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In order to inform the client about your freelance software development business services, you will need a statement of work or SOW. The million-dollar question is, how do you write a SOW being a freelancer in the software development profession? Or you might ask yourself, why do I need one? If you're too busy to take care of such administrative tasks, or to calculate your software developer tax deductions, read on.

When you don't have the slightest idea about writing an SOW for software development, you would probably head to Google to find out what it is. You would probably find the right information, but why take chances?

We will guide you regarding how to write a SOW for software development with professional advice to ensure that you win the attention of the client. The template we provide can always be modified as per the needs of your client. Your SOW will be comprehensive and include all the required details

SOW for Software Development
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Here are the points that need to be included in the SOW for software development. You could speak to a consultant to find out if there are any points that are specific to your client.

1. Objectives of the SOW for software development

The objective of your project as a freelancer, whether it is building systems or developing applications, will need to be clearly mentioned in the SOW for software development. 

2. Description of services in the SOW for software development

You need to be clear regarding the services you will be providing the client as a freelancing software developer. Will you be building and maintaining the systems for the company or will you be developing applications that help computers or cellphones perform certain tasks?

If you are providing back-end and front-end software development, then you need to mention that you will provide the services of a full-stack developer. 

3. Tasks supporting the deliverables in a SOW for software development

You need to define the tasks which will be supporting the deliverables in your SOW for software development. There are certain tasks which will be handled by the client and some that will be handled by you as a freelancer. 

4. Project tasks in the SOW for software development

The details of the services provided by you as a freelance software developer needs to be provided whether you are designing a system or developing an application.

SOW for Software Development Sample
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5. Payment for services in the SOW for software development

Your SOW for software development should include the CLIN or contract line item number, firm fixed price and labor hours. If travel is to be reimbursed as actual, this needs to be mentioned. If the payment is made according to the stage of the work completed, then the installments payable by the client needs to be mentioned. 

This will ensure that the obligations of both you and your client are clearly defined. The client will know what your deliverables will be as a freelancer and the payment schedule. 

6. Measurement of performance criteria in the SOW for software development

You need to state in your SOW for software development what the performance benchmark will be for evaluation of your project. The client needs to provide clarity on this issue; otherwise, they might refuse to make the payment on completion of the task, and you won't have any legal recourse. 

7. Provision for extension of deadlines in the SOW for software development

You need to specify the circumstances under which the deadline for delivery could be extended. 

8. Acceptance of the SOW for software development

Lastly, this section mentions that the client needs to go through your SOW for software development signifying acceptance of the terms and conditions given by you. 

These are the basic guidelines that you need to know as a freelance software developer. While you should not be rigid regarding any changes to the statement of work, avoid any major deviations requested by the client.



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