Jenn Marie

Jenn is also the owner of Jenn Marie Writing & Marketing, LLC, and founder of Freelance America. Her Seattle - based business works with clients nationwide and worldwide including Russia, China, Philippines, Canada, The United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates and Australia.


This article will help you understand how to prepare yourself for tax season, prepare and file your taxes according to IRS standards!


This guide delves deep into the different types of signatures out there, their differences, and when to use each one.

Finding work

E-design has been around for a while but has really started to accelerate over the past 2 years. Cash in on this growing trend with Bonsai automation.


Managing all interior design business tasks would be an exhausting and time-consuming process for a single person. Thankfully, software programs and apps exist that can make operating an interior design business much more efficient

Marketing yourself

Learn everything you need to about how to get certified as an executive coach, why you should pursue it, and how you can better market yourself as a coach once credentialed.


All you need to know when growing your team: Should you hire full timers or freelancers?