Top 10 Harvest time tracking alternatives in 2024

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Updated on:
February 17, 2024
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Quiz: What is the best Harvest time tracking alternative for your business?

Answer the following questions to assess which Harvest time tracking alternative is best for your business.

    What is Harvest time tracking?

    Harvest time tracking is a fine online tool that assists businesses of all degrees to order and to list their time and charges spent on various projects and affairs. By logging in and out with ease, the workers can declare the very time they do spend on sundry tasks and projects, as well as the expenses made while serving job-related needs. 

    Moreover, it grants the managers to peruse the facts and fashion wise reports that show how resources they enact. This platform is most profitable for any company that craves to bill their clients by the time spent on projects or on waves. 

    By making records true and clear, Harvest time tracking gives transparency and trust between the company and those it serves. Not only does it ease the billing, but the tool also shows the future costs and budgets, and the profit that each project owes. Thus, it is not a time tracker only, but a helper in the scheme of planning and allocating the resources with esteem.

    Though Harvest time tracking is renowned for its use and skill, it is not the only time tracking tool that tradesmen can fulfill. According to the business’s wants and likings, there may be some other choices that can suit their ends as well, or more.

    What are the top limitations of Harvest time tracking?

    Harvest time tracking is a worthy tool that refines the entire process of tracking time and aligning it. However, despite its many benefits, it does contain some flaws that may impair its usefulness and value, causing some users discomfort. These include:

    • No real-time tracking feature: Harvest does not allow tasks to be tracked in real-time.
    • Complex user interface: The UI of Harvest may perplex users and cause them significant struggle.
    • Incomplete integration options: Although Harvest can integrate with other platforms, the list is short and not comprehensive.
    • No offline mode: Without internet, Harvest time tracking fails to work, which can be a problem in places with poor connectivity.
    • Costly pricing plans: For small or new businesses, the pricing plans of Harvest may be expensive.

    These defects may prompt users to seek other ways to track their time and projects with more suitable tools.

    What are the must-have features of a Harvest time tracking alternative?

    When seeking for a fitting substitute to Harvest time tracking, there are some needful features that you should weigh to manage and track your team’s working hours well:

    • Integrated invoicing: The perfect time tracking tool should let you turn tracked hours straight into invoices, lessening the work and the faults.
    • Real-time reporting: Thorough and real-time reports allow for quick reactions to flaws, aiding you to better your team’s output.
    • Multi-platform access: For ease and choice, a good substitute should let you track time from anywhere you are and on many devices.

    The night is rich with features like:

    • Project management tools of worth
    • Team collaboration interfaces of depth
    • Technology that blends with other apps of work.

    For instance, Toggl is a substitute time tracking tool that has a friendly interface, giving real-time tracking and reporting features that show a clear view of how time is used. It offers fast and exact invoicing, backs many platforms, and has a one-click timer to make time tracking plain. 

    Choosing the right substitute to Harvest time tracking depends on knowing your business’s special needs and making sure the tool can suit your flow. This will make work hours more, and output more, leading to more business gain.

    Bonsai: The best Harvest time tracking alternative

    Bonsai: The best Harvest time tracking alternative

    If you’re a service business looking for a good Harvest time tracking substitute, look no more than Bonsai. Compared to other tools of work in the market, Bonsai is made for service businesses that wish to order project management, time tracking, and invoicing. This lively tool offers a full suite of services that aim to boost work output and gain. Bonsai, indeed, has all you need for your service business in one place.

    • Streamlined Project Management: Bonsai lifts project management to a new height. It lets you manage all your projects from a single board, giving a plain overview of the project states. This system helps service businesses to plot their resources well and meet their deadlines fast.
    • Comprehensive Time Tracking: Compared to Harvest, Bonsai’s time tracking feature offers a more complex use. It not only notes the time used on each task but also helps in measuring output, making insights about billing, and easing invoicing.
    • Sophisticated Invoicing: Invoicing is another field where Bonsai glows. The platform lets you make expert invoices in minutes and send them out. It even gives tracking and lets you know when clients have seen or paid an invoice, thus making payment follow-ups easy.
    • Effective Client CRM: Bonsai offers an effective Client Relationship Management part that gives helpful insights about clients and their deeds. It eases contact management, fitting businesses to keep healthy and gainful customer bonds.
    • Integrated Payments: Bonsai comes with an integrated payments part that backs many payment ways, which makes dealings easy for both businesses and their clients. Plus, with automation features, the system can follow-up with customers for late payments, thus making sure steady cash flow.

    In a scene full of various tools of work, Bonsai has made a place for itself as a service business-friendly platform. Its strong features are made to serve the special needs of service businesses, making it a good substitute to Harvest.

    So, if you’re a service business that’s suffering from the flaws of different systems or aren’t quite pleased with Harvest, think of changing to Bonsai. The platform offers an all-in-one-business-suite that handles everything from project management to payments, thus letting you focus on your main skills. Give Bonsai a try and feel the change it can bring to your service business.

    #2. Toggl


    Toggl is a time management application designed to track how time is spent, helping to increase productivity and efficiency.

    Best Features:

    • Efficient time-tracking capabilities linked to tasks and projects.
    • Multi-device functionality for teams across various operating systems.
    • A wide range of analytical reports.
    • Integration option with many popular project management tools.


    • Doesn’t feature an offline mode.
    • A learning curve exists for mastering advanced features.
    • Possibly more expensive for larger teams.
    • May have occasional technical issues.

    Not a fit for:

    • Businesses in need of invoice or payment functionalities.
    • Teams desiring free tier for unlimited users.


    Toggl offers a free basic plan, with premium versions at $9 and $18 per user/month source.

    Reviews and ratings:

    • Largely positive, particularly for its easy-to-use interface and robust report generation.
    • Some users compare it favorably to Harvest time tracking.

    #3. TimeCamp


    TimeCamp, a robust and automated software, makes project management easy by providing detailed insight into work habits, thus enhancing productivity.

    Best Features:

    • Automatic and manual time-tracking.
    • Project and task management.
    • Budgeting tools to control project costs.
    • Offers integration with over 50 different work tools.


    • Interface can be complex for newcomers.
    • Absence of mobile apps.
    • Rich features can be overwhelming and need time to navigate.

    Not a fit for:

    • Teams who prioritize a simple, mobile-friendly user interface.


    • Offers a Free plan.
    • Upgradable paid plans starts from $7 per user/month.

    Reviews and Ratings:

    • Boasts an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Capterra and high praise for its powerful features. However, the complex interface is a common critique received.

    #4. ClickTime


    ClickTime is a comprehensive, easy-to-use time tracking solution that offers various features for efficient work management.

    Best features:

    • Robust reporting tools that provide detailed, customizable information about project performances.
    • Expenses tracking helps monitor project costs and expenses.
    • Built-in project management tool allows for effective coordination and allocation of tasks.
    • An intuitive mobile app facilitates time tracking on the go.


    • Limited customization options can make it challenging to adapt to different organization workflows.
    • Integration with other software needs enhancement for seamless data transfers.

    Not a fit for:

    • Businesses seeking seamless integration capabilities or extensive customization options might find ClickTime limiting.


    • ClickTime offers several pricing plans, including a basic plan starting at $9 per month.

    Reviews and ratings:

    • ClickTime has received positive reviews and ratings for its robust functionality and ease of use. Visit for more details.

    Compared to Harvest Time Tracking, ClickTime provides stronger project management tools, though it lacks some of the seamless integration capabilities.

    #5. DeskTime


    DeskTime is a reliable and user-friendly productivity app that may serve as an effective alternative to Harvest time tracking, offering detailed analytics and employee productivity enhancing features.

    Best features:

    • Comprehensive time tracking: Records every minute spent on tasks.
    • Productivity analysis: Detailed reports of most-used apps and websites.
    • Project Time Tracking: Know how much time is spent on specific projects.
    • Offline time tracking: logs offline hours too.


    • Lacks invoice functionality.
    • Mobile app experience is not as robust as the web app.
    • Does not integrate with a wide range of apps.
    • Sometimes, the software can be overly strict with time tracking.

    Not a fit for:

    • Those looking for extensive third-party app integrations and inbuilt invoicing features.


    • Offers a free version for individual use and Pro plan starts at $7 per user/month.

    Reviews and ratings:

    • With an average user rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Capterra, DeskTime is highly praised for its detail-oriented tracking and reporting.

    #6. RescueTime


    RescueTime is a popular productivity management tool designed to track the time spent on your digital devices.

    Best Features:

    • Detailed reports and insights on how you spend your time.
    • Personalized goals to stay focused.
    • Automatic time tracking of time spent on apps and websites.
    • Offline time tracking feature for non-digital activities.


    • It lacks manual time entry.
    • No task or project management features — compared to Harvest time tracking.

    Not a Fit For:

    • Professionals who require task tracking or manual time logging might find RescueTime less beneficial.


    • RescueTime provides a free version and a premium version at $12/month or $78/year.

    Reviews and Ratings:

    • It boasts high ratings, with users particularly liking its comprehensive and automated reports (4.1/5 on G2).

    #7. Timely


    Timely is a smart time tracking tool that offers a refreshing approach to employee monitoring and productivity management, making it one of the top alternatives for Harvest’s time tracking software.

    Best features:

    • AI-powered time tracking that auto-records work activity.
    • Easy to use interface with calendar integration.
    • Real-time reporting for efficient productivity overview.
    • Advanced privacy options to respect employee boundaries.


    • Lacks client invoicing feature.
    • No free plan, unlike Harvest.

    Not a fit for:

    • Companies looking for basic, free time tracking services.


    • Offers a 14-day free trial, with pricing starting from $20 per month.

    Reviews and ratings:

    • Highly rated for its unique AI features and user-friendliness, with a score of 4.5/5 (source).

    #8. Hours


    Hours is a smart and intuitive time tracking app that provides individuals and teams the ability to efficiently manage their time and increase productivity.


    • Hours offers unique features to optimize timekeeping for various tasks.
    • Tracking and reporting daily and weekly tasks
    • Visual timeline for easy adjustment of time entries
    • Rounding rules that follow company policies
    • Reminder system to ensure accurate tracking


    • Despite the app’s clever design, there are a few potential drawbacks.
    • Lacks in-depth reporting for complex projects
    • No offline mode available

    Not a fit for:

    • Hours may not be ideal for users looking for high-capability project management tools.


    • Hours uses a freemium model with additional features available for a fee.

    Reviews and Ratings:

    • With an average rating of 4.5/5, users appreciate Hours for its simplicity and ease of use compared to other time-tracking tools like Harvest Time Tracking.

    #9. Replicon


    Replicon is an all-in-one cloud-based time tracking and project management system designed to streamline workforce management.

    Best features:

    • Replicon offers a multitude of features that set it apart from its competitors.
    • Robust time and attendance tracking.
    • In-depth analytics and reporting tools.
    • Responsive mobile application for time tracking on the go.
    • Powerful project management tools.


    • While a powerful tool, there are some limitations observed in Replicon.
    • Lack of offline operation capabilities.
    • Complex interface for new users.

    Not a fit for:

    • Replicon is not ideal for small businesses or solo freelancers due to its enterprise focus and pricing.


    • Replicon offers a free trial, with paid packages that are higher in pricing compared to similar tools like Harvest.

    Reviews and ratings:

    • Replicon enjoys a 4.2-star rating on G2, with users praising its comprehensive features but noting its steep learning curve for newcomers.

    #10. Time Doctor

    Time Doctor

    TimeDoctor is a diligent time tracking tool that offers detailed analytics of employee productivity.

    Best Features:

    • TimeDoctor provides diverse features that increase productivity and ensures efficiency.
    • Real-time tracking
    • Screenshots and video replay
    • In-depth productivity reports
    • Integrations with project management tools


    • Despite its strong features, TimeDoctor has certain limitations that users should be aware of.
    • Lack of offline functionality
    • Requires continuous internet connection
    • Perceived invasion of privacy
    • Can be complex to set up initially

    Not a fit for:

    • TimeDoctor might not be suitable for teams looking for offline time tracking or those concerned about privacy.


    • TimeDoctor offers a tiered pricing model with a free trial option.

    Reviews and Ratings:

    • TimeDoctor has received mixed reviews, with particular praise for its detailed tracking and reporting capabilities. It is considered a viable alternative to Harvest time tracking.

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