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As a freelance model, you have probably heard about the importance of signing a contract before doing the work. If you have plans of seeking regular work as a model, you should consider having a freelance model contract template in place. A draft contract is essentially the template of a contract that you can use and make changes to. Once you and your client agree on the terms laid down in the draft contract, it becomes the final contract, and you can sign it. 

A freelance model contract template gives you a starting point for negotiating terms with your client. You should place the ideal terms that you want to work under in a draft contract, and then make changes to it according to the client’s needs. It should have all the necessary standard clauses that are needed to make it effective along with any other clauses you might want to include. 

Since the contracts that you will be signing with various clients will be largely similar, it is always useful to have a freelance model contract template in place. This makes it easier for you when new clients approach you or when they need to repeat the business.

Freelance Model Contract Template
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Take a look at some of the reasons that make signing a contract with your client essential.

1. The freelance model contract template makes it easier for you to receive payment 

In an ideal world, every client would pay on time and give you a security deposit before you start any work. However, clients are notorious for delaying payments for months or not paying at all. A client may stop responding to your calls or may not pay you according to the previously agreed-upon terms. They may base their non-payment on a variety of excuses such as the work not meeting the expectations. 

This is a common problem faced by freelancers, and the best solution to it is to have everything down in writing in a legally binding document. So, when the time comes for payment, the client will be much more amenable to agree to the terms of the contract. There is a much higher chance of you getting paid and receiving your payment on time if there is a contract in place. 

2. The freelance model contract template lays down the scope of your work 

Whenever you are working with a new client, or even when doing something new for an old client, there is a lot of room for confusion. As a model, you should clarify the requirements of your client beforehand. The entire scope of the work you agree to do for them should be laid down in the contract. 

It is best to avoid a situation in which your expectations of the work that is required is different from those of the client. Once you have a contract in place that specifically lays down everything you need to do, it can be relied upon, and you can work accordingly without having any doubts.

Freelance Model Contract Template Sample
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3. The freelance model contract template avoids misunderstanding 

A contract can be your best friend in a time of need. If communications break down between you and your client, it is the contract that will be highly useful. Since a contract is made assuming the worst-case scenario, the clauses of your contract will specify what needs to be done in such scenarios. 

Your freelance model contract template will specify what kind of work you need to do, how much you will get paid, when the payment is due, what the client’s responsibilities are, what happens if the work could not be performed, etc. Now, if you and your client have a disagreement, you can simply refer to the wordings of the contract.

Essential clauses to include in your freelance model contract template 

Every contract will include standard clauses that are necessary to make the contract legally binding and effective. In addition to the standard clauses, you should ensure that your freelance model contract template has clauses that dictate the terms of payment, the scope of work, what happens on termination and the duration of the contract. 

As a model, your contract should specify how the earnings are going to be divided between you and the agency. It should also specify how the work can be used and cannot be used. For example, does the contract give your agency the right to publish your work globally? 

Having a freelance model contract template that contains these essential clauses will take a considerable burden off your mind and allow you to concentrate on your work.


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