Physical Therapy Invoice Template

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An invoice is a crucial part of any business. It records transactions between a buyer and a seller. It is necessary for each business to itemize goods or services they have offered to a client for payment. The physical therapy services are no different. It is necessary to produce an invoice to the client for all physical therapy work carried out.

The invoice must include all the details of the services that the physical therapist has carried out. It may be in the form of a paper receipt, online electronic record, a debt note, or a bill of sale.

To save time in your busy schedule it is a good idea to create an invoice template that can be used time and time again. Having an invoice template can save you time by having your own customized invoice ready to simply fill in. You will then just have to enter the details of each individual transaction. This will save you time and money instead of having to create a new one from scratch each time.

Note: If you want to create a professional physical therapist invoice using the leading invoice software, then try Bonsai. Easily edit custom templates to bill your clients. Try a 14-day free trial today.

What are the different types of invoice templates?

There are many ways to create a physiotherapist invoice template for your business. It is important you choose the option that suits your company the best. Here are a few of the main options available to you:

Free invoice template

There is the option to create your own free invoice template with free programs such as google docs or google sheets. The obvious benefit to doing it that way would be that it saves you money. However, using free software won't get you the best results and could end up looking very cheap and unprofessional. Using some paid software can help you create a more professional invoice.

Professional invoice software

Although you may be running a small business, you will still want to send professional invoices out to your clients. Using a piece of professional software can help you create a customizable invoice template for physical therapists.

What should I include in my invoice?

Once you have decided how you are going to create your invoice template, you then need to know how to structure it. You must also know what details need to be captured on it. Here is a list of the necessary information that needs to be included:

  • Date/invoice number -Each invoice must have its own unique invoice number along with the invoice date.
  • Your company's details - (your company name, company logo, email, and mailing address, phone number).
  • The client's information - contact details for your patients such as an address, email, and phone number.
  • Service list provided -A description of the treatment or services you have given your client. The more descriptive the treatment details the better.
  • Total cost for completing the work carried out - Each service must be charged appropriately and the hourly rate added.
  • Gross subtotal - (before adding service fees, discounts, and taxes)
  • The total net amount owed - (total price with taxes)
  • The due date for the requested payment

In the physical therapy industry, there are many different types of treatments and services that are offered. Whether it's just a few hours session or months of rehab work helping somebody walk again. It may be worthwhile to keep a note of the different services you offer. This will help pull the information you need to enter into your invoice template. This will save time searching for the information.

Including more details

Try documenting as much information as possible in the invoice. Each client must have an accurate list of all the services they have had. Having a ready-made invoice template can help give you the extra time for this. You won't have to spend that time creating a new one from the start.

Here are some of the details to include in your physical therapy invoice:

Try to write in as much detail about the works carried out

It is important to keep an accurate record of each service you give to every client. Especially as you will offer a wide range of services. This will help you to remember what services you have given the client in the future. Also providing more detail could lead to you getting paid promptly in the case of dealing with their insurance.

Total balance captured

After detailing all the works carried out, you will then have to enter the correct rates for each service given. Entering the right rates for each service is important to ensure you get paid correctly for the work you have done. It also helps to stop queries of payments.

Other expenses

Remember to include all expenses. Even the ones which may not be obvious to you at first, such as transaction costs or additional taxes.

Payment terms

Show all the necessary payment terms and conditions agreed upon. Also, give as many payment options as you can to the clients, this will help to get paid faster.

Choosing your invoice template service

Creating your invoice template beforehand can be a time-saving activity in the long run. Once created you will simply just have to download your pdf, print it off, and fill in the details. This can save you time with each individual client.

Using software such as Bonsai can help your company create professional invoices to send out to your clients. Even if you are creating your first invoice, Bonsai has the tools for complete beginners. Its sleek user interface helps you run through the entire process with ease from start to finish.

Once you have finished creating your professional invoice all you will have to do is fill it out for each client.

Physical Therapy Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

Can I create my own invoice template?

Sure, but save yourself the time and try Bonsai. Bonsai's free invoice templates are perfect for sending professional invoice requests to your clients. Billing software allows you to submit installment requests, set up recurring payments, and automate the entire process.

Is there a template on Word for invoice?

You can create an invoice from scratch using Microsoft Word or download one of our templates. Bonsai's billing software is simply much better. Simply insert the relevant data, add your logo and send the invoice.

What is the best free invoice template?

Bonsai's templates are the best and easy to customize. Bonsai templates include a unique invoice number, customer name and address, invoice date, customer job description, customer payment details, and cost or total cost of services paid.

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