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Estimate how much fees you will be paying when invoicing your clients.

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The amounts are calculated based on the US Stripe fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

More About Your Stripe Processing Fees

How much fees does Stripe charge per invoice?

The cost of each payment received through Stripe is 2.9% plus US$0.30 for sales paid using a US credit card to a US Stripe customer. For international credit cards you will have to add an additional 1% to the normal fees (3.9% + $0.30 per transaction)

More information is available on Stripe's website.

Do Stripe fees vary depending on the country?

The short answer is yes. Stripe fees are different from country to country. The fees are also different depending on your invoicing method (ACH vs credit cards).

Visit your local Stripe website to discover the specifics about your local Stripe processing fees and limitations.

Are there alternatives to using Stripe as a payment processor?

From using a different payment processor such as PayPal or getting paid by Bitcoin (through third party providers such as Coinbase), you can find different alternatives that could work for you and your clients.

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