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Creative Brief (Example)

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Creative Brief (Example)

The creative brief example is a wonderful, amazing tool for freelance creatives. Designers rely on it for various reasons. Any designer who operates without a brief stands a high chance of making huge, costly mistakes. It may be nothing more than a 1-page document but is worth all the attention it gets. The short nature of this brief is purposely to give designers more freedom to do their thing. It doesn’t seek to get in the way of designers putting their creativity to use.

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How is the creative brief beneficial to freelance designers?

1. Uncovers truths about the brand

Clients play a prominent role in writing the creative brief example. Because of this, freelance designers are more likely to discover new truths about the brand. Additionally, they also have a higher chance of obtaining more insights about the client’s brand. The information the brief provides enables the consultants to come up with uniquely creative designs. The brief offer you one more tool for understanding your clients better thus offering them topnotch services.

2. Reveals clients’ values and personality

It’s good to design something for your clients based on how you understand them. For this to happen, you would need to identify their values and personality as well. Your freelancing career can truly take off to unimaginable levels the more you understand and appreciate the personalities of the clients you interact with daily. Give your freelancing career a chance to succeed by studying your clients. Use this creative brief to do just that.

3. Encourages clients to buy into your ideas

It’s normal for a bit of friction to emerge whenever clients discuss anything with their consultants. Many times, clients persist with their ideas completely oblivious of what the designers recommend. However, the creative brief can offer a powerful solution to this friction. It offers your clients more insights thus increasing their likelihood of buying into your design ideas. The more understanding they have, the easier it’s for them to side with you.

4. Justifies the freelancer’s designs

Many times, clients reject your amazing designs because they don’t understand how everything came to be. They don’t appreciate the creativity – at first glance – hence the need for the designer to offer a better explanation of everything. Again, you would find the creative brief example a useful tool in this regard. Use it to explain the ideas behind some of the creative designs you came up with for the brand.

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5. Guides how evaluation should happen

A creative brief example is highly effective at acting as a guideline. Here, it allows the two parties to offer guidelines regarding how to evaluate the designs. This could happen at the end of the entire project. The evaluation could also take place at various stages of the design process. Regardless, what’s not in doubt is the fact that the brief offers a manual on how the freelance designers should coordinate the evaluation with clients.

Consequently, the brief offers you a higher chance of pleasing clients. A happy and pleased customer is more likely to remain loyal to you and bring in more work. Your freelance design business needs as many happy and loyal customers as it can get.

As stated above, the creative brief example is one of the many tools worth using to boost your clients’ happiness levels. All freelance designers need happy customers. Their happiness gives you more reasons for getting up to do what you do. The result of all that is your consultancy enjoys increased growth. Therefore, get one brief example and use it to further your career, bring in more clients, and provide them with all the assurances they need.

Create your own
Creative Brief (Example)

Create your own

Creative Brief (Example)

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