businesses can quickly spot and react to changes in lead behavior or market trends.

This feature is also a big help in pipeline management. It speeds up lead qualification and segmentation, making the sales process faster and more efficient. And when you throw integration with a CRM system into the mix, you’re looking at a lead management process that’s next level, giving you the deep dive on lead nurturing activities.

In the end, a sophisticated lead management platform means you’re tracking leads with laser precision. From the first time they check you out to the moment they convert, this tool’s got the lead’s journey on lock, helping businesses fine-tune their marketing moves and bump up those sales conversion rates.

Customizable reporting


Lead management software comes with customizable reporting that’s a game-changer for sales lead management. It’s a key player in any lead gen strategy, shedding light on pipeline management, lead scoring, and a whole lot more. 

The platform gives you a clear view of the sales process, which is clutch for managing leads effectively.

Key features of this kind of lead management platform include:

  • Lead capturing and tracking that’s on the money
  • Lead qualification and segmentation that’s dialed in
  • Lead nurturing that’s all about building relationships
  • Lead scoring and routing that’s spot on

So, customizable reporting in a lead management system seriously steps up your CRM game, making sure the sales process runs like a well-oiled machine.

Top 10 lead management and tracking software for 2024

Lead management software is getting a major glow-up to keep up with the fast-paced biz world. The top 10 lead management and tracking software for 2024 are packing some serious heat with CRM, lead scoring, pipeline management, lead qualification and segmentation, and lead nurturing tools. These platforms are all about beefing up your lead gen strategy, so you can snag and manage leads, keep tabs on 'em, and watch 'em turn into solid gold conversions.

These features are no joke—they’re what make these software must-haves for any business that wants to stay ahead of the game:

  • Lead scoring and routing that’s so slick, it’s like having a GPS for your leads
  • Lead capturing that’s as easy as snapping a selfie
  • An automated lead management system that’s like having a personal assistant for your sales team

1. Bonsai

Bonsai's lead management and tracking software is a robust solution for agencies and professional service providers to streamline their client workflows. It offers a comprehensive CRM system that organizes leads, clients, and projects all in one place. With Bonsai, users can automate lead generation, qualify prospects with custom tagging, and manage client relationships effectively.

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The platform's integrated tools support the entire client lifecycle, from prospect to payment, ensuring a seamless experience. Bonsai's lead management capabilities are designed to save time, enhance client interactions, and drive business growth, making it an essential tool for modern agencies

Key features of Bonsai

Bonsai's key features include client and project management, proposals and contracts, invoices and payments, project management, expense and tax tracking, team collaboration, and integrations with other tools. It's an all-in-one platform that streamlines business operations for freelancers and agencies, enhancing productivity and simplifying administrative tasks.

Benefits for agencies using Bonsai

Agencies using Bonsai for lead management can enjoy streamlined workflows, enhanced team collaboration, and improved task management. Bonsai's intuitive platform simplifies project tracking, fosters better communication, and supports efficient resource allocation, leading to increased productivity and a more organized approach to managing leads.

2. HubSpot Sales Hub 

HubSpot Sales Hub is the real MVP, making the sales process smoother than your morning coffee. It’s got everything: lead capturing, lead scoring and routing, and pipeline management. Plus, an intuitive CRM that makes lead management and tracking a walk in the park.

This software’s not just supporting your lead gen strategy; it’s like a personal trainer for your leads, helping them bulk up through nurturing, qualification, and segmentation. HubSpot Sales Hub’s got a lead scoring system that’s so smart, it knows which leads are ready to go the distance. It’s the full package for a productive lead gen and management system.

Key features of HubSpot Sales Hub 

HubSpot Sales Hub is like the Swiss Army knife of lead management software. It’s got a CRM system that’s got your back for lead capturing, nurturing, and tracking. It’s all about keeping your sales process organized and running like clockwork.

But wait, there’s more—HubSpot’s also rocking features for lead scoring and routing, lead qualification and segmentation. This system lets you sort your leads like a pro, making sure you’re hitting up the right prospects at the right time. It’s what makes HubSpot Sales Hub a powerhouse for any biz looking to level up their sales game.

Benefits for agencies using HubSpot Sales Hub 

Agencies, listen up—HubSpot Sales Hub is your golden ticket to improving your lead gen strategy and sales lead management. It’s packing a holistic CRM system with all the tools you need for pipeline management, lead capturing, and tracking. This platform makes lead qualification and segmentation a breeze, so your sales team can zero in on the high-quality leads.

And that’s not all—HubSpot’s also serving up features for lead nurturing and lead scoring and routing, so you can tailor your chats and streamline your sales like never before. Agencies rolling with HubSpot Sales Hub are looking at a major boost in lead gen, conversions, and client love.

3. Zoho CRM 

Zoho CRM is the powerhouse lead management software that’s got all the bells and whistles: lead nurturing, lead qualification and segmentation, and lead capturing. It’s your one-stop-shop for everything from your lead gen strategy to sales lead management. Plus, Zoho CRM’s detailed pipeline management solutions mean your sales process is gonna be smoother than silk.

Here’s what Zoho CRM is bringing to the table:

  • Lead management and tracking that keeps you in the know, 24/7
  • Lead scoring and routing that knows how to pick the winners
  • A robust platform that’s got everything you need for your lead management system

With Zoho CRM, businesses are looking at a lead gen process that’s slicker than ever and conversions that just keep coming.

Key features of Zoho CRM 

Zoho CRM is the lead management software that’s all about streamlining your sales lead management and pipeline management. It’s got the full package for lead management, helping businesses with lead scoring, nurturing, tracking, and cooking up a killer lead gen strategy.

This CRM system’s a champ at lead capturing and plays a key role in lead qualification and segmentation. With Zoho CRM, you’re looking at a lead management system that handles lead scoring and routing like a boss, giving you a one-stop solution for all your lead-related needs.

Benefits for agencies using Zoho CRM 

Agencies, get ready to streamline your lead gen strategy with Zoho CRM. It’s loaded with features like lead capturing, lead scoring and routing, and lead nurturing, making sales lead management a piece of cake. This platform’s also a whiz at pipeline management and helps with lead qualification and segmentation. And let’s not forget the sophisticated lead tracking system that Zoho CRM’s rocking.

The perks of using Zoho CRM? A robust lead management system that’s perfect for pulling off an effective lead gen. It’s user-friendly, so you can navigate the lead management process like a pro. From mastering the lead scoring process to keeping your pipeline management on point, Zoho CRM’s got the tools any agency needs.

4. Salesforce Sales Cloud 

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the lead management software that’s all about giving your company’s lead gen strategy a major boost. This platform’s loaded with next-level CRM functionalities to amp up your sales lead management, pipeline management, and lead scoring. It’s the whole shebang for lead management, taking you from lead capturing to nurturing without breaking a sweat.

Check out what Salesforce Sales Cloud got under the hood:

  • Lead qualification and segmentation, lead scoring and routing that track your lead status like a hawk
  • A lead management platform that’s so comprehensive, it’s like having a command center for your leads

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the go-to for a more efficient lead tracking and conversion process, no doubt about it.

Key features of Salesforce Sales Cloud 

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the top dog in lead management software, here to pump up productivity and sales lead management. It’s decked out with a toolbox that’ll help businesses sharpen their lead gen strategy. With Sales Cloud, you’ve got a central hub for lead capturing, lead scoring, and routing, making sales pipeline management smooth sailing.

Other key features? Lead qualification and segmentation and lead nurturing. Plus, a robust lead tracking module that lets businesses keep an eagle eye on all leads throughout the sales cycle. And let’s not forget the top-tier CRM capabilities, making Salesforce Sales Cloud a full-on lead management system.

Benefits for agencies using Salesforce Sales Cloud 

Agencies, Salesforce Sales Cloud is your CRM and lead management software dream come true. It makes pipeline management a breeze and automates the boring stuff, so your team can focus on nurturing those leads to perfection.

The platform’s a game-changer for your lead gen strategy, with effective lead scoring and routing that make sure no qualified lead gets left behind. Its robust lead tracking systems and advanced lead qualification and segmentation features mean you can tailor your marketing to hit just the right notes.

Salesforce Sales Cloud’s support for lead capturing from all over the place makes it a cornerstone of comprehensive sales lead management. In short, Salesforce Sales Cloud is the efficiency king for any agency’s lead management platform.

5. Pipedrive

Pipedrive shaking things up in the lead management software game. It’s the go-to for sales lead management and lead gen strategies that need a little extra oomph. Think of it as your pipeline management guru, lead scoring sensei, lead nurturing ninja, and lead capturing commander all rolled into one. This CRM’s got lead qualification and segmentation down to a science, making lead development smoother than ever.

As a lead management platform, Pipedrive is like that friend who’s always got your back—user-friendly and efficient. Its key features? Lead tracking that keeps you clued in, lead scoring and routing that’s smarter than a fifth grader, and intuitive layouts that make lead gen efforts look easy. With Pipedrive, you’re in for a lead managing and converting ride that’s as easy as pie.

Key features of Pipedrive

Pipedrive the advanced lead management software that’s all about making your sales lead management process a breeze. It’s decked out with all the goodies for lead capturing, lead scoring and routing, and a pipeline management system that’s slicker than a greased weasel. This bad boy lets you nurture and convert leads while keeping a hawk-eye on their progress in the sales pipeline.

The CRM tool’s a powerhouse for lead qualification and segmentation, giving your lead gen strategy some serious muscle. And Pipedrive’s lead management platform? It’s got a lead tracking feature that’s like having a crystal ball, letting businesses peek into the future of their lead gen efforts with real-time insights.

Benefits for agencies using Pipedrive 

Pipedrive’s the lead management software that’s a total game-changer for agencies. This CRM’s loaded with features for pipeline management and lead capture that crank up efficiency and effectiveness in managing leads. It’s like having a secret weapon for implementing a rock-solid lead gen strategy, streamlining the sales lead management process, and making lead tracking a walk in the park.

Plus, Pipedrive amps up lead management with next-level tools for lead qualification and segmentation, along with lead nurturing, scoring, and routing options. Its comprehensive lead management platform’s an essential tool for driving and boosting agency sales performance.

6. Freshsales

Freshsales is the lead management software that’s rewriting the rulebook on sales lead management. It’s got a feature lineup aimed at supercharging your lead gen strategy, including lead capturing, lead scoring, and lead routing that’s so smooth, it’s like butter. The platform’s CRM is a pipeline management powerhouse, too.

This platform’s a lead management maestro, using brainy algorithms for lead scoring and routing that let you sort and dish out leads like a pro. The lead management system also a whiz at lead qualification and segmentation, giving your lead nurturing processes a major leg up.

And Freshsales’ lead management platform? It’s got lead tracking functionality that’s so robust, you’ll feel like you’ve got x-ray vision. This feature lets you keep an eagle eye on your leads and tweak strategies on the fly based on the freshest of data.

Key features of Freshsales

Freshsales is the CRM and lead management platform that’s got it all. It’s your sales pipeline management’s new best friend, offering an integrated lead gen strategy and tools that are perfect for capturing, nurturing, and tracking leads. The software’s also got advanced lead scoring and routing options that make lead qualification and segmentation a cinch.

Backing up a comprehensive lead management system, Freshsales pushes lead nurturing with personalized email campaigns and follow-ups that really hit home. Plus, it dishes out detailed insights into customer behavior and interaction, spicing up the lead management software. This is the secret sauce that can seriously turn up the heat on your lead management and sales lead management processes.

Benefits for agencies using Freshsales 

Freshsales is the CRM and lead management software that’s a treasure trove of benefits for agencies. Its features like lead capturing, nurturing, and scoring and routing are the magic beans of your lead gen strategy, growing better sales lead management. The platform’s also a pipeline management pro, ensuring a smooth ride from prospect to client.

But that’s not all—Freshsales also serves up tools for lead qualification and segmentation, so agencies can aim their marketing arrows right at the bullseye. And the lead management platform’s lead tracking facilities? They’re like having a GPS for your lead gen activities.

7. Monday.com

Monday.com is a robust lead management platform equipped with CRM functionality designed for businesses seeking to automate their lead generation strategy and lead nurturing processes. This software is effective for sales lead management, helping in lead tracking, lead capturing and ultimately boosting the efficiency of your pipeline management.

On top of these, Monday.com features a cutting-edge lead scoring and routing system that ensures proper lead qualification and segmentation. The intuitive lead management software emphasizes user-friendly navigation and a cohesive lead management system to streamline your business processes.

Key features of Monday.com

Monday.com is a powerful lead management software that provides an all-in-one platform for efficient pipeline management and lead tracking. This CRM tool is renowned for its lead qualification and segmentation features, which allow businesses to categorize their prospects effectively and concentrate their efforts on high-value leads.

The system's lead scoring and routing capability is another key feature, enhancing the lead generation strategy by prioritizing and directing leads to the appropriate sales team member. Moreover, its robust lead capturing and nurturing functionalities make it a comprehensive solution for sales lead management.

Benefits for agencies using Monday.com


Utilizing Monday.com as a lead management platform provides several benefits for agencies. Firstly, it's an excellent lead management software for streamlining the sales lead management process, enhancing the pipeline management, and improving the lead generation strategy.

Secondly, it enables efficient lead scoring and routing, lead nurturing and facilitates smooth lead capturing and tracking. Lastly, Monday.com provides tools for sophisticated lead qualification and segmentation, enhancing CRM, thereby ensuring an overall increase in ROI.

8. Insightly

Insightly is a top-notch lead management software designed to streamline your lead management and lead generation strategy. It's enriched with notable features like lead scoring, lead capturing, CRM, and pipeline management, allowing you to effectively track leads while ensuring a smooth transition through the sales pipeline.

It's more than just a lead management system, it's a robust platform that supports lead qualification and segmentation, lead nurturing, and lead scoring and routing. This gives companies a competitive edge by enhancing their ability to generate and manage leads effectively.

Key features of Insightly

Insightly is a comprehensive lead management software and CRM that significantly enhances lead generation strategy and sales lead management operations. It accomplishes this by providing a suite of versatile features to fuel your business's growth and prospect engagement.

Some key features include:

  • Pipeline management for managing various stages of the sales process,
  • Lead scoring and routing to streamline your lead qualification and segmentation efforts,
  • Lead capturing, nurturing, and tracking embedded in a user-friendly lead management system and platform.

All these capabilities make Insightly a powerful tool for any business needing an efficient lead management and CRM solution.

Benefits for agencies using insightly

Insightly is a powerful lead management software ideal for agencies in developing their lead generation strategy. This CRM enhances sales lead management by streamlining pipeline management, automating lead capturing, and providing advanced features on lead scoring and routing. It plays a vital role in lead qualification and segmentation, aiding in lead nurturing while offering a comprehensive lead tracking within the lead management platform.

Furthermore, it significantly helps in solidifying your lead generation strategy, thanks to its valuable input on lead nurturing. Undoubtedly, agencies will benefit from this robust lead management system to achieve their business goals.

9. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is an effective lead management software that integrates CRM, lead generation strategy and sales lead management to optimize business prospects. It comes equipped with a strong pipeline management system and tools for lead qualification and segmentation. This powerful platform allows organizations to manage and track leads in a centralized system.

With features such as lead nurturing, lead capturing, and lead scoring and routing, Bitrix24 facilitates seamless management of marketing and sales processes. The lead management system also includes capabilities for lead scoring to prioritize prospects, improving efficiency. As a robust lead management platform, Bitrix24 offers comprehensive solutions for streamlining lead tracking and conversion.

Key Features of Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a comprehensive lead management software that significantly enhances your lead generation strategy. It offers features including lead qualification and segmentation, lead capturing, and sales lead management, making it a reliable aid in achieving your business development goals.

The CRM platform also provides lead nurturing through an integrated pipeline management system that helps in lead scoring and routing. In addition, Bitrix24 supports effective lead tracking, solidifying its position as a robust lead management platform.

Benefits for agencies using Bitrix24

Agencies can significantly benefit from using Bitrix24, a comprehensive lead management platform. With Bitrix24, agencies can streamline their lead generation strategy, manage and track leads effectively, and boost conversions. The platform's robust CRM and pipeline management capabilities allow for swift lead qualification and segmentation, making lead nurturing more straightforward and productive.

Moreover, the software also supports lead scoring and routing, which can be instrumental in prioritizing potential clients and aligning them with suitable sales representatives. With Bitrix24's efficient lead capturing and lead management system, every agency can have a smooth workflow while increasing sales performance.

10. EngageBay

EngageBay’s the all-in-one lead management software that’s got the whole package for lead gen and nurturing, plus sales lead management and scoring. It’s rocking a CRM system that’s all about taking your lead gen strategy to the next level and making pipeline management a piece of cake. The must-haves? Lead capturing, lead qualification and segmentation, and lead scoring and routing that are so on point, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

EngageBay’s lead management system is the full monty—comprehensive and intuitive, making it the go-to platform for businesses that want to keep their leads on lock. With lead tracking that’s as user-friendly as it gets, EngageBay’s making sure you’re nailing customer acquisition and retention like a boss.

Key features of EngageBay 


EngageBay’s serving up a lead management platform that’s got it all. With lead scoring and routing that’s nothing short of genius, it’s fine-tuning your lead gen strategy, streamlining sales lead management, and driving lead nurturing processes that are top-notch. And the CRM functionalities? They’re covering everything from lead capturing to management and tracking, ensuring your pipeline management’s hitting all the high notes.

Plus, EngageBay’s all about efficient lead qualification and segmentation, so you’re targeting potential customers with laser precision. It’s the all-in-one lead management system that’s geared up to skyrocket your conversion rates and sales.

Benefits for agencies using EngageBay 

Agencies, get ready to level up with EngageBay. It’s the lead management platform that’s streamlining your lead gen strategy and sales lead management processes like never before. With CRM functionalities that mean business, you’re looking at robust and efficient pipeline management.

Features like lead capturing, scoring, nurturing, qualification and segmentation? They’re the secret sauce for bolstering your lead gen efforts. EngageBay’s solution’s got lead tracking down to an art, giving you a 360-view of the sales funnel. And with lead scoring and routing that make lead management a walk in the park, efficiency’s the name of the game.

Conclusion: Choosing the right lead management and tracking software for your agency

In the rapidly developing sector of online business management, using powerful tools such as agile story point systems can significantly enhance your productivity. This is a particularly useful approach when handling complex tasks in platforms like lead tracking software. Utilizing such strategies, teams can manage project flow more efficiently, delivering results faster and with greater accuracy.
To effectively manage your leads, it's crucial to have an organized approach. Incorporating strategies from the Mocha Project Management methodology can significantly enhance your lead tracking process. By streamlining tasks and responsiblities, Mocha ensures no lead falls through the cracks
Capturing and analyzing leads is an essential aspect of any business, which can be greatly advanced by robust lead tracking software. To maximize the ROI of your marketing efforts, it's crucial to understand your agency's rate. Find out more in our detailed guide on agency rate cards.

Wrapping it up, picking the right lead management software critical for nailing sales lead management. Dropping in a lead scoring and routing system’s going to make your pipeline management smooth as silk and give your lead gen strategy some serious muscle. 

The right lead management platform is also going to back you up with lead capturing and nurturing, help out with lead qualification and segmentation, and throw in some robust CRM features for good measure. Making this call is definitely going to put your agency on the fast track to success and growth.

Try Bonsai - Best Project Management Software
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