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A solid, legal contract protects both you and the lucky couple. Make sure to include the following:

  • The date and location of the venue
  • The date the contract is to be signed
  • The name of the newlyweds to be
  • Contract info for the bride & groom
  • The conditions — what exactly will your role involve?
  • Payment terms, how much is the deposit? Are there any expenses?
  • A cancellation clause
  • An 'Act of God' clause — nobody expected COVID, right?
  • A signature section, preferably e-signature (here's where Bonsai can help), which makes sign-off simple and legally binding.

If you're also organising snaps of the big day, take a look at our wedding photography contract.

How can I create a Wedding Planner Contract with Bonsai?

Bonsai allows you to create a legally sound wedding contract in minutes. Fill in the blanks, including the details above and your shiny new contract will be generated in seconds.

Here's why people love creating contracts with Bonsai.

  • E-signature signing — the bride & groom can sign away without leaving the house
  • No fiddly PDF editors. Save time and headaches.
  • Automatic reminders — no awkward emails or phone calls
  • Sync contracts with your invoices. Automatically generate and send an invoice on a date you choose

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Wedding Planner Contract Template

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