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Client management software for coaches - Your guide to staying organized

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Try the best client management software for coaches today at no cost here.
Try the best client management software for coaches today at no cost here.
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Updated on:
December 12, 2022
December 12, 2022
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Try the best client management software for coaches today at no cost here.
Discover Bonsai all-in-one business management software.

As the owner of a coaching business, you will have to organize multiple tasks and client interactions - this means you also need client management software for coaches.

The problem is that in this digital era, finding the right piece of software can be very challenging for personal trainers. So, how do you find the best one to work with?

You must check all the features provided by every piece of software and then cross-reference them to your needs. We will tell you what you need to look for, and we will also give you a couple of suggestions.

Note: If you want time tracking, task management, tax, invoice, proposal and more tools, try Bonsai. Our all-in-one small business software could help you streamline your coaching business and manage your clients better. Claim your 7-day free trial here.

What Is a CRM?

CRM for coaches, commonly referred to as customer relationship management involves the use of tools and practices that individuals such as business coaches can use to improve client relationships and interactions.

A coaching platform is often used to manage tasks such as sales, communication, contracts, and scheduling. Good customer relationship management software will bring all the key features of client interactions in just one place.

Benefits of Client Management for Coaching Business

There are several ways to benefit from coaching client management software. Whether you have an online coaching business or are holding face-to-face meetings, here is how such a program can help you:

New Renewal Opportunities

When you use a coaching platform, all of your clients will be set in just one place. This makes them easy to contact, giving you plenty of opportunities for renewals. Since you will be reminded to keep in contact with your client, you may as well have new projects coming your way.

Saves Time

Personal trainers should spend their time doing things they were supposed to do: i.e., train people. This can be difficult to do when you spend most of the time scheduling your interactions and handling the paperwork. A good coaching software solution can be very helpful, as it saves you time digitalizing everything, so that you may remain focused on your clients.

Better Business Management

When you provide coaching services, you need to track the client's progress and know when they get stuck. If they have uncertainties, instinct is not usually the best way to go - especially for life coaches, who don't always see their clients face to face. CRM software can help you keep track of your coaching program so that you can get better business management.

High Client Satisfaction Rating

Most of the new clients come from referrals from satisfied customers - but if client engagement is poor, then people might be dissatisfied. CRM for coaches can be very helpful in this case, as it will remove friction between clients and trainers.

Things to Look For in Client Management Software

Every coaching software is different, catering to various special needs. Throughout your search, you can look for the following features. The more, the merrier.

Track Client Progress

When you see how your client is performing, you will get more content and possibilities for coaching. Always track client progress. Filling the gaps will be much easier this way. This will increase customer satisfaction, leading to more referrals.

To-Do List

To-do lists give you more clarity about the things that need to be done. Whether it's about signing a contract, setting up online courses, or requesting payment, these lists will help you stay organized.

Program Templates

As personal trainers, we spend a lot of time drawing paperwork. It can be a proposal, a contract, an invoice - it can be anything. These things take time and effort, which is why you should look for software that already has a selection of templates.

Schedule Meetings

Business coaches will frequently set meetings with their clients. This is why you have to use a program that makes apps such as your Google Calendar easy to find. This will help you stay organized so that you may deliver high-quality services.

Coaching Sessions

While not every program has this, a popular coaching software trend involves coaching sessions. This will benefit not only your clients but you as well.

The Best Client Management Software: Bonsai

Many coaches are freelancers, stuck with doing their administrative tasks. This is why a coaching management program with integration capabilities is essential.

Bonsai is the kind of all-in-one solution that can help you keep track of everything, from contracts to payments and more. It is the perfect choice for freelancers who are handling their own business and don't want to risk being disorganized.

Time Tracking

If your billing is time-based, or simply want to keep track of how much time you spend every day on each client, then Bonsai offers a time-tracking extension that you can use.

You need to start the timer before you begin your coaching session and turn it off once you finish coaching. You may use automated coaching software to pick up patterns or add them manually for each client if you don't hold regular hours.

Note: Try our time-tracking software today and see how easy it is to use. You won't ruin your productivity as our tracker automatically records the time it takes to complete tasks. Claim your 7-day free trial here.

Task Management Software

Bonsai also offers task management software in its coaching package, making it easier for you to keep track of your client's progress.

Bonsai provides online appointment booking, which will automatically put your meetings in a calendar. This will allow you to keep a clear timeline of what you have to do, acting as a to-do list so that you don't miss out on anything.

Invoice, Proposal, Contract Templates

As a coach, you will spend a lot of your time video conferencing your clients or meeting them face to face. Each minute spent not doing that is a time when money goes down the drain.

This is why Bonsai offers contract, proposals, and invoice templates for coaches that you can use for your clients. These templates are clear and professional and will show your customers that you know what you are doing.

Moreover, the contracts are checked and approved by actual attorneys, which means that you are in good hands with the law.

You just have to fill in the blank spaces, and you will be done. You can also choose to create your own template that you may use for all of your clients, in case you have special requirements for your paperwork.

Approvals will be tracked automatically, and the other documents will be sent based on your selected timing.

If the client has already been registered, then the process of creating the invoice will be automated. This will save you even more time, the CRM software allowing you to do the job that you are supposed to.

Note: Get access to all of these templates and other features by signing up with Bonsai. Our all-in-one small business software can take some of the headaches away from running your business. Start streamlining these tasks today--claim your 7-day free trial here.


As a freelancer coach, you can also experience confusion when tax season turns a corner. This is why freelancers find Bonsai Tax so useful.

Bonsai has a feature called Envelopes that allows you to set money aside for taxes. You can also set to get automated reminders for quarterly estimated taxes.

You may also download your Schedule C Form 1040. This will already include the expenses and income that you tracked using Bonsai.

Bonsai also offers an accounting feature where you may connect your credit cards and bank accounts, automating your payment process and generating secure links.

Once you connect your cards, Bonsai will automatically go through your expenses each time and calculate exactly how much you have to pay. It also calculates the deductions you can get, telling you precisely how much you may save.

Bonsai is an all-in-one solution that keeps you from having to use too many programs at once. Whether you require automated communication features or you have to schedule meetings, Bonsai can cover almost all your needs.

Note: If you want to automatically scan your bank/credit card statements to record your business expenses, try Bonsai Tax. On average, users typically save $5,600 from their tax bill with our software. Claim your 7-day free trial today.

Online Payment Processing

Nowadays, people like to use different payment methods. Some prefer to use their debit cards or wire transfers to make a payment. Others like to make payments with their credit cards.

Bonsai makes payment processing easy to handle, thanks to the Bonsai's business account feature. Your client can use various ways to make their payments, making it much easier for you to get paid on time.

It's a very useful addition to the general coaching software, as it helps you keep track of paid invoices. If any invoices are very close or past their due date, Bonsai can send automatic reminders to make sure that all the obligations are met.

Other Coaching Software Alternatives

Bonsai is likely the best platform for you to use as a freelancing coach, but if you are looking for alternatives, there are several options for you to try out.

Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24 is suitable for larger businesses, which is why it can turn out to be quite complex. That being said, if you need multiple integrations and tools to track and manage meetings and tasks, this one can turn out very useful.

The software allows you to communicate through video conferences, emails, and phone calls. It also offers multi-account access if you are collaborating with multiple coaches, and the file sharing is also password-protected.


If you want something easy to use, without a complicated interface, then you might want to give Satori a glance. The program allows you to provide customized and detailed questionnaires to your clients, and you can also generate coaching solutions.

With Satori, you can arrange for online booking and fast payment. This can eventually be used to create more leads based on your referrals.


If you wish to scale your business methodically, then Profi is a decent coaching software that you can try out. It features several communication methods such as video conferencing and SMS, and it also allows for automated payment settlements.

Profi enables online coaching programs that can be held as one-on-one sessions or in groups. As a coach, you may also co-author the programs with other people in the coaching business.

Nudge Coach

If your coaching process mainly takes place in an online setting, then Nudge Coach may turn out very useful. This program will allow you to check performance and client results from a distance, verifying their habits between sessions.

As a coach, you can organize daily challenges to give customer engagement a boost. You can also use it to send real-time notifications to your clients, ensuring that they keep true to their training.

Coach Logix

If you are in the coaching industry and mainly use your laptop, Coach Logix can prove very useful. It's helpful for small businesses and freelancers looking for some standard client tracking tools.

The software is mainly geared towards those with a fitness business, allowing you to analyze the stats for a better workflow. First-time users get a free trial, but after that, you will need to set up billing.


Honeybook is yet another coaching software that you may use for individualized training programs. You may also create proposals for your clients that you can use for quick verification, enrolling them into the program.

The software offers automated features such as reminders, emails, and questionnaires. You also get a program scheduling feature that will keep you on top of your tasks.

Practice Better

If you are looking for practice management software, then you can try Practice Better. Most of the time, this program is used by nutrition coaches to manage recommendations, books, and payments.

The coaching management itself does not have many built-in programs, but it can be integrated with many other systems and platforms such as Google Drive or DropBox. This makes scheduling and distribution easier, as it offers real-time access to data.


If you are a life coach or your focus is mainly on mental health, then you might want to try Quenza. This coaching management program is relatively new on the market, which is why it may not have many fancy features.

That being said, new administrative features are added with every update, making it a platform with great potential. The Pathway Builder is particularly useful here, as coaches may use it to send tasks automatically to their clients.


Geared towards the fitness scene, the FitSW personal training software allows coaches to create diet plans and workouts. The coaching management software may also be used to make schedules and track a client's progress.

With FitSW, you can keep your clients motivated and engaged by using graphical fitness tracking and goal stats. You can also compare, save and review the data at all times.


If you like to always keep in touch with your clients, then you could use this coaching management app. CoachesConsole allows you to make client detail updates and post them on an online calendar, making it available at all times.

You may also manage pre-uploaded content if there are any modifications. Documentation tools and online scheduling may be accessed through the client portal, enabling you to track the data you receive from your clients.


TrueCoach can come in quite in handy if you are a personal trainer in the fitness business. Most trainers use this program to share their workout videos, as well as other tips they may have for their client's fitness goals.

With TrueCoach, you can track the nutrition of your clients, as well as their progress with their workout sessions. You also get a real-time messaging feature so that you can maintain a good client-coach connection.

My Coach Office

If you want to synchronize all of your devices, My Coach Office will give you something similar to a virtual office. You can manage your coaching packages online, as they are all placed in cloud storage.

You can use this software to schedule meetings quickly and track goals. You may also use it to write custom invoices so that you can always receive your payments on time.


CoachAccountable approaches the accounting part of the coaching practice, allowing you to track metrics and quantitative progress from your clients. The results may be easily shared with the clients to improve their motivation and allow them to reach their goals.

The software features automated email reminders and texts that will keep the customers engaged in the program. The system will also issue receipts and invoices automatically, being compatible with multiple payment platforms such as PayPal.


Nutrition coaches and dietary health coaching companies also find Healthie a good alternative. The platform has various useful features such as scheduling appointments, EHR charting, goal setting, and progress tracking.

Coaches and clients can stay in contact using two-way video calling and webinars. Pre-built charting templates can also be accessed so that you may keep track of your client's progress.

The Bottom Line

Coaching can be very easy if you have the right software. Most professional coaches already use some kind of platform to connect with their clients, but the key is to find one that covers all your needs. So far, Bonsai is the best option, but the final choice is ultimately yours.

Try the best client management software for coaches today at no cost here.
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