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The robust time tracker made for your workflow.

Manage your hours with ease with an all-in-one time tracker, timesheets and billing system.
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A fully-featured time tracker that’s built specifically for online contract work and invoicing clients.

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Easily Billable
Set an hourly rate per-project for tracking time and automatically invoicing the completed timesheet.
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Track time on projects with your collaborators and see how many hours still need to be billed.
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Use the Bonsai time tracker on the web, mobile apps, macOS app and Chrome Extension.

Invoice Hours

Set a project’s hourly rate, start tracking time and bill time to your client with a click. Round the time up to make the billing even smoother.

Centralize Timesheets

Whether you’re tracking time as a team on a project or working solo, you can keep all your project’s timesheets in the same place to see the hours billed and to-be paid.

Use It Anywhere

Download the app on iOS, Android, Mac and Chrome so the time tracker works the way you do. Use a time tracker that supports your workflow.

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We proudly back people with wide-ranging businesses—from design and marketing to development, writing, and photography.
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Built for Global Businesses
Bonsai has international coverage across the United States, Canada, UK, Australia and more, with 180 currencies supported.

Simplify your workflow with Bonsai time tracking.

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