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Video Production Contract (PDF)

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Video Production Contract (PDF)

Preparing a contract as part of a video production project is a good practice. In fact, a contract should be part of every freelance project, and being in a written form makes it ideal for project execution. If you have a video production contract PDF in place before starting a project, you could flex legal muscles if things go wrong with the job or you experience issues with payment.

As a freelancer, a videography contract PDF goes a long way to protect your freelance business. In most cases, you’ll be meeting your client for the first time, and so, it’s not easy to trust them. They too can’t trust that you’ll deliver as expected since they’ve not worked with you before. Therefore, you can only base your relationship on the videography contract PDF. If you’re new to the freelance business, it might not be easy to design one. 

Even so, you don’t need to worry as you can achieve this with a video production contract template. Even the gurus in the freelance business still rely on a video production contract template to get a contract ready for their business. Usually, the template makes it easy for you to design one. All you need to do is to fill out the fields as required with the right information. 

But why do you need a videography contract PDF as a freelance video producer? Well, apart from reinforcing trust between you and the client, a video production contract agreement spells out the limit of your services and payment terms. While these aren’t the only clauses that make a good video production contract agreement, they’re the main drivers that govern a video production freelance project. In case you didn’t know, a video production contract agreement can drive profits to your business.

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) reported that 40 percent of small-business owners reported up to one-third of their receivables more than 60 days delinquent. Although vague invoices led to an increase in those statistics. But generally, a video production contract containing relevant information about a videography service along its terms and conditions will go a long way in ensuring a fair deal between you and a client, as lons as you deliver top notch videos.

To help you know what’s expected of you as a video production freelancer, we’ll expound more on what makes a good video production contract template and how to design one to get started. You might have designed one before, but it’s not a bad idea to go through those tips that can help you to make an improvement.

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1. What is a video production contract and why is it necessary?

A video production contract is an agreement on providing videography services between a client and a photographer. As a videographer, you need a video production contract PDF to regulate the need and deliverables of a client concerning your service. As a freelancer, you need to define your scope of work to let the client know what they expect from you. That’s why a sample videography contract contains a clause that defines the limit of your services. And why do you need to do this? If you don’t highlight your scope of work as a freelancer, you risk doing extra tasks without expecting payment from the client. 

The document contains information such as videography service you ought to provide, pricing and compensation, time of service, among others. The agreement is needed by freelance videographers and their client to avoid default and to ensure that the work will be done as agreed.

While your client is probably aware of the services you ought to offer as a video production freelancer, you need to put them in writing to avoid any kind of conflict that may arise in regard to the services you offer. That’s why the scope of work is an important clause of the sample videography contract. Be sure to state your services clearly so that it’s easier for the client to understand. Any kind of misinterpretation could affect your business. 

Also, the terms and conditions to ensure the services are rendered as well as compensation are stated on a professional video production contract PDF.

2. How to create a video production contract (PDF)

A video production contract should only be crafted after carrying out adequate research about a service. If you have not researched before writing a video production contract, the document will cause issues and may end up as a vague document. We have outlined the best practices for creating a video production contract PDF. Besides, you can download our template if you find it easy to customize.

Why is it good to use a template to create a sample videography contract? To be honest, it saves you a lot of time. Usually, you’ve got limited time to work on a client’s project, and so, you might not have time to design one from scratch. The good thing is that you can get videography contract template free, and, therefore, you should create one within a few minutes. But even then, it’s not a bad idea to explore your creativity. You can flex your muscles a little bit and design one from the scratch. If you’re a newbie in the freelance business, it might not be easy to take this route. But don’t worry, we’re going to equip you with some great tips to see you through. Nevertheless, you can still get a videography contract template free to get started.

See tips on how to formulate yours below:

2.1. Chat with the client

Take time to interview your client about the job because videography belongs to the creative field. Spend time to know what your client wants, evaluate your skills, equipment to be sure you can handle the project.

While you might be fighting so hard to boost your income, it’s always advisable to pick projects that you can do perfectly. Remember, at the end of the day, the client is interested in what you’re bringing to the business. So, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the business needs of your client and find out whether your services are relevant to their expectations. Your client will be so willing to share this kind of information with you. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask them about it.

2.2. Get it in writing

Get the project requirement into writing because oral agreements are difficult to enforce in the court. While carrying out the interview, be sure to keep it all in writing. It’s so easy to forget what you’ve discussed with the client if you don’t put it down. Keep in mind that this information is going to form part of your contract. So, ensure you do it diligently. Add relevant information like pricing, project deliverables, and scope to the document.

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2.3. Personal information & client

At the top of the document is your data like name, contact address, email, and phone number as well as information about your client. Even if you’re using a videography contract template free, there’s always a section to add these details. This is an important part of the videography contract PDF, and as such, you need to be very accurate with the details you add to the document. Ensure you add the most current contact details, both yours and that of the client. To get accurate information, let the client give you the details themselves.

2.4. Payment obligations

Every video production contract PDF must state the agreement on the payment terms and conditions. After working so hard to get the work done, you’d like your client to pay you without delay. Well, they know exactly that, but they need something to put them on toes. To ensure you get timely payment, you need to specify payment deadline in the contract and how much you expect after completing the tasks. In that way, no conflict will arise during payment. A contract should also specify the circumstance that may warrant the termination of the agreement between the parties.

2.5. Ownership

A videography contract should state the ownership of the work. Some client prefers to spend so much on a project to acquire the full right, title, and interest in the media created. Copyrights on the media may include positives and negatives and clips of the project. Disagreements may arise on copyright ownership in case it’s not clearly stated in the contract. Since you value your client and would like them to hire you again in future, you should make this clear from the start. You can discuss it with your client before including anything concerning work ownership. Get to know your client’s views on this before you start.

2.6. Confidentiality

Confidentiality is a term of secrecy that videographers and clients must understand, especially when working with an organization. Your video production contract PDF should state the confidentiality agreement on specific conditions. For instance, if you are producing a film, the actors and storyline must be kept a secret. Therefore, your videography contact should spell this out clearly. Most clients take confidentiality seriously, and so, you have to adhere to this. 

These and more are the information contained in the confidentiality or security section of a video production template. With these tips, you’re ready to draft your videography contract.

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Video Production Contract (PDF)

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Video Production Contract (PDF)

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