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How to get interior design clients

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Updated on:
April 30, 2023
April 30, 2023
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Interior design is one of the most competitive markets. This makes it challenging to find potential customers for startups and small businesses. Not having enough clients can become hard to stay in business for designers. Therefore, it’s important to find clients willing to pay for your services and work with you long-term.

Attracting clients requires a well-design marketing approach. It should have all the tactics required to appeal to, connect with, and engage your target market and persuade them to use your services. Some of the most common and effective marketing tactics include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Building brand awareness

You can also hire experts if you are struggling to create a plan for your business on your own. Read further to learn how to make your marketing plan and what important aspects you need to consider to get your business up and running.

Understanding your target market

The first step to creating a well-designed and effective marketing plan is understanding your target audience. What is the target market? A target audience or market is a group of potential clients you identify to sell your services or products. Every group can be divided into smaller segments to give you more specific information. Segments are typically grouped by location, age, lifestyle, and income.

Determining your target audience is important whether you work in the interior design industry or others. Once you know your audience, you will understand the preferences, interests, and needs of your potential customers. This will help you make decisions for your business based on your customers.

Furthermore, knowing your audience will help you target people willing to spend money on your services. This is a much more effective way to reach potential customers and generate business. So, think about your niche and then research what type of people want to learn or be involved in this market and target these people for your services.

Building a strong brand

If you want to grow and build a strong business, you need to build your brand identity. Your landscape business must be able to represent itself effectively.

Building a strong brand is challenging and requires time and effort. You need to work on four important elements: brand personality, culture, image, and identity. All these four elements will help you build brand loyalty, trust, and awareness. You can build these elements by creating unique marketing strategies, building an online presence, and working on your representation of the brand, such as opting for appealing logos and taglines.

Networking and building relationships

Another great way to attract new clients and retain old ones is to network with other organizations. We all know that collaborations are now considered a trendy marketing technique. Companies collaborate to provide better client services.

You can also work with other industry experts and market your initiatives to share your new business strategies with your clients. In addition, you can join industry associations to network with peers in the field, attract new business, and learn more.

The simplest and best option to boost brand awareness and recognition is to attend trade events and shows. You can also participate in the shows and conferences as a landscaping business and exhibit your services to guests. This helps you improve brand awareness and connect with different types of people.

Marketing strategies for interior designers

Wrong marketing strategies can prevent a business from growing and attracting or retaining customers. Therefore, you need to choose the right strategies for your interior business. For this, you can create a marketing plan by considering your target audience and services. Make sure your marketing plan only includes strategies suitable for your business instead of choosing trendy strategies.

For instance, you can do social media marketing, run digital campaigns, or opt for email marketing. Make sure to add advertising and promotional techniques in your plan to grab customers’ attention and build interest in them for your services.

If you have a budget and PR team, you can practice publicity stunts, organize a PR event, and arrange media coverage for your business. These PR efforts will immediately get you customers and improve brand recognition.

Leveraging social media

We all know that social media has become an ideal place for marketing. They have the ability to connect people, making social media platforms the most preferred marketing channel for businesses. Almost every company in every industry benefits from the remarkable marketing features of social media channels. You can also leverage these platforms to attract customers and build brand awareness.

There are several social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, where you can run marketing campaigns. But choosing one where you can find your customers the most is best. If your target audience comprises professional people, then LinkedIn will be a great option to connect and engage with them. But if your audience revolves around millennials or GenZ, you need to use Facebook or Instagram to interact with them. Also, whatever platforms you choose, make sure to create engaging, unique, and appealing contact to gain the trust of your clients.

Harnessing the power of referrals

While many landscaping businesses don’t practice referral marketing tactics, these techniques can do wonders for a business. When a company offers incentives and discounts to customers, most of them will likely avail the offer. This technique will target your current customers who are satisfied with your services and willing to maintain a relationship with you. Referral marketing offers much more efficient results than any other type of marketing.

You can run different types of referral programs. For instance, you can ask your clients to share your business with their friends and family to avail of 20% discounts on the next service they take. Or you can simply run a scheme that gives one free consultation if anyone recommends your business to their family and friends.

Nurturing client relationships

Many businesses can attract large numbers of clients but fail to retain them. This is because of poor brand-customer relationships. It’s important to continue satisfying your clients to ensure they keep taking your services.

In this case, you need to provide excellent customer service. Make sure to solve any problem your client experience and be humble and empathetic when your client discusses their problems with you. Try to send emails or messages to stay connected with past clients and remind them of their experience with your brand. Keep updating clients on any new interior designing trends that they can use to keep their properties in top shape.

Creating a seamless client experience

This is another amazing interior design client strategy. You must ensure you provide a seamless experience to your client. You can do this by maintaining good communication with your customers throughout the project. Also, understand their problems and needs, and try to resolve them efficiently and fast.

As a professional, you need to provide them with services as discussed and promised. Giving top-notch results to your clients should be your priority. Most importantly, you must be responsive throughout the project and afterward to satisfy clients. Don’t forget to consider your tone and way of communication while communicating with your clients.


How long does it typically take to get clients as an interior designer?

Due to higher market competition, getting customers when you are starting a business is challenging. However, interior designers can practice different client strategies to attract new customers. Getting new clients will be easier for you with the right marketing efforts.

Do I need to have a degree in interior design to be successful?

Yes, a four-year degree is necessary to become a professional interior designer. And yes, it’s important because people prefer to choose skilled and trained professionals in the industry.

Can I specialize in a particular type of design and still get clients?

Yes, you can choose any type of design to get specialization and still get clients. You simply need to use the right tools and techniques to attract new customers and retain clients. It doesn’t matter what niche you choose for specialization.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when trying to get clients?

The most common mistake businesses make is trying to practice every marketing and advertisement strategy to engage with clients. This trick will only cause you to lose your hard-earned money. This is because choosing different types of strategies will distribute your focus. You won’t be able to apply the marketing strategies correctly. So, pick a few effective strategies for your company and invest your time, money, and effort in that specific action plan.

Want to attract new clients and retain them by providing exceptional services? Bonsai can help you automate the business process to make the work easier and error-free.

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