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HTML Invoice TemplateHTML Invoice TemplateHTML Invoice Template

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To the outsiders, the world of freelancing seems pretty attractive and flawless, and why wouldn't it seem so? As per recent surveys, the freelance industry is rapidly rising and is predicted to become the biggest workforce sector in the next few years. The freedom that comes with being able to work anywhere is quite attractive and has drawn many to freelancing. 

Freelancers are also thrilled by the idea that they can use HTML invoice templates to get their payment without many obstacles. There are many other reasons why freelancing is gaining popularity as a means of choice. These include being your own boss, getting to do work that you love, earnings that are reciprocated to the effort, and so on.

This is the reason why countless individuals from all localities and backgrounds are becoming freelance professionals every year and why free HTML invoice templates are in more demand than ever. Invoicing software provides a means by which a freelancer can request payment from a client in a professional manner. 

As a transactional tool, the invoice is issued by a freelancer to a client. The invoice details the services offered and the amount owed by the client. Technological advancements have made it possible for this process to move from the old methods to more advanced forms like invoice design in HTML.

The invoice acts as a written agreement between the freelancer and the client. The HTML invoice design establishes an obligation on the part of the client to pay for services offered. The online invoice works the same way as the pre-printed invoice.

Many businesses are turning to the online platform to increase their market. The online platform has a lot to offer businesses and freelancers. You can tap more into this area by using the HTML invoice template. Through this, you can create an online customer base of your loyal clients. If your clients find it easy to receive invoices from you, they would probably do more business with you.

There are, however, some hurdles in this field that only a few freelancers manage to clear. One of the biggest such hindrances is faced by the workers in the form of payment delays by the clients. This is a problem common to many other fields too, and there are several reasons for this. Payment delays not only tend to weaken the financial stability of the workers but also shatter their working morale. Even though experienced freelancers have come up with several ways to tackle this issue, but this problem remains largely unsolved.

Payments made promptly help keep the business vibrant and alive. That is why receiving your payment on time is as important as being paid in the first place. A well-formatted invoice design in HTML will help solve this problem. This option will make payments automated and ensure that you get paid on time.

Sending invoices is not a fascinating part of any project. It might be quite involving, and if not fruitful, very devastating. As a freelancer, I am sure you would not love having to request for payment to be a hassle. That is why we recommend using a free HTML invoice template that makes your work much easier. If you are experiencing the same issue, you can get rid of it by using Bonsai's out of the ordinary invoice designed in HTML language.

Advantages of using a HTML invoice template

Here are some of the benefits that you can reap from using free HTML invoice template:

1. The HTML invoice template is time-saving

Having to structure an invoice design in HTML may not be bed roses. It takes time and requires skills. You only need to pick a template and edit it to fit your job details. These templates come with reminders that help cut the time used in undertaking tasks.

2. The HTML invoice template is used for branding

The free HTML invoice template can serve the purpose of branding. Introducing the company or business logo in the invoice design in HTML can go a long way to help retain loyal clients. You can take advantage of invoicing to send your client a friendly message.

There are plenty of designs to choose from, meaning you don't have to create new invoices every time you undertake different tasks.

The HTML invoice template makes it easy to calculate discounts. All the freelancer needs to do is to select a discount option and enter the amount or percentage. The templates also automatically calculate prices, totals, and subtotals.

3. Ease of use of the HTML invoice example

The free HTML invoice template is easy to fill out, edit, and go through. There is not much skill required to use the invoice templates. You can start using one today for transactions with your clients.

4. The HTML invoice template saves you money

Using the invoice design in HTML saves you money that you would use in papers. There is a lot that you conserve when you choose to go with E-invoices. The printer maintenance expenses, ink, and storage.

5. The HTML invoice template increase productivity

When you save time and resources, the results are a more productive business.

6. The HTML invoice template provides easy access

The invoice design in HTML is accessed easily from any gadget that has internet access. Mobile phones, Mac, tablets, windows, all can be used to access these invoice design in HTML

The HTML invoice template is easily shareable with your clients. Unlike software and apps, you will not encounter problems sharing your invoice with your client. The process is smooth and conducted online.

The invoices also act as a good record-keeping tool. The freelancer can easily keep track of incomes using the invoice design in HTML.

Invoicing is currently considered as the best counter-strategy for the non-paying clients. Sending a free HTML invoice template containing your billing details makes your professional position better as it not only brings a sense of authenticity to your demands, but is also a convenient way for your client to go through them. 

An invoice contains several features like a unique invoice number used for tracking purposes, the names and credentials of both the client and the worker for identification purposes, and finally the billing details like hourly charges, number of hours worked, total charges, etc. It can also have other details included, depending on the type of job being done.

The basic structure of a HTML invoice template

As much as the free HTML invoice template is easy to edit and customize, there are some essential details that you will have to learn to fill out. The templates work as a model to help relieve the workload. Here are some of the recurrent aspects that you will need to fill:

1. Your name and address in the HTML invoice template

Critical for the client as he/she may be processing payments for other freelancers. Giving the client your details works in your favor, as they can easily contact for more work in the future.

2. The date in the HTML invoice template

This is the date of creation of the invoice. It is crucial as it indicates the date on which your client received information of the payment request.

3. The customer's name and address in the HTML invoice template

In the invoice design in HTML, you may only need the email address. Ensure that you get the name and spelling of your client's right. It might be quite embarrassing and bad for business to make such an error.

4. List of items or services offered in the HTML invoice template

Attempt to be as accurate as possible, including inventory numbers and explanations, wherever essential.

5. Prices of the recorded items or services in the HTML invoice template

The same effort on accuracy needs to be employed when detailing the charges to avoid any disputes with the client.

Identifiers such as invoice and invoice numbers are included in the HTML invoice template to differentiate it from other documents. The invoice number should be unique for each invoice to distinguish between individual transactions.

6. Terms of payment and the payment due date in the HTML invoice template

The freelancer can choose to give the client a timeline of how long he/she expects the return. Make it clear to the client when the payment should be made. An example would be “Payment to be made within 30 days.”

The details above sums up the basic structure of a typical invoice design in HTML .Once you edit the template and fill out your details, the invoice will be ready to be sent to your client. It is crucial to ensure that your invoice is well structured and has the necessary details. A well-designed HTML invoice template serves to give your business a good impression that goes a long way to showcase your business' authenticity.

The invoicing process is not easy for everyone. There are particular phrases that you may need to learn to make life easy while dealing with experienced clients. Here are the ten common terms you need to be acquainted with:

Common terms used in the HTML invoice example

  1. Terms of sale - these are the terms under which you and the client work. These are the agreements that the whole relationship is anchored on, to avoid any conflicts.
  2. Payment in advance - this is the amount that a client requests to get paid before completion of the task. A client may have to pay a downpayment before the freelancer offers his/her services or goods.
  3. Immediate payment - this is when the freelancer requests payment as soon as the services are delivered. This form of agreement is not popular among clients.
  4. Net 7, 10, 30, 60, 90 - net 7 indicates that the client should make payment in 7 days, while net 30 implies 30 days.
  5. Line of credit [ay - this arrangement allows the client to purchase or receive services on credit.
  6. 2/10 Net 30 - this is a term used to express the amount of discount allowed. In this case, the client receives a 2 percent discount if he/she pays within 10 days.
  7. Recurring invoice - these are payments made at regular time intervals.
  8. Interest invoice - this is the interest charged per day over late payment.
  9. Invoice factoring - a freelancer can choose to exchange their invoice with an invoice factoring company at a fee. In most instances, it takes place when the client delays payment.

Electronic invoices can be designed in different formats, like Word, PDF, Excel, etc. But the favored at present is the invoice designed in HTML, the reason being the technological diversity. With different software being used currently, you can never be sure which one your client is using, which can result in compatibility issues. For example the invoice designed in Word format might appear in a distorted form to your client if they are using different software, or even worse, it might not open at all. 

Invoices designed in HTML, however, do not have this issue, as HTML format is universally compatible to every device. So if you are willing to get relieved of the payment delays, and don't want to take any risks while sending invoices to your client, try Bonsai's Invoices designed in HTML.

The HTML invoice template is compatible with all browsers making it an excellent option to use. One does not have to have prior knowledge to use it. All that is required is a simple understanding of the language used. The free HTML invoice template is lightweight and can be used without many expenses. The changes made on the invoice design in HTML loads quite fast.


In summary, a good HTML invoice template is one that is easy to use and contains all the necessary details. A poorly formatted invoice may leave a negative impression on your client.

The free HTML invoice template from Bosnai will help you receive prompt payments from your clients. Receive your fees in simple ways and quickly with our clean, simple to use and contemporary looking invoice design in HTML.



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