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Event Planner Contract Template
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What is an event planner contract?

An event planning contract is a written agreement between an event planning business or individual contractor and a paying client. This event planning agreement typically covers the event details, payment schedule, and more. Both parties sign the event contract before planning starts.

An event planning contract template can typically be used for any type of event planning: wedding planning, corporate events, personal parties. The event planning contract template found on this page covers them all.

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Why you need an event planner contract

Event planner contract templates are an absolute must for any event business. By having a ready-to-go event planning contract template, you're able to run your business more efficiently, as well as cover your event planning services under a legally binding agreement.

An event planning contract enables your business and your client to work together under a mutual agreement, leaving no room for misunderstanding or needing to pursue unnecessary legal action should things turn sour.

What should be included in an event planner agreement?

You should present an event planning contract after both parties have worked out an event brief and have a rough idea of the event planner service package they need to make the occasion meet expectations.

Below you'll find the ten clauses we deem necessary for every event planning contract, no matter what type of event that is.

Detailed descriptions of the work and parties involved

Kick your event planning contract off on the right foot by listing the event planner and their roles and responsibilities. You'll also want to list any other stakeholders involved and their relation to the event. For example, in a simple DJ contract template, you'll want to give a broad overview of the event here, including the event date, type of event, number of people, and venue.

Date of event

Here you'll want to include all important dates in the run-up to the event itself as well. For example, is there a certain date or time your client will have access to the venue before the event?

Scope of services

Maybe you're a seasoned event planner, or maybe you're new to event planning. Either way, you'll need to write up what's in scope for your event. This means all of the work that falls into the assigned budget. Couple this with what's out of scope and what the client will need to pay more for.

Payment details

It's so crucial to include all types of payments that will be happening in your event planning contract. This includes

  • The overall cost of the event for invoicing
  • Any legal fees due to make the event possible
  • The initial deposit
  • The fee if the client cancels
  • Any monies previously paid when you were making a verbal only agreement.

Rights and responsibilities of client and contractors

Every event planner has rights and responsibilities, as does their client—although the two look very different.

If you're building your own event planning contract template, you'll need to clearly state the responsibilities for all parties involved and get into writing any prior agreements made verbally in this area.

Indemnification clause

This clause can be the make or break of any event planner, especially if you tend to run private events.

Indemnification clauses prevent third parties from pursuing legal action against you should a guest get injured at one of your events. You essentially wave responsibility for what happens with guests when they are at the event venue.

By including this, you can avoid some hefty legal fees should something negative happen to a guest while on site of your event.

Client notes

Every event planner knows the importance of putting their client first, and that doesn't stop with your event planner contract.

This section allows your client to add anything they would like to see in the agreement. This could be their legal representation, dispute resolution actions, estimated budget for out-of-scope requests, and any event details they feel need to be included.

Cancellation clause

Events get canceled. The COVID-19 crisis shook the events world, and cancelation clauses changed forever. Although most event planner contract templates are more flexible with event cancelations these days, business is still business; you'll need to ensure your costs are covered if you want to stay afloat.

What happens if the client cancels for reasons beyond their control, or what happens if the planner cancels? How much notice does each party need to give, and what will the total fee look like for a replacement planner or to cover the spend so far? Get it all in here.

Termination of contract

Unfortunately, there are times when an agreement may need to be terminated. This could be for any number of reasons and can come from both parties.

For example, maybe the event planner has to terminate a contract because the client is not meeting the agreed payment schedule. Or, perhaps the client needs to terminate the contract because the event planner has not been following duties accordingly.

Whatever the reason, document them here in the termination clause and make sure all the parties agree.

Other factors

Last on the list for your event planner contract is anything you may have missed. Your free event planning contract on this page covers all of the above and more; however, you may still want to add specifics depending on your industry or the client you have.

Simple event planner contract template  

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What's the benefit of using Bonsai instead of editing a template yourself?

Every legal document from Bonsai has been vetted by an expert, meaning you don't need to seek legal advice when building your contract. You can rest assured knowing your contract is tailored to your niche and is legally binding.

How to create an event planner contract template with Bonsai

You can create your contract in three steps within Bonsai. All you need to do is sign-up for the platform, select whether you want to build a contract from scratch or work from a pre-made template, then you'll be given the option to make any changes you like.

You'll have your contract in no time at all.

Event planner contract template FAQs

A few regular questions that come up for event planners are:

How much do event planners charge?

Event planners rarely charge by the hour. They typically charge between 15-20% of the total event cost. This is why it's a good idea to have a detailed event brief before quoting your cost.

What is the difference between an event planner and an event designer?

An event designer looks at the creative spark of an event. This could be in the layout, ambiance, games/entertainment, and themes.

The event planner is more operational and looks at bookings, headcounts, and event spaces. If you want your event to be top-notch, it's a good idea to hire both.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

What should I look for in an event contract?

An event planner contract is an important document which ensures both parties are on the same page. It allows terms and conditions to be set for prices, timelines and all the other work that will be performed. Check out Bonsai's free event planner contract template so you can start creating yours today!

How do you write an event planner contract?

A contract is always required for an event planner. They will be in charge of choosing the location, hiring entertainment, catering etc. They have a lot of responsibility so it is important they create a event planner contract so both parties know what to expect. Check out Bonsai's free event planner contract template today!

Do events need contracts?

A contract is always required for an event planner. They will be in charge of choosing the location, hiring entertainment, catering etc. They have a lot of responsibility so it is important they create a event planner contract so both parties know what to expect. Check out Bonsai's free event planner contract template today!