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Simple Invoice Template (PDF)

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Simple Invoice Template (PDF)

As a freelancer, you would have heard of the importance of invoicing your clients. Similar to businesses, freelancers also need to implement a system for invoicing by having a simple invoice template PDF. Every business understands how essential invoicing is to the smooth running of their business, and so should freelancers.

However, unlike businesses, freelancers do not have the advantage of an entire accounts department dedicated to managing their finances. Hence, freelancers need to design and implement an invoicing system themselves. An invoicing system is not complicated. You just need to follow a fixed routine and standard practices when it comes to invoicing. 

You can significantly simplify your invoicing by having a simple invoice template PDF that you use to generate every invoice. You should use an invoicing template that is fast to use and professional, since the quality of your invoice will reflect on your freelancing career.

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Crucial things to include in your simple invoice  template PDF

The main advantage of having a simple invoice template PDF is that you do not have to make an entire invoice every time you need to bill a client. When you start making your simple invoice template PDF, you should ensure that you have included a few elements that are necessary to make your invoice useful, effective, and professional. 

Your invoice should have a unique identification number, which is basically a number attached to your invoice that is unique to it. This number will help you keep track of each of your invoices. Apart from the number, your invoice should contain your name and address, contact details, a clear description of the services you have provided, the amount to be paid, and the identity of your client.

There are several reasons why invoicing your clients is crucial. Take a look at some of the main reasons. 

1. They create a record 

Not every client will ask you for an invoice. However, you will find many clients who specifically request an invoice. This is because having an invoice helps them keep a record of their outgoing payments. The accounts department of your client can keep track of where their money is being spent thanks to your invoice. 

In case your client is a company, especially a large company, they may not be able to process your payment without an invoice. A company will need an invoice as proof of service before they can justify an outgoing expenditure on paper. 

You should always keep a copy of any invoice that you generate and send to your clients. This helps you keep a record of your business as well. You can find out how much money is due to you by checking your unpaid invoices. You can also keep track of how much business has been done, by checking the invoices that have been generated. 

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2. They are required for tax purposes 

People need to be aware of the income tax laws that are relevant for their jurisdiction if they have an income. This is true for freelancers who earn money through their freelancing business as well. You will need to declare your income to the income tax authorities when you are filing your income tax returns. 

In the event you get audited, the income tax officials will need to ascertain your actual level of income. To do so, the income tax officials will ask for copies of the invoices that have been generated. Hence, you should always keep the copies of all your invoices at least for a few years, so that you can comply with the requirements under income tax law.

3. They help you get paid 

Freelancers, like any other service provider, need to get paid for their services. However, freelancers report having a hard time trying to get paid on time. Getting paid on time may not always be in your control, but you can try to speed up the process by invoicing your client as soon as the work you are doing for them is over. 

Clients will find it easier to process your payment if they have an invoice they can rely on. You should be proactive in this regard and not wait for the client to ask you for an invoice.

Bottom line

You should make a simple invoice template PDF today so that you can start billing your clients properly and take your freelancing business to the next level. Having an invoice template makes invoicing your clients faster and easier.

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Simple Invoice Template (PDF)

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Simple Invoice Template (PDF)

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