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Receive, spend and save your income with Bonsai’s business account. Simple to set up, with no minimums required, zero hideen fees, and FDIC insured up to $250k.

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Everything you need to manage your business’s finances

Simple & secure

Set up in minutes. Zero fees, no minimums and FDIC insured up to $250K, 24/7 support.

Automatic budgeting

Optimize your income by splitting it into different sub-accounts for taxes, savings, bills, and more.

Expense management

Categorize your card’s spending and upload receipts to simplify accounting and taxes.

Pay for your business any way, anywhere VISA is accepted

With your physical card, virtual card and even your Apple wallet, you can easily pay for your expenses in-store and online.

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Put your budgeting on auto-pilot

Create envelopes to split your income into tax savings, office spending, or anything you need. Every time you get paid, Bonsai reallocates your money in those envelopes.

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End-to-end expense management

Expenses from your Bonsai card are automatically tracked and categorized. Plus, tax write-offs are already calculated. Accounting just got much easier.

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Frequently asked questions

How to open a business account?

There are a few initial requirements to opening a business account including: Personal identification, and EIN, business formation documents (articles of incorporation, DBA name for LLC's), ownership license, monthly credit revenue and a business license. Bonsai can help you get up and running with your business account services quickly.

How to choose a business account for your small business?

As a small business it's important to ensure consistent cashflow, automate your budgeting and centralize your expenses. With Bonsai’s business account you can automate your accepting payments and splitting funds into different categories for different expense types. Finally you can sync Bonsai with your credit and debit card transactions for easy expense tracking making it easy to reconcile your books for tax time.

Who is Bonsai’s business account best For?

For small businesses who use billing, invoicing, and contracts, Bonsai’s business account can save time, money and provide a seamless financial experience from proposal to payment. Pay for business expenses with the Bonsai card and never worry about making the mistake of mixing personal and business expenses again.