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The best thing about freelancing is that it's all computerized and online. The use of latest technology in work has introduced a completely new dimension to professional work. Now online freelance work is all about online video conferences, emailing, online project submissions and various other communication and management software.

All this automation has transformed the whole global market into a competitive arena where you have to fight for survival. Nothing's easy nowadays and it is necessary to be up to date with all contemporary business practices and work related technology to keep up with the fast paced world, otherwise you risk being left behind from where there is no coming back.

The one update regarding the freelance world that is a must is the increasing use of software that helps you manage your freelance business. Freelancers are professionals in their own fields but managing everything in a project simultaneously is naturally challenging. Hence, several software and apps have hit the market to aid in this process and granting more independence and flexibility to freelancers.You should, as a freelancer, be aware of such helpful tools.

They are there to help you out with things you may not be the best at. One such app is a freelance invoice app. Invoicing is the most important part of any freelance career and having an app that does it for you in quite beneficial.

Online Invoice App
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Discussed below are a few of the many benefits of using an invoice app:

1. Using the online invoice app is convenient

This is probably the sole reason to produce any app. Invoicing apps let you produce, send and track invoices with a few clicks, which let's face it, is pretty convenient. If you have several clients, this kind of thing can be a lifesaver by taking a big responsibility off your shoulders.

2. The online invoice app is time saving

Apps work in real time and a lot of your work is done by the software within seconds. No need to build a format or email it to people. Just type in the data and you're good to go. AccessibilityAnother great thing about invoice apps. As they are online systems, you can access them from anywhere using any device. So usability is high as you can even invoice clients while traveling, on holidays and with your smartphone. So do seize this opportunity as competitiveness and speed are what makes a freelancer. Bonsai is the most diversified and economic online invoice app, with efficient invoicing and tracking systems along with integrated payment as well.

3. The online invoice app provides speed of work

Freelance invoice apps help payments to be completed relatively fast boosting your cash flow. Working in real time, the app accelerates the process of payment. You can request payment from customers in a short time without the need to build formats and dispatch emails. You just key in data and you are done. You can create, modify, print and send invoices in less than a minute.

It helps you generate invoices which are competently made wherever you are in the world even on your mobile phone. When your income depends on what you acquire essentially being received, speed is critical and will seriously promote your profits and boost your business.

When you invoice quickly with the app, it translates to faster payments than processing checks. You can also focus on other important viewpoints of your business like sales and advertising strategies. You don’t have to wait for checks to mature, you get paid instantly.

4. Be efficient with the online invoice app

Instead of creating and reusing templates for different customers, you enter the billing information in your accounts and on each invoice and you are done. You don’t have to struggle to locate client’s information all over the office you can access from a central place. It streamlines the process and avoids paper headaches and the hassle associated with paper.

Freelance invoice apps make it easy to send invoices and also track them. It reduces the workload by a great deal. Automatic invoicing at specified dates will send them without you doing anything. You also send invoices directly to your clients. You can afford to fire your accountants and bookkeepers reducing your overheads drastically. This app will enable you to invoice your client on the road, who needs a static office when you can have one on the go?

Small business owners are also able to track which invoices have been paid, which have not been paid and which are past payment date. You will know how much is owed to you at any moment in time.

The freelance invoice app software will facilitate in setting reminders for those slow-paying clients. You are able to identify those who don't pay as agreed as well as have an improved insight into your financial reports. You can’t lose any money when you are tracking with this app. It will also assist in auditing your accounts and keeping track of all transactions especially if you need to answer questions from the government tax officers or accountants.

5. Cloud data storage with the online invoice app

Cloud is a collection of servers that host information it receives from all over the world. It is easily accessible. All you need is a passkey and internet access. With a freelance invoice app you never had to worry about losing client data, invoices or your computers crashing.

All your information is automatically stored and saved online. Cloud storage allows for data to be maintained and backed up virtually through encryption techniques. It is more secure from cyber-attacks, and it’s safer than using and maintaining physical servers. You can access and work on the invoices from anywhere provided there is an internet connection.

Moving your invoicing to a cloud-based app eliminates costs of hardware and maintenance costs linked to that.

6. Tax report preparation with the online invoice app

It is easy to forget details of each invoice when they are done on paper and entered manually. With a freelance invoice app, all information is centralized in the system. It helps to produce different types of the report for financial statements and assist in preparing tax returns. It enables you to stay organized and reduce stress during annual tax periods. With just a few clicks you can access your sale transactions, history of payment, expense reports, outstanding payments and set reminders to clients when you need to make tax payments.

Online Invoice Application
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7. Works across different currencies and languages with the online invoice app

Freelance invoice apps allow you to work and reduce distance with a touch of a button. You can choose your country and currency and bill clients in another country. Cloud-based invoicing allows you to use the international marketplace conveniently and become a world citizen.

You don't have to worry when you get a high paying client from another country this app will assist in billing in your currency while the client pays in his. The bank or your currency solution will worry about the conversion rates.

Automating the invoicing process will simplify your daily workflow and save you time. You can create, customize and auto-generate your work projects very promptly and get your work organized. The ability to change language assists the clients to pay in their own language while you receive the payments in yours.

Recurring tasks are made easier, and you won’t have to waste time estimate and arranging quotes like paper invoices. Processing payments require transactions small fees. These can add up to huge amounts over time, and the method is also long. The app will allow you to choose faster payment and the one most affordable to suit your needs. It’s a bonus if you utilize digital currency the fees are eliminated altogether. The app is also intelligent enough to differentiate between paid and unbilled invoices saving time going back and forth.

8. Simple accounting methods with the online invoice app

With a freelance invoice app, you have simplicity in your business deals. You rid yourself off complicated invoicing procedures which slow down the payments process. Your accountants will have an easy time collecting and reconciling the invoices. They don't have to chase you down the office corridors for you to sign the documents. No more combing through loads of papers looking for invoices and no more verifying awaiting, paid and unpaid. All the information is stored in one position for your access and convenience. No more difficult reconciliations and management of cash flow and avoid replicating of invoices because you can track and match all of them.

9. Consistent billing process with the online invoice app

One of the most valuable qualities of freelance invoice app is that they are designed to focus on functioning across different systems. They can incorporate any other cloud-related system you may have. Your integration of the accounts enables you to standardize the whole payment process at all business levels. You can easily track the clients who owe you, receivables, estimates as well as your expenses. It will enable you to have uniformity in the organization which makes you look incredibly professional.

The most boring part of writing paper invoices is entering your client’s business particulars every time you write an invoice. It’s tiresome and wastes time. But with integrated invoicing app you can use an invoice planner. Instead of entering the details all the time builder pulls information from contacts lists and auto fills the information in the relevant places saving your time.

10. Environmental friendly paperless office with the online invoice app

As it is, we don't have enough trees to go by. With a freelance invoice app, you don't need paper. Paper is costly and reduces the effectiveness of business. Paperless office will become a reality sooner rather than later with a cloud-based app. You won't need to spend money on storing and moving paper invoices. Digital documents are simple and easier to store and send readily available in search engines and adaptable.

Overheads associated with buying printers, mailing, ink, toners, papers, repairs, cabling and user support can be eliminated with freelance invoice app.

Going paperless will also reduce disorder, hasten accessibility to data and disaster recovery and is much easier with cloud storage. Going paperless also means you participate in conserving the environment since there are fewer trees to be cut. Communication with your clients is much easier with cloud invoicing enhancing better business relationships.

11. Reinforcing your brand with the online invoice app

Invoicing is a way of silently talking to your client. Every time you send one, you are sending a message about who you are. It promotes business by creating visuals themes on the digital invoice. Adding illustrations and logos to your invoice is a way of showing your clients what your business is all about. Work smart by making professionally made images that boost your brand. Nicely made templates on your invoices show you are a serious business person.

An accurate well planned, professionally made invoice speaks quality about your business. Invoicing is not only about demanding payment, but it is also an extension of your advertising and publicity efforts. Ensure you are keen on the accuracy of the numbers, nice looking branded logos and matching color schemes. They will do more than ask for payment. They will market you, invoice smart.

Online Invoice App Dashboard
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12. Enhanced security with your online invoice app

Cloud storage is the data software data that can be accessed on the internet without the need of a computer or a physical location. Networks of servers are used to distribute services online and help run applications.

With cloud invoicing, you don't have to worry about capacity and memory of your computer. Cloud-stored data is less likely to be deleted, misplaced or stolen compared to computer stored data. You won't have to worry about daily accidents, food spills or losing your disks.

With no hardware needed cloud storage is housed in a data hub which provides a higher level of safety. There is no distinct point of weakness because data is backed up in several servers. No chance of hardware malfunction since the server locations are not physical but virtual.

Most freelance invoice apps use the latest online are equipped with the latest security features. They are also backed up frequently and backup stored in two divergent servers. There is a very little possibility of losing data.

Cloud storage of data uses encryption technology. Encrypted data is changed into another form or codes. It secures end to end data when it is transmitted across networks. The encoded version cannot be read without decryption key which can only be accessed by an authorized user.

13. Reduction of errors with your online invoice app

Paper invoicing is tedious and susceptible to human slip-ups. A freelance invoice app reduces the human error aspect and sending inaccurate billing to the unintended customers is reduced. Error reduces the efficiency of any process and delays payment of invoices. This can harm the business relationship between you and your clients. Invoicing errors can lead to disagreements can be very expensive for your business.

Freelance invoice apps calculate the full amount on your behalf and avoid errors. It takes account of the taxes and confirms that the precise client is billed. Even there is an error; it requires only a second to mend and resend.

Other errors that can occur in paper invoices include:

  • Sending to the wrong person
  • Not stating what you are owed
  • Not saving a copy
  • Forgetting to invoice
  • Not following delayed payments
  • No due dates
  • Not invoicing fast enough
  • Not including an item listing

All these errors can be avoided with a freelance invoice app which automates most of these functions make your invoice interactions simple, efficient and error free.

It also helps you track and know when clients receive and open invoices. This can be followed by a simple phone to achieve a payment.

14. Get complete control with your online invoice app

If you are always looking for ways to work smart and cut costs in your freelancing business, you should make the changeover from manual to simple invoice app which manages processing, maximizes cash flow and creates better customer relationships.

You can create reports to tackle specific invoice queries and avoiding missing critical deadlines and potential liabilities. Clients are able to have their individual dashboards where they can check and track payments and invoices on a single screen. They can, therefore, be able to make payments anywhere and at any time even on smartphones.

The app will also assist you to keep an eye on how your business is growing, run the personnel efficiently with time schedule report and get a better analysis of their deliverables.


Operating a business is not easy. There is a lot to do, and some tasks can easily be overlooked or forgotten. An invoicing app will help you keep track of cash flow and know what is not working in order to fix things. When you’re dealing with more than a single client and focusing on giving each client the most excellent possible service, proper invoicing can get derailed in the process. A good freelance invoice app will help you become an efficient multi-tasker. You can send involved to multiple clients at a go.

Choosing the right freelance invoicing app, applying the correct policies of payment method could be the difference between failing and succeeding in freelancing. It a trendy way of managing invoice records and it's effortless. It will help you get paid for your hard work and convey pride in accomplishment.

Using modern technology is an excellent way to attain business success and stay ahead of the competition. The trends are very dynamic, so you should invest in software app that can endure the unpredictable business conditions. Learn to navigate techniques of updating to enable it to capture any new development in technology.

Free Invoice (with Online Invoice App)
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

Which invoice app is best?

Bonsai is hands down the best invoicing app. Our invoice templates set you up with all the relevant details to edit and send. Bill clients much easier with receipts you can use (in case of an audit) today.

What app can I use to create an invoice?

Bonsai helps reduce the hassle of creating an invoice by a lot. Customize and send automatic invoice at specified dates easily. Send invoices directly to your clients with this software and get paid on time by your customers.

How do I create an online invoice?

Try Bonsai's online invoicing software for free today to start sending billing requests to clients. Our app has a large library of templates that include a section for company name/address, date of the invoice, scope of work, payment details, cost or amount of the services that need to be paid.