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Google Docs are cloud-based solutions that you can use to create and send invoices and other documents to your clients. The emergence of freelance invoice templates Google Docs eliminates the need for hand-written documents. Handwritten documents are only good if you have good handwriting. If not, you will be exposing your freelance career to the dangers associated with poor handwriting. According to a recent study, handwriting problems point towards some learning difficulties, thus make you appear less professional.
Therefore, you should embrace freelance invoice templates Google Docs because:

It eliminates worrying about poor handwriting
If you want to appear as professional as possible, poor handwriting would communicate the contrary as previously stated. Your clients would be hard-pressed to take you seriously if they can't decipher what you have written. Google Docs, as a cloud-based solution, offers you a way out of this predicament. It has spelling and grammar checkers that ensure you avoid making mistakes that could be too common if you were to send handwritten documents. Nonetheless, you have no choice but to get the client's names and other crucial information right.

Send invoices faster
One of the biggest challenges for a freelancer, or any businessperson for that matter, is the issue of sending invoices out on time. This often signifies the difference between receiving payment early or late. Sending invoices manually is too time consuming and labor intensive. Everybody involved in the process must be extra careful in ensuring that the letter leaves your premises and reaches the client on time. Google Docs, on the other hand, are different because it does everything automatically. You only need to update the invoice and remind the client to check it.

Reduces errors
Nothing is as bad as sending invoices that are replete with errors. You would have nobody to blame if the client pays you less amount based on what you have entered in the invoice. It's easy to avoid such messes. What's required for the process to be error-free instead of error-strewn is freelance invoice templates Google Docs. Human errors are common in manual processes. In 2013, research by Stanford University showed that human errors were partly to blame for 90 percent of car crashes. Human errors can be just as destructive in invoicing.

Automates recurring invoices
Preparing recurring invoices can be tedious. If you work with the same freelance client for more than a month, you will be right to classify him as a recurring or repeat customer. If you charge the repeat client the same amount on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, automating the invoicing process would be a much brilliant idea from you. Set the digital invoicing system to send out payments automatically and request payment from the client at the end of each period. Not only is the process hassle-free, but it also saves you more time.
Therefore, you now have good reasons for embracing freelance invoice templates Google Docs. The easy calculations you can make on your documents, the likelihood of getting paid faster, the little footprint it leaves on the environment and the minimal effort it requires from you are just a few of the benefits you can expect. The cloud-based docs make you better at record keeping. You can access or send the docs from anywhere. According to Forbes, the future of invoicing is in cloud-based solutions, especially for freelancers.