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With the growing popularity of the mobile phones, especially the smart phone, a large amount of traffic has moved to mobile. According to Global Web Index, about 80% of internet users own a mobile phone and hence the need to create products for them to access via the gadgets. Most companies can no longer afford to target traditional media and older technologies to help them get clients. Depending on the core business of the company and its size among other factors, companies may choose to hire an in-house mobile designer while others opt for contracting out the job as needed. Regardless of this, the first rule that every designer including mobile designers should follow is to always use contracts. The mobile design contracts come in various forms. Among them is the service agreement and work for hire contracts.

A good example mobile design contract should state exactly what you as the mobile designer will undertake, the start date for the project and a clear schedule of payment stating how and when you�ll be paid. It shouldn�t just focus on the designer�s responsibilities. The contract should also include what the company will provide and the tasks it will perform. It may also specify how you will be paid for work done beyond the scope of what is included in the contract.

Other details that need to be included in the example mobile design contract include intellectual property terms such as whether the copyright belongs to you the designer or the client for whom you are doing the work. It should include terms and conditions for the termination of the contract, such as who can terminate it and on what grounds. A mobile design contract should also state the actions that a party can take in the event that the other party delays in delivering its part of the contract.

With mobile design jobs, a support period may also be defined in the example mobile design contract. The support period determines the amount of time during which the designer provides support and handles any arising errors or problems as the new users start interacting with the App or Mobile site. It will also specify whether this support service is to be provided at a cost or for free.

Details on the handling of the clients� confidential information by the designer may also be included and the remedies any aggrieved party can seek in case one party fails to meet its obligations as stipulated.