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You are probably tempted to give a general HTML quotation. If you are like many freelancers, then you are likely to base your quote on the going rate. However, it is important to understand that it is not a matter of copy and paste here.

You have to delve deeper into your treasure trove of training and experience to do the right thing for your clients. To avoid costly errors, which could send your clients scampering, you would need to rely on a tool such as an HTML quotation template, which guides you well.

As you are about to learn below, the template has a few critical components that must appear on the actual quotation that you send to clients. Without these components, clients could doubt whether you really know what you are doing.

1. Clean design

Under the HTML quotation template, you must give heed to the importance of a clean design. Clutter is not valued in this industry. You have to be a skilled freelance designer to avoid clutter. A skilled freelancer designer would appreciate the following elements of any HTML page:

  • A text header
  • A paragraph
  • A horizontal ruler
  • A link

Without a detailed understanding of these elements, you would be unable to provide what clients need. Failure to provide what clients need would then dent your demand for better pay. Most clients would then never rehire you again.

2. Multiple template support

It is fine to use an HTML template. After all, clients need to see what you are capable of doing. A template offers them a hint of what to expect from you. Consequently, it would be a failure on your part to avoid charging for the template too.

The HTML quotation template that you prepare must feature the multiple template support that you offer too. Remember, too, that some clients might ask you to include multiple sections on the HTML too. Include this aspect of your work in the quotation too.

HTML ‘templating’ is a highly critical job. It features integrated images, support files, and text content, to mention a few. Now, you have the option of buying the templates or creating your own, both of which cost time and money. Therefore, remember to charge appropriately!

3. Responsive and mobile friendly design

Today, clients are more interested in responsive and mobile-friendly designs. It is your duty to educate clients on the importance of such designs since not all of them know or show the remotest interest or hint of understanding.

Remember, responsive designs are different from mobile-friendly designs. Essentially, the latter look good and operate well on mobile gadgets. However, they could develop glitches and prove impossible to browse when viewed on gadgets with extremely high resolutions.

Responsive designs, on the other hand, are capable of adapting to any screen size. Therefore, it is imperative to inform your clients about these when preparing the HTML quotation template. Make sure they understand before you proceed.

4. Google fonts support

Again, the technical work that goes into the creation of a proper HTML page is astounding. For example, you also have to know how to use Google Fonts API. Some of these tasks are inescapable hence the need for informing the clients about them first.

The best place and platform for doing that is via the HTML quotation template. Google Fonts are highly popular for various reasons. For example, they are free to use hence no need for seeking licensing, which only costs more money.

Lastly, remember to inform your clients about your rates for barcode support and the actual installation. Under installation, you could win their hearts and minds by offering maintenance at no extra costs.



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HTML Quotation Template

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