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Create detailed, professional invoices in Google Docs or Google Sheets—without design or accounting experience. Get started with the free downloadable invoice template for Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Free Google Docs & Google Sheets Invoice Templates

The free and customizable invoice template is created within Google Docs—one of the most popular document management platforms for businesses. Create accurate and aesthetically-pleasing invoices in minutes, all from a simple template.

The Google Sheets and Google Docs Invoice Template can be customized to fit specific business needs, allowing for simultaneous editing by multiple users and embedded with charts, images, or links to suit every transaction. Simply fill out the relevant fields, including business name, payment terms, client contact information, goods or services, total fees, and sales tax. The finished invoice can then be printed directly, saved as a PDF, or sent directly to clients!

Bonsai invoice templates make it easy to send professional invoices and get paid fast.

Why Use Google Docs & Google Sheets Invoice Templates?

Business invoicing can be tricky, especially if you don’t have experience with invoicing software or document management tools. That’s why it can be helpful to turn to a simple option: invoice templates.

Google Docs & Google Sheets invoice templates are pre-formatted with all the fields you need to create detailed invoices. Using a free template can save you time and money in your invoicing process.

Looking for a fast and simple way to generate, customize, and send invoices to clients? Take a look at the benefits of using a free invoice template:

  • available for free with a Google account
  • share with collaborators in real-time
  • formatted with built-in Google Docs tools.
  • can be exported to various formats like PDF or Word
  • can be saved automatically to Google Drive and is stored securely with Google's infrastructure
  • protected with specific sharing permissions
  • linked to related Google Sheets for data and client information
  • accessed from any device with internet connectivity
  • can be reviewed and commented on by team members
  • organized in folders within Google Drive
  • can be duplicated for repeated use
  • is optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing
  • fully integrated with other Google Workspace tools

Downloading and Customizing the Templates

To start creating an invoice, simply download the free invoice template and open the document in Google Docs or Google Drive. We recommend saving a blank copy for your records and then duplicating the template for future invoices. You can also save filled-in copies of the invoice to use for similar projects.

Next, you can share the link to the invoice with your team and collaborate on the details. You can set it so anyone with the link can view the document, or only share it with certain individuals. Adjust the fields as needed (for example, adding another service or product line item), review and revise any mistakes, and then save the document to Google Drive.

Ready to send your invoice? Convert the document into a PDF file and send it via email or standard mail, or send a view-only copy of the invoice to your client directly. Just be sure to specify the required payment methods (ACH transfer, credit card, PayPal, etc.).

Customization Options to Tailor the Template to Specific Needs

Different clients have different needs, as do different types of businesses. That’s why a one-size-fits all invoice isn’t going to cut it. Our invoice templates are customizable to your business, allowing you to add the details that are most relevant to your clients or customers.

We have invoice templates for companies, individuals, freelancers, small businesses, consultants, contractors, and more, offering a variety of layouts for different business needs. Professionals love the simple invoice templates for the convenience and wide selection of features.

There are a few important elements included in the free invoice template, making it easier to remember all of the critical details:

  • Invoice number
  • Products or services provided
  • Business logo, colors, and font
  • Descriptions
  • Company details
  • Costs and line items
  • Tax rate
  • Billing details
  • Hourly rates
  • Hours or materials
  • Total taxes
  • Total expenses
  • Total amount owed
  • Due date

Use Our Online Invoice Generator for a More Streamlined Process.

Key Features of Great Google Docs & Google Sheets Invoice Templates

Invoices can serve different purposes. They can be used to collect upfront payments in advance of your project, invoice clients after services delivered, or bill clients on a recurring basis. They can also be saved as receipts of all transactions, simplifying your bookkeeping process.

With that, there are several key features that make the Google Docs and Google Sheets Invoice Templates a great choice for businesses. The invoice template:

  • is ready-made with all the fields needed for accurate invoicing
  • is formatted accorded to invoicing best practices
  • facilitates better client communication and expectation-setting
  • can help streamline your workflows and operations
  • includes a variety of helpful sections, such as notes, additional resources, and accepted methods of payment
  • is synced across all devices
  • is updated with new information or design changes
  • can be archived for future reference and client projects
  • can be restored to a previous version if needed
  • can be published online for wider access
  • helps ensure your team is notified when changes or comments are made
  • can be converted from other formats to Google Docs
  • is collaborated on in a cloud-based environment
  • is embedded with fonts or styles for consistency
  • is used as a base for other document types

Templates Ready to Send to Clients

Whether you’re a small business owner or contractor, large company or construction firm, you can use simple invoice templates to create detailed invoices for your clients. Gone are the days of hiring an accountant or desired to create invoices from scratch; our templates are already formatted and ready to send to clients.

Fully Customizable to Fit Unique Business Needs

Stand out with a custom-branded invoice. By adding your business information, logo, colors, and font, you can send invoices that are consistent with other materials in your business. This helps you put on a professional face with new and existing clients.

Professionally Formatted with Key Invoice Elements

The Google Docs and Google Sheets Invoice Template already includes all the key elements you need to invoice your clients effectively. These include fields for charges, pricing, product descriptions, accepted payment methods, due date, and more. Never miss a detail!

Easily Printable for Hand Delivery

Keep it simple with paper invoices. Many clients prefer the personal touch of hand-delivered or mailed invoices, allowing them to save the receipt to their files. With the Google Docs and Google Sheets Invoice Template, you can create invoices, save as a PDF, print them off, and deliver to clients in the way that works best for them.

Explore More Free Invoice Templates

At Bonsai, our goal is to support businesses in streamlining their bookkeeping, accounting, and invoicing in order to have more time and freedom. We provide a wide selection of invoice templates for all types of businesses, as each has its own needs. Check out our range of commercial invoicing templates.

Industry & Profession Specific:

Construction Invoice Template

Invoice clients for construction projects, including labor costs, hours worked, materials, and/or value-based pricing. The Construction Invoice Template simplifies the invoicing process, ensuring you get paid faster and the right way.

Contractor Invoice Template

As a 1099 contractor, you know how important it is to get paid on time for your projects. Accurate invoicing is essential for record keeping, cash flow, and more. Take advantage of hassle-free invoicing with the Contractor Invoice Template.

Consulting Invoice Template

Get paid quickly for your consulting gigs with the help of the Consulting Invoice Template. Bill clients in advance or get paid after the project is completed, without worrying about creating complex invoices.

Photography Invoice Template

The Photography Invoice Template is perfect for wedding photographers, brand photographers, portrait photographers, or any other type of photographer who needs to send invoices to clients. Customize the template according to your branding for a more polished look!

Graphic Design Invoice Template

PDF Invoice Template

The PDF Invoice Template ensures your invoice maintains a consistent format and professional look, ready to be emailed or printed with ease. Simply customize, edit, save, and send.

Excel Invoice Template

Ready-made for Microsoft Excel, the Excel Invoice Template allows for detailed financial calculations and offers customizable fields for a detailed and adaptable invoicing process.

Microsoft Word Invoice Template

A Microsoft Word Invoice Template is ideal for those who want a straightforward, editable invoice format, It’s simple, personalizable, and ready to send.

Itemized Bill Template

The Itemized Bill Template breaks down charges in a detailed format, providing clear and concise billing information for you and your clients.

Printable Invoice Template

The Printable Invoice Template is designed to be easily printed and filled out, making it perfect for businesses looking for a tangible invoicing solution.

Rental Invoice Template

Run a rental business? The Rental Invoice Template is tailored specifically for rental service providers, capturing all the necessary details like dates, periods, and payment terms.

Professional Invoice Templates

The Professional Invoice Templates from Bonsai offer a range of polished designs, imparting an air of expertise to your invoicing and client communications.


Why Might One Prefer Specialized Invoicing Tools Over Google Docs?

A business owner might prefer specialized invoicing tools over Google Docs for their advanced features tailored specifically to billing, such as automatic calculations, payment reminders, tax settings, collaboration features, accessibility, version history tracking, add-on compatibility, shortcut key options, and recurring invoice capabilities. These tools often come with integrated time tracking, inventory management, and the ability to link directly to payment systems, providing a seamless invoicing and payment experience. Moreover, specialized invoicing software typically offers better customization for invoice templates, ensuring that the invoices not only look professional but also align perfectly with the brand's aesthetic.

Are There Other Formats Available for Invoice Templates?

Yes, there are multiple formats available for invoice templates. These include, but are not limited to, PDF format, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Google Sheets, printable, pro forma, graphic design, recurring, and more. These varied formats cater to different business needs, offering a range of functionalities.

Can the Google Docs Invoice Templates be Modified for Specific Needs?

Yes! The Google Docs Invoice Template is highly modifiable to meet your specific business needs. You can easily edit text, change fonts and colors, insert logos, and add or delete fields according to your requirements. The flexibility of Google Docs allows for customization of the template layout, enabling the addition of specific elements like terms and conditions, payment instructions, or personalized messages.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Google Docs for Invoices?

While Google Docs is a popular and easy to use platform, it does come with disadvantages when it comes to invoicing. For one, Google Docs lacks the sophisticated invoicing capabilities of dedicated invoicing software, such as automated calculations, integration with accounting software, and the ability to track invoice statuses and payments. Additionally, Google Docs may not offer the same level of customization and professional design templates as specialized invoicing tools. Simple Google Docs invoice templates are a great way to save money on your invoicing process, but may not offer the level of customization or functionality that you need to manage invoicing at scale.

Free Invoice Templates for Google Docs & Google Sheets
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