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Architects insurance guide

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Updated on:
April 28, 2023
April 28, 2023
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Do you have an architect business? Or are you working as a solo architect? Well, in both cases, you will need architect insurance. Architect liability insurance is a specialized professional insurance policy that provides financial coverage for architects against lawsuits resulting from omissions and errors, failure to deliver service, and negligence.

Liability insurance for architects is important to have when you have started a business. Note that problems can occur in any business. With architect insurance coverage, you can get the support to overcome the problem. Insurance policies can save your business from downfall. It gives you peace of mind and financial support. While you can’t prevent problems from coming your way, you can surely prepare yourself to deal with them by purchasing suitable architecture liability insurance.

This article has discussed different aspects of architect coverage that you may need to know. It will provide you with insights into the coverage for architecture firms. You will learn to choose the right insurance policy. Continue reading to learn everything about architect insurance.

Types of Insurance for Architects

  • Professional liability insurance

This liability insurance is for small business professionals - architectures in this case. Architect professional liability insurance protects you against negligence and claims in business initiated by your clients. Architects need this insurance because general liability coverage doesn’t protect architects from claims arising from malpractice, negligence, misrepresentation, or mistakes.

  • Errors and omissions insurance

Architect errors and omissions (E&O) insurance is a type of professional insurance that protect businesses, their workers, and other people related to the company against claims of negligent actions or inadequate work. This insurance protects you against the full cost of a claim made by your client.

  • Business insurance for architects

This coverage aims to protect the needs of architect and their business. Business insurance for architects protects your business from any problems due to client or employee mistakes. With this insurance, you can prevent possible loss in the future.

  • Property insurance

This type of insurance is a series of policies that offer liability coverage or property protection. It includes renters, homeowners, earthquake, and flood insurance.

  • Workers’ compensation insurance

Workers’ compensation is a government-mandated program that benefits workers who get ill or injured on the job. More precisely, it is a disability insurance program for company employees and provides healthcare benefits, cash benefits, or both to workers.

  • Cyber insurance

It usually offers business liability for a data breach that involves confidential customer information, such as health records, account numbers, driver’s license numbers, social security numbers, and credit card numbers.

How to choose an architect insurance coverage

Factors to consider when choosing insurance coverage

  • Scalability

If you are looking for architect insurance for your business, it is essential to consider scalability. This allows your plans to be flexible, and you can change them as per your company’s needs. For instance, if you reduce your team, you can change your plan. So, scalability is an important factor to consider if you ever plan to bring change to your company.

  • Cost of coverage

Whether you choose property, business, or professional liability insurance, you need to consider your budget. Think how much you can afford to pay for yourself, your company, and your employees to safeguard yourself and others around you.

  • Legal requirements

If you have a team, you will need workers’ compensation coverage. Clients will need you to have specific policies before signing a contract to work with you. Landlords will require you to have a general liability policy to prevent property damage or bodily injury lawsuits. Hence, you need to choose insurance based on the legal requirements of your company, clients, and landlords.

How to assess your insurance needs?

Before choosing any architect insurance, you must evaluate your needs as an architect or business owner. Think about what type of coverage you possibly need in the future. Make a list of events or risks that concerns you. Assess the likelihood of financial loss and the event happening. Think how you or your business might suffer in the future.

Consider how you will cover the financial loss if anything happens. Covering a few dollars of financial loss for your employee might be easy, but paying large hospital bills for your injured team member might be problematic. Therefore, you need insurance that saves you from covering losses from your pocket.

Also, make sure to think about the unique needs of your business. You might offer more services to clients than other architecture businesses. Or do you offer services, such as roof remodeling with injury risks? Consider all your needs and the company’s requirements to choose a suitable option.

Questions to ask when selecting an insurance provider

  • Will this insurance coverage for architect firms help me save money?

Suppose everything goes well - there are no complaints of injuries by your team, you don’t get injured during work, and your property isn’t damaged. You will obviously not use your plan. Therefore, it’s important to know whether your insurance will benefit you or not. Consider the recurring costs to check if there is an opportunity to save money.

  • What things are covered in this plan?

Your insurance plan should cover the things you want to protect. For instance, if you choose professional liability insurance, it should protect you from every type of claim you can possibly face.

  • How will this plan work if I change my services or companies?

Business evolves over time. In fact, expanding and bringing new changes to your business is key to success in the industry. So, you should ensure that your plan can be easily revised or changed if your business grows.

  • Are there extra benefits and perks of this plan?

Architect insurance coverage isn’t always property, injury, or damage coverage. Sometimes, additional benefits and perks can help you more than the coverage itself. Asking this question will give you an idea of what extra you will get in the plan.

Benefits of architect insurance

Protection against professional and financial risks

Professional and financial risks are common in every business. Your client might misunderstand your services and file a lawsuit against you to get their money back. Or your property might get damaged, requiring you to spend hundreds of dollars for repairs. Architect insurance can save you from business or personal loss by covering the cost on your behalf. This way, you can stay in business without getting bankrupt or losing all your profits.

Peace of mind for architects and architecture firms

No matter how careful you are and how many protective measures you take, mistakes or problems can occur anytime. Insurance saves experts from taking stress or tension for issues that can occur. It allows you to focus on your work without worrying about the risks. This peace of mind is a blessing for architects and allows them to grow and expand their businesses.

Compliance with legal and contractual requirements

While architecture business insurance is important to protect yourself, it is also a legal requirement in many states. There are some insurance policies that you need to purchase once you start a business, such as workers’ compensation.

Any architect business without these types of insurance has to face penalties from the government. Besides that, some of your potential clients will only get ready to work with you if you buy certain policies. So, by getting the necessary insurance policies, you can meet all legal and contractual requirements.

Enhanced credibility and reputation for architecture firms

When a business has insurance, it indicates they know the right methods to work. These businesses are considered reliable and credible by the client and employees. Also, the client or employee working with them knows they will be protected and get support if any problem occurs. So, to improve your credibility and authenticity in the industry, you need to have credible insurance coverage.

How much does architect insurance cost?

Factors that affect the cost of architect insurance

When you contact an insurance provider, they will look at different factors to calculate your premiums. Here are some aspects that they will assess for the architect’s insurance cost.

  • The type of architectural services you provide
  • Where do you perform your work – for example, are you involved in commercial projects, or do you repair or remodel residential properties?
  • Have you had any indemnity claims?
  • The size of your company - your premium will depend on how much money you have made in the last year. Some insurance providers will need information on the money you made in the last five years.
  • The amount of coverage you need

Several factors determine the cost of insurance for architects. Keep in mind that you need to pay a premium from your pocket, so it should not be something that you can’t pay if your business experience a downfall for a few months.

Cost comparison of different types of insurance coverage

The cost of the following mentioned insurance coverage depends on several factors we have discussed. However, you can expect to pay a premium near the average premium cost.

  • Professional liability insurance

You have to pay approximately $61 monthly and $735 annually for professional liability insurance.

  • Errors and omissions insurance

This insurance costs you more than other policies. Errors and omission insurance cost you $500 to $1,000 per year. And if your business has more than 50 employees, you can expect to pay $25,000 to $50,000 annually. If you want to pay monthly, you can expect to pay between $50 and $100.

  • Business insurance for architects

The average architecture business with few employees needs to pay around $57 per month or $684 annually.

  • Property insurance

The average cost of business property coverage is $63 monthly or $755 yearly, which offers coverage of around $60,000.

  • Workers’ compensation insurance

It will cost you around $45 per month and $525 per year for small or new businesses.

  • Cyber insurance

If you need a good amount of coverage, you need to pay $1,500 every year. The monthly charges are also high, which is around $300.

Top Insurance Providers for Architects

  • Hiscox

Hiscox offers professional liability insurance to protect architectural firms and their workers at affordable rates. The best part is that they offer optimal protection to experts ranging from large firms to large practitioners.

  • AXA XL

This insurance provider offers E&O and professional liability insurance to architects. They serve all sizes of A&E design firms to help them manage risk and provide loss prevention assistance.

  • Chubb

If you need professional indemnity insurance, you can opt for Chubb. This insurance provider operates in more than 54 countries and provides both personal and commercial property insurance. Chubb has a range of insurance products you can purchase based on your needs.

  • Travelers

They offer customized insurance solutions to architectures. They offer workers’ compensation, property, and general liability coverage that you may need to protect your company.

  • Zurich

Zurich offers professional indemnity insurance to architects. You will be fully protected against the financial consequences due to damages. They will defend you against unjustified claims to protect your business. Zurich also covers subsequent risks if your business shuts down.


Insurance policies for architectural firms and solo architects are important. They act as risk management for architects and provide financial support during incidents. With architecture insurance coverage, a professional can overcome challenges and problems during business operations. You no longer have to deal with financial burdens and legal problems alone.

However, if you want architect insurance, you need to consider your budget, needs, business size, and other factors to make the right decision. Choosing the right type of insurance is crucial so that the insurance provider can manage the problem on your behalf while you can focus on your work. Look for reliable and demanding organizations in your locality.

Research well about the insurance provider you plan to choose. Ensure they provide coverage based on your needs and requirements. And ask them what their changing policy is if you want to make amendments to your services and business and need new coverage. If you get satisfied, you can purchase insurance.

Still confused about how to purchase an insurance policy? If so, learn more about architect insurance here (add a link to your site page).


What is architect liability insurance?

The obligation to compensate clients or workers for damage or loss is a major problem or concern for most architecture. Architect liability insurance protects businesses from claims of errors or mistakes in their professional services. It prevents you from paying for the issues that may occur during operation from your pocket.

Different architect liability policies have the same purpose, i.e., to protect you, but they cover different types of loss. Based on the coverage you choose, it can protect your commercial property, workers, clients, business value, and much more.

Do I need insurance if I’m an independent architect?

Architects experience several risks, even after they are done with the project. Your client might not get satisfied, or your project might get damaged in a few days. In these cases, your client can file a lawsuit against you. Dealing with these lawsuits can be greatly costly and cause a great hit on your work. Therefore, you need insurance to cover the cost, whether you are an independent worker or not.

What does business insurance for architects cover?

It depends on the type of insurance you have purchased. If you opt for property insurance, you can cover any damage to the property, or things present inside it, such as furniture. But if you choose workers’ compensation, you will be able to pay for the medical bills, salaries, and other expenses after your employee gets injured inside your firm’s premises.

On the other hand, professional liability insurance helps you overcome lawsuit problems or client claims. It helps protect your business if your client requests reimbursement for your services. Similarly, you will get different benefits if you go for cyber insurance or errors and omission insurance.

Can architect insurance protect me against copyright infringement claims?

Professional indemnity insurance coverage can protect against copyright infringement claims. Your insurance will cover the legal fees of defense and pursue damages, claims, and settlement costs. However, it’s best to avoid transferring copyright in a design to a client.

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