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A lot of background work and research goes into video production. As a videographer, besides your skills in film-making, you need to handle a lot of paperwork, including drafting quote templates, invoices, and proposals for your business. More often, you need to submit a video production quote to a prospective client, which would be reviewed before you land a job and sign a video production contract template with the client.

It becomes challenging if you lack the necessary skills of creating this document. There are many video production quotation sample PDF on the front page of Google when you search, but they may be too vague to take care of your videography quote requirements. 

In this article, you’d learn the basic requirements for drafting a videography quotation and how best to calculate your rate. 

Video Production Quote Template
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Here are the essential elements of a video production quotation. If you must write a solid video production quotation sample PDF, do not neglect the following section to come up with a professional quotation:

1. Include personal information in the video production quote

The document should carry your business name, address, email, and phone numbers as well as those of your recipient. 

2. Mention project information in the video production quote template

 This section lists your services and what you are willing to offer a client. Give a breakdown of the subtasks but avoid too much jargon that may confuse the recipient. 

3. Include pricing in the video production quotation

 Pricing is one of the most crucial aspects of your video production quotation sample PDF that requires your attention and diligence. Most clients base their videography decision on pricing models of videographers and how beneficial is the job in terms of cost.

Along with your listed services, mention your service fees and talk about materials requirements as well as other financial obligations you expect from a client. 

4. Terms and conditions of a video production quote template

Mention your terms and conditions attached to your services plus the due date of payment if you win the job. Let a client know in your video production quotation sample PDF if you give discounts and how much they will be saving for hiring you. 

5. Don't forget the footer of the video production quotation

The footer section takes care of the total cost of the project, tax rate if applicable, signature, and a call-to-action 

Video Production Quote Template Sample
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6. Billing in a video production quote sample

Billing is one of the most challenging aspects of writing video production quotations. Clients often want to see their billable hours aside from other service fees they have to pay, such as setting up and editing. It is wise to break down your fees into the pre-production cost, production proper, and post-production cost.  The bulk of costs often come from the production phase. Make a list of what you will need for the pre-production phase of your project. This includes:

  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • Casting
  • Location scouting

Also, highlight your insurance cost of gear rentals and other relevant background costs. Next is the production cost, which may include elements such as actors, gas, crew, gear rentals, food, travel time, location cost, time spent on packing, and unpacking. Once you can deal with pricing, your video production quotation sample PDF writing becomes easy to complete since other sections are pretty straightforward. 

Final words

Your video production quotation sample PDF is not just useful for clarifying your service cost to a prospective client; it represents your business and can create a lasting impression about your business. Hence, the need to be professional in writing the document.

Also, try to personalize the ideas in the quotation, be flexible, and simple enough to understand. Many videographers are tempted to be overly creative and detailed in their writing. It is wise to be thorough, but with just enough information to convince a prospective client about your expertise. 

Video production quotation template FAQs

Do you have more questions about video production quotation templates? Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions:

1. What are the benefits of using video production quotation templates?

The major benefit of using a video production quotation template for any new project is sharing your pricing with the client and proving why you are a great choice for the project.

2. How do I create a video production quotation template?

A video production quotation template can be created either by starting from a sample, and editing it for the project's individual requirements, or by using Bonsai to draft and download one in just minutes. Sign up a the free trial today!

3. When do I draft and send the video production quotation template?

A video production quotation template is drafted and sent for approval whenever you start a new project.



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Free Video Production Quote Template

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