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A contractor quote is a summary of the project to be undertaken and the estimated cost of the project. This document precedes the commencement of any project, as all the parties involved (contractor, client, supplier, and others) need to agree on the data contained on the quote. Clients will always request for quote, estimate, bid, or proposal from contractors – including freelance contractors, before engaging them in any project.  To that end, you will always need to be ready to deliver your quote within the shortest time possible. One of the easiest ways to ensure that is by having a contractor quote template, which you can edit at any time. 

The client that requested your cost did likely the same for some other contractors. Therefore, you should ensure your quote is comprehensive and also concise. Utilize all the information about the project provided by the client in your quote. Also, bear in mind that the details and costs on your initial contractor quote template can be revised if the client provides updated information about the project. 

As you prepare your quote, there is certain information you need to bear in mind, especially if you are a newbie in quote writing and submission. 

  • When a client requests a quote, don’t make the mistake of preparing and sending an estimate to the client. Although these terms are used interchangeably, they are slightly different. 
  • In submitting your quote, include the name of the company, and the specific contact details of who the quote is directed to. 
  • Most times, a contractor quote is treated as a contractual document. Therefore, in editing your contractor quote template, you must include some conditions and other details that will ensure the smooth delivery of the project. 
  • Aside from the cost of the materials involved in the project, and your services charge, you should also, things like your payment terms should be highlighted as well. 
  • Your quote should contain a section that is meant for both parties (you and your client) to sign off to confirm agreement with the terms and information contained in the quote. 

Creating a contractor quote template 

As crucial as your contractor quote template is, it is also a simple document. Don’t try to complicate things when creating your templates. Below are a few details that you should be concerned with when creating your quote template.

  1. The document should have the title “Contractor Quote” boldly written on it. 
  2. Begin your quote with the name of your company, address, and contact details. Also, attach your company logo in an obvious position above your company name. 
  3. Write the name of the company (client) you are sending the quote to. Include their address and contact information of the person to whom the quote is being sent to. 
  4. Write the scope of work. This should include the details of the project to be undertaken, the materials required, and the proposed time duration for the project. In this section of the quote, include the name and phone number of the person preparing the contractor quote template, and the date in which the quote was prepared. 
  5. Give a breakdown of the cost involved in the project. The price of the material, tax, and professional service charge are all included here. Also include payment terms preferred by you. 
  6. Provide other details and conditions necessary for the project. Towards the end of the document, create a signatory section for both parties to sign after an agreement is reached.

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