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Freelance creatives need to be knowledgeable about the project they are already working on. They need to be specialists too. Generic information and knowledge will not be helpful here. After all, how will the consultancy remain afloat if it never makes sales? In this regard, freelancers should begin using any tool they can find, including the creative brief generator. You make sales by convincing clients to invest in you.

You also make sales by convincing clients that they need what you provide.

Creative Brief Generator
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So, how does the creative brief generator help here?

1. The creative brief generator offers more insight

Clients are more likely to buy what you sell when they understand you. They can only understand you once they know your values, dreams, and purpose. Share some of these on the creative brief or proposal

Clients put a premium on who you are, as a consultant. In fact, most of them are unwilling to separate you from your consultancy. If you come out poorly in the generator, these clients would be disinterested in taking the transactions forward. Remember this lesson: you are the key to client retention!

2. Know your worth using a creative brief generator

Clients would notice whether you know your worth. Which tool do they rely on to obtain this crucial piece of information? The creative brief generator! Consultants who know their worth have no problem asking for higher rates. They know that each design presented to clients today is of the highest quality too. It takes time to know your worth and build a resume that attracts well-paying clients. Work your way to the top gradually.

3. Negotiating at the right time with the creative brief generator

For the most part, negotiation between freelancers and clients ends once the two parties have signed the creative brief generator. In some cases, the two parties may decide to sign other documents, such as a contract. Whatever the case, it’s important for freelancers to know the right time for negotiating with customers.

Know how to time the negotiation perfectly. Otherwise, you could remain with eggs on your face. Be confident when negotiating. Exercise patience too!

4. Delivering quality with the creative brief generator

What’s the basis for asking clients for a bigger pay? Are you providing your freelance clients with the quality they need? Or are your designs shambolic, ineffective and of poor quality? If all is well and the client continues praising your work, then you should consider talking about higher rates in the creative brief generator. Otherwise, the only thing you may leave with is your consultancy.

You chase your clients away by demanding higher rates while delivering low quality work.

Creative Brief Generator Sample
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5. Understand market value with the creative brief generator

Do you understand market value? If not, then you should spare time from today to get a grip of the meaning of market value in your niche. What is the market charging for similar services to the ones you provide? Be careful not to charge excessively low rates, as these could send your clients scampering. That said, you should strive to be with the freelance designers who charge premium rates. Improve your skills for a start!

You could always deliberate the new rates with your freelance design clients. Alternatively, come up with different price packages for each of your clients.

Lastly, strive to offer more to your clients. Give them more than they asked. Pour yourself into each design so that they can see the attention to detail. Do not attempt to just get by, as clients can see this and deny you the projects that you qualify to work on. Once you agree on any set of rates with your clients, you should restrict yourselves to those. Do not keep shifting the goalpost, as this could leave your clients feeling confused, frustrated and annoyed.

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