Mental Health Invoice Template

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Table of contents

Mental health professionals must usually use detailed invoices when billing clients. However, if you are looking for a customizable invoice template, then there are multiple ways to create your very own!

Get your own free downloadable invoice template from Bonsai, and you can send high-quality unlimited invoices to your clients within minutes. You can also download a free invoice template available in Google docs, Google Sheets, PDF, Excel and Word. However, if you go this route, it can be highly time-consuming. 

But this article will give you all you need to know on creating professional invoices to suit your health practice.

What is a Mental health invoice template?

A therapy invoice template is a valuable tool for mental health professionals to record the details of all the complex treatments and therapy provided.

Especially for small businesses, you want your mental health template to be organized, informative and professional so that you can build trust and confidence with your clients.

Mental health services

Mental health can include emotional, psychological, and social well-being and can affect people in many different ways. Mental health is essential for your quality of life, just like an easy, professional invoicing process is necessary for the quality of your business.

Mental health treatment can cover a wide range of services, including:

  • Family or couples therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy

As mentioned earlier, mental health can affect people in different ways. The condition and stage of illness can depend on the type of service and health care professional required. In the early stages, a general practitioner can assess a person seeking mental illness help. Still, more extreme cases may require a psychiatrist who specializes in treating people's mental health.

After the therapy has been administered, the therapist will generate an invoice and provide it to the patient. The patient will then have a certain amount of time to pay the bill, which will also be specified on the invoice.

Types of mental health invoice templates

With Mental health invoices, it is important that professionals provide their clients with invoices containing accurate and necessary information so patients can use it for any health insurance claims.

There are many types of Mental health therapy invoice templates that you may need.

The most common invoice types include:

  • Medical records request template
  • Medical insurance invoice template
  • Hospital bill invoice template
  • Psychologist invoice template

It is essential not to get mixed up between medical billing and mental billing, as they are not the same. However, mental health billing needs a lot more attention as it is often difficult to get the insurance claims processed for this.

When you know which invoicing template your client or business requires, you can create a professional invoice template where the blank fields match exactly what you need.

What should you add to a Mental health invoice template

Listed below are several things that you should add to every free invoice template, including:

  • Your health practice details (website, address, phone number, clinic logo, business, and mailing address).
  • The complex treatment and therapy you provide
  • The clients information
  • An individual invoice number
  • Registered and government-approved license
  • Date and details of any medical treatment prescribed
  • Your patient's health insurance provider or any other health insurance company information needed
  • Gross subtotal, before adding the discounts, taxes, and service fees
  • The total amount owed, including the applicable taxes
  • The due date for the requested payment and payment terms
  • Payment calculation method (fee for a specific service description, flat fee, hourly fee etc).

How to write a Mental health invoice template

When you are creating a Mental health invoice template or filling in the blanks of a template, you should follow the steps below:

Your details and the clients details.

Provide the name, address and details for your workplace. Your patient's name, address, and contact details must also be included. Any mental health service provider who treats a patient needs to have a registered license approved by the government, and the exact needs to be mentioned in the invoice as well.

List the complete service provided

You will need to add all the details of mental health therapy provided to the patient, the patient's condition, and how many sessions were attended based on if they have had previous treatment. If your client is receiving ongoing therapy, it is best to create a regular payment plan and use a private practice invoice template. This process keeps all your payments organized and makes manageable regular payments for your patients.

Payment details

Include a detailed bill so that the patient knows what exactly they are paying for. Let your clients know what types of payments you accept - for example, Paypal, bank transfers or any other alternatives.

Payment terms

Payment terms are especially useful, particularly if you have a cancellation policy. For example, if you require your clients to cancel more than 24 hours in advance then having this on your invoice is a great reminder for your patients. You can also add any fees charged for overdue bills here.

Personal touch

Many therapists have a particularly close relationship with their patients. So if appropriate, you can add feedback about their therapy or their progress, or to wish them well if they have finished their treatment with you.

Submit the Mental health invoice template to the customer

You can email or mail the invoice to your client. Or you can present it in person at the appointment.

Tips for using Mental health invoice templates

Here are some tips you can use when you are customizing your invoice templates.

Add miscellaneous costs

Remember any additional expenses you may need to charge while working with a patient, such as travel and include any receipts when you send in your invoice.

Double check the invoice

When you bill a client, you must make sure that the amount you are asking for is correct. As a mental health professional, you don't want to makes a careless mistake compromising your relationship with your client.

Add the essential tracking details

Use numbered invoice codes and a patient code if necessary to help keep you on track of your patients and any ongoing therapy services.

Try Bonsai's Template Today

As a mental health professional, I'm in no doubt you want to limit the administrative work as much as possible. So you must find a reliable platform to send professional invoices easily. With Bonsai's easy-to-use software, you can create your own specialized template. And if your practice is providing ongoing therapy, then recurring invoice templates can also save you time by generating bills automatically and keeping your revenue flowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

Can I create my own invoice template?

Yes, with Bonsai's free templates, the specific invoice number, the client's name and address, the invoice date, the client's job description, the client's payment information, and the amount or total cost of the services that must be paid for are already included.

Is there a template on Word for invoice?

You can download one of Google's templates. However, the billing software from Bonsai is far superior. Simply add your logo and the necessary information, then email the invoice.

What is the best free invoice template?

Free marketing invoice templates from Bonsai are the finest for sending clients polished billing requests. With the help of our invoicing software, you can automate the entire process, request partial payments, and set up recurring payments.