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Freelance photographers have a harder time trying to convince clients to assign them projects. This doesn’t always have to be the case, though! You can stand out from the competition by letting clients know that you have all the top qualities they need from photographers. A well-written photography brief will go a long way into helping you to do just that. For the brief to produce the desired results though, you have to know how to use it.

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Below are the attributes you can display to clients through the brief.

1. Creativity and imagination

The best freelance photographers also happen to be the most creative and highly imaginative group of professionals you will ever meet. After all, isn’t photography art? If it is, the photographers have to let their artistic light shine ever so brightly. For this reason, it’s important to let clients know that you will use your creativity and imagination to take the best photos. Therefore, offer clients this reassurance using the photography brief.

2. Eye for detail

All leading freelance photographers are capable of seeing something that the ordinary or amateur photographer can’t notice. Such photographers have an eye for detail, which means they take photos that capture all the most important elements in a photo. In essence, this caliber of photographers realizes that their photos will be nothing without composition, storytelling, lighting, and emotion.

For this reason, find ways of telling your clients that you have a great eye for detail.

3. Flexibility and patience

How flexible or patient are you as a freelance photographer? One, many of your clients will never keep time. Do you walk away in such situations? Two, your plans and your clients’ may not flow smoothly according to the schedule. Do you throw a tantrum and display moodiness for the remainder of the session? Use the photography brief to inform your clients that you are not only flexible but also highly patient. Let them know that they can count on you.

4. Excellent people skills

You can’t work as a freelance photographer without interacting with people regardless of your niche. Therefore, you have to be ready to demonstrate such skills to all clients. People skills revolve around your connections as well as the ability to communicate effectively.  In fact, photography is a form of communication. It offers the photographer, clients and any other person who will look at the photos a chance to communicate with one another.

5. Passion for what you do

Freelance photographers are passionate about their jobs. They love what they do. Many of them would rather be doing this all their life. Nonetheless, clients have no way of knowing that you’re passionate about photography, especially if you’ve never met in person. The photography brief offers you a chance to broadcast your passion to everybody. Photographers who do this increase their chances of climbing up the ladder of success.

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6. Your unmatched business aptitude

In freelancing, photographers need to learn and acquire more skills. For example, they have to demonstrate an eye for marketing and be beyond reproach with their finances. Without these and other appropriate skills, freelance photographers would struggle running successful businesses. Therefore, it’s essential to demonstrate unmatched business aptitude. Do not underrate these skills. Without them, some of your clients would take off.

A photographer with excellent business aptitude is a highly professional one too!

7. Familiarization with legal documents

Lastly, it’s also important for freelance photographers to be familiar with legal documents, especially any that pertains to their line of work. These documents are crucial for working in this industry as a freelancer or employed photographer. The photography brief is only one such document. On top of that, the freelance photographer also needs to demonstrate a clear appreciation for copyright laws and contracts.