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Wedding Videography Contract TemplateWedding Videography Contract TemplateWedding Videography Contract Template

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In video production, few jobs bring as much joy as shooting a wedding. However, freelancers must plan ahead to ensure their rights, time, and valuable equipment is protected. 

As such, a wedding videography contract is an absolute must.

Wedding Videography Contract Template
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Read on to find out why you need it, and what it should include.

What is a wedding videography contract template?

A wedding videography contract is an agreement between a freelance photographer and the client who hires them to shoot and produce a video of a wedding. The contract includes details on the bridal party’s desires, the freelancer’s requirements, the costs, and additional clauses in case of cancellation or insurance issues.

Why do you need a wedding videography contract?

While some clients may be hesitant to sign a contract, the reality is that a wedding videography contract doesn’t just protect the freelancer -- it also benefits the client. An official signed document gives the freelancer guidelines to help deliver the high-quality video production the happy couple wants to see.

If things don't go as planned, a wedding videography contract provides a reliable reference for both parties to refer to should things make it as far as court.

9 essential aspects of a wedding videography contract template

So, without further ado, let’s get into it. Here are nine elements that you should include in your wedding videography contract:

1. Basic agreement & expenses in the wedding videography contract template

To start, your wedding videography contract should include details of the wedding, such as:

  • The client’s name and contact details.
  • The date, time, and location of the wedding. 
  • The agreed package pricing and deposit.

Make it clear how much deposit is required, how much time it covers, and how the remaining fee should be paid. Is it in installments? When is the deadline for the full balance?

Wedding Videography Contract Template Sample
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2. Deliverables in the wedding videography contract template

This section involves a lot of back-and-forth communication so you can all get on the same page. Encourage your clients to get very specific about what they want (or don't want) in their wedding video. Do they want prints or digital download? Do they have special requests for funny or romantic shots? The more they share, the more likely it is, you can bring their vision into reality.

3. Editorial control in the wedding videography contract sample

Editorial control is a crucial component of a good wedding videography contract, as it prevents picky clients from taking advantage of your time. Once the initial discussion on deliverables and desires is complete, you need to have authority in the editing process.

4. Privacy and cooperation in the wedding videography contract sample

Whether it’s culture, religion, or personal preference, you may encounter some resistance to shooting video in certain settings or around certain people. A rabbi may protest about the use of a camera in a holy venue, or the bride’s mother may dismiss attempts to include her in a certain shot. 

Remember that your reputation is at stake, so, although you have a job to do, you must respect people's personal space and wishes. With this in mind, it's a smart idea to include a clause in your wedding videography contract that exempts you from shooting footage of people who don't wish to be on camera or filming in areas where camera use is prohibited.

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Wedding Videography Contract Template

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Wedding Videography Contract Template

Bonsai has helped create 151,954 contracts and counting

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Wedding Videography Contract Template

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