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Best interior design trade shows to attend to grow your business

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Updated on:
April 25, 2023
April 25, 2023
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Interior design trade shows are organized to help small and bigger corporations and buyers learn about new products, technologies, and methods. These trade shows set trends across the industry. Read on to get an idea of what type of interior design trade shows are popular and what you can learn from them.

Interior design trade show basics

Interior design trade shows help companies and individuals partner, network, and build professional relationships through exchanging knowledge and ideas. These trade shows were inspired by some of the most popular trade shows, like Thee Great Exhibition. These trade shows aim to display the best products and attract new clients.

Types of interior design trade shows

Home and interior design trade shows

These trade shows are organized to showcase home and interior decor products and services. You can find furniture, decor items, home accessories, and more.

Hospitality design trade shows

These shows set trends for the hospitality industry. You can get inspiration for decor, theme, furniture, architecture, and more for your restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.

Kitchen and bath design trade shows

Kitchen and bath design trade shows allow you to learn new color schemes, decor, and furniture for these spaces.

Textile design trade shows

These trade shows revolve around the textile that can belong to any spaces of residential or commercial setting. You can find new and old trends, and you will learn to incorporate different types of fabrics in your setting.

Top interior design trade shows in the United States

1. High Point Market

It is a semiannual furniture design show that you can find in downtown High Point, North Carolina. This show brings over 75,000 architects, interior designers, and home furnishing buyers. High Point Market is famous for its new home furnishing trends.

2. Las Vegas Market

This show offers designers, buyers, and exhibitors an effective, efficient, and compelling market experience. Las Vegas Market provides cross-category gifts, furniture, home decor resources, dining, accommodations, and recreation trends. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to learn about new industry trends in the US.

3. NY Now

It’s the world’s largest gift trade and wholesale home show. You can find popular luxury brands in the trade show that present the best products to buyers.

4. NeoCon

NeoCon always has a different theme every year. The 2023 theme will be “Together We Design,” which will show to create a positive impact through shared spaces and built environments. You will learn cutting-edge solutions for interior design.


This trade show is located in Las Vegas. BDNY is a leading conference and trade show for the lifestyle design community and hospitality boutique. People who want to establish a hospitality business can shop or take inspiration from BDNY.

6. Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market

As the name suggests, this trade show is designed to help people improve their homes or businesses to provide clients with the best services. International brands participate in this show to exchange appealing designs to improve home architecture.

Top interior design trade shows in Europe

1. Salone del Mobile

It’s a global event for the design and furnishing sector. Salone del Mobile in picturesque Milan exhibits new lighting designs from several international designers and brands. Many feel that Salone del Mobile is the place to learn about the future of interior design.

2. Maison et Objet

It is the French word for “home” and “object.” As the name suggests, this trade show offer design options for residential settings to attract more customers.

3. Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

You can find everything in Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, from light fixtures to bedroom furniture. Whether you are a company that needs inspiration to create home products or a homeowner looking for luxury items for your house, you need to visit this trade show.

4. Decorex International

It’s a high-end interior design exhibition organized for the last 44 years. You can find unlimited products and home techniques to get inspired. Connect with other like minded interior design professionals at Decorex.

5. Heimtextil

If you are looking for a textile trade show, go for this one. You can find various textiles for both commercial and residential settings. The tactile features of this show can give you invaluable advice as to what to recommend. This is even more true if you offer E-design interior design services where you aren't present in real life to touch the items that will eventually be placed in your clients' spaces.

6. IMM Cologne

It is the world’s largest and most prestigious interior and furnishing design. IMM Cologne provides interior design ideas to businesses and new impetus.

Benefits of attending interior design trade shows

  • Networking opportunities

You find new businesses to collaborate with that promise your business growth. This includes partnership opportunities. Find someone who complements skills that you are not able to leverage and who can use your niche expertise for cross-promotion and growth.

  • Trend forecasting

They help you produce products based on the current trends and demanding products. What's in and what's out for 2023 and which way is the market heading?

  • Education and skill development

Observing startups, small companies, or bigger corporations will help you learn new things to expand your business.

  • Product demonstrations

You will learn about products in the market that help you improve yours.

  • Business development

Being around popular and successful businesses will help you learn tips for business development.

How to prepare for attending interior design trade shows

  • Setting goals

You need to understand your purpose for visiting the show. Knowing your goal helps you explore and learn new things. Are you looking to land a new partner? A new client? Or are you simply in attendance to learn about new technologies and brand evolution? Have a concrete goal in mind to maximize your efficiency and pre-conference research.

  • Conducting research

Research well and pick one based on your clients and business needs. Feel free to reach out to someone in the industry who you aspire to emulate or whom you admire. They may be able to help you sift through the noise.

  • Arranging travel and accommodations

Book the flight and hotel beforehand if you are visiting another city or country. Do not wait until the last minute. Often times, thousands of conference go'ers descend upon a city driving prices much higher for standard accommodations. Book early.

  • Creating a Budget

If you need products for your business or are planning to visit the trade show, you need money. Establish a budget for each task- from accommodation to purchasing- so you will know how much you will spend on the trip.

  • Planning an itinerary

Plan how you will go, where you will live, and how many days you will stay in the city. This will help you avoid getting over budget.

What to expect at interior design trade shows

Apart from the products and services, you will also experience:

  • Exhibitor booths and displays
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Keynote speakers
  • Social and networking events

Technology trends in interior design trade shows

  • Interior design business automation

More and more designers are looking to spend less time on the administrative tasks associated with running a business like billing and invoicing, design briefs, quotes, and contracts and get back to creation and inspiration. Interior design business task automation is a theme that keeps gaining more popularity every year. Platforms like Bonsai can help.

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Interior design trade shows incorporate AR and VR technologies to bring ideas into reality and make them more interesting.

  • Mobile apps

You will also learn about new mobile apps that allow sharing designs, creating and editing designs, and understanding designs more easily.

  • Social media integration

Different companies in these trade shows present how they leverage social media to interact with clients which helps small companies and startups learn from their knowledge.

Future of interior design trade shows

Trade shows are a wonderful way to learn about the latest technologies and products that will possibly be introduced in the future. This knowledge will help you shape your business and products based on future trends to stay relevant in the industry. Trade shows will soon be going virtual as well to satisfy visitors from different parts of the world.

If you’re an interior designer looking for ways to scale your business, Bonsai can help. Reach out to the experts to streamline and automate your business processes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are interior design trade shows?

These exhibitions are designed to bring different companies and buyers across the globe together to share ideas, products, technologies, and much more.

What is the importance of attending trade shows in the interior design industry?

Interior design is an evolving industry. Participating in the trade shows will help stay relevant to the industry.

How can I prepare to attend an interior design trade show?

Make your budget, research to choose the right trade show, and look for affordable accommodation for yourself.

What are the benefits of attending trade shows?

Trade shows can help interior design businesses to grow and expand. It can become the reason for your success in the industry.

How can I keep up with the latest trends in interior design trade shows?

Look for trends that you can easily incorporate into your business. You don’t need to choose all the trends in the industry for business growth. Only choose trends that your target audience might prefer to choose.

What are the future trends in the industry?

AR and VR technology is expected to get essential for businesses. Also, every company will need to introduce their mobile applications to satisfy their clients.

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