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Do you consider the price before you purchase certain goods and services? Your answer is most likely a resounding yes. You probably screen clients you apply to for jobs. Therefore, you can expect clients won’t take fewer precautions when they want to hire freelancers. It is for this reason that you need a price quote template. The template will help you give your clients a business quotation. 

The quote created from the template should provide the accurate price of your services and a breakdown of the work that you will do. Remember that for you to estimate the right amounts, you need to know the current market rates. After your client has indicated an interest in hiring for the work, this document is usually the next thing that he will require from you. Your price quote template can determine whether you will get the job or not. 

You have to ensure that your quote contains every detail that your client might need. An unprofessional quotation that doesn’t include some of the essential information can put your potential customer off. Therefore, it is vital to use the best price quote template that has all the crucial components. How do you know if a template has all the essentials if you don’t know what is vital in a price quote? You can see what you need to watch out for below.

Essential components of a price quote template

There is a possibility that this is the first time that you hear about a price quote. Your client might have requested one, and you are wondering how you can get it right. A good price quote template should contain all the necessary information, and it should be presented in an organized manner that will appeal to your customers.  

While it is easy to recognize when a document has a professional look, you might not know the details that you should include. Some of the information that must be included in your template are;

1. Business name

This detail is crucial because your client might be getting quotes from other contractors or freelancers simultaneously. Your business name should be conspicuous so that your client can know it is for you. It should be at the top of the document in a legible font.

2. Contact information

Your price quote should contain your contact details to help your customers reach you if necessary. Make sure that you put in an email address or valid phone number.

3. The date

Prices change. Therefore, you must indicate the date you made a price quote on the document. It will help you if there are any changes in price due to economic factors. A professional price quote template will have a space for this information. 

4. Description and quantity of the goods and services

The template should contain a column for the precise description of the goods or services that you will be offering. It is also essential that you include the quantity that the client can expect as it will help your customer determine if it is what he wants and ensures clarity.

5. The price

This information is the whole essence of the document. You must ensure that it is clear and easy to locate in the template. Your customer shouldn’t have to look around for it.

Your price quote template should also contain discounts offered, payment conditions, packaging and shipping costs, delivery time and conditions, and legal references. If you have never created a quotation template, you should look through several templates before deciding on one. Use the criteria of the information contained and the presentation of the details to make your choice.



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Price Quote Template

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