Free Wedding Planner Contract Template [2022]

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Table of content

What Is a Wedding Planner Contract?

Just like a simple DJ contract template, a wedding planner contract represents a legally binding agreement between a wedding planner and the betrothed.

Weddings are an exciting time, but one that’s going to be full of unexpected surprises and changes. This type of agreement is going to benefit both parties and protect their interests should any changes need to be made. To keep up with these unforeseen circumstances, a wedding planner contract will have to be both detailed and flexible. Your entire agreement will represent that and will complement both the needs of the lucky couple and the wedding planner.

Note: Sign-up now to start creating your wedding planner contract. It has all the basic elements you’ll need to get going, and it’s been written and reviewed by top lawyers, so you’ll be totally covered.

Why You Need a Wedding Planner Contract

A professional wedding planner contract is going to outline exactly what the wedding planner’s duties are, the payment terms, the desires of both parties, and more. Most importantly, it offers legal protection and assurances around these clauses. If your role is more for wedding videography, photography, or makeup, you can use similar templates from Bonsai that have slight adjustments to fit those professions.

Having a pre-establishment template for a wedding planner contract is a quick and easy solution for drafting up all your requirements in one place. Templates are easily editable without much disruption to the entire agreement.

Clarifies roles and expectations

Remember that the more detailed you are in your wedding planner contract, the better each party will understand their responsibilities and be able to manage their expectations.

For a wedding planner, responsibilities may include things like: 

  • Planning their work hours
  • Booking a venue
  • Arranging guest transportation
  • Organizing food and lodging

Also, keep in mind that a wedding planner may not even need to be there on the day. It's good to clarify this early on in the contract. For the client, this would be things like:

  • Payment 
  • Giving notice 
  • Updating the wedding planner 
  • Reimbursing expenses
Reimbursing expenses on a wedding planner contract template

As well as anything else relevant to the planning of the day.

Protects both parties

A contract is going to protect both parties, simple as that. As you can imagine, a legally binding contract is going to hold up in a court should there ever be serious discrepancies (but hopefully it won’t ever get that far).

You may think a contract for a wedding planner isn’t necessary, but at the end of the day it’s a job, and that job should be professionally represented with a contract.

Sets out payment conditions and work hours

All wedding planners will require their payment conditions to be met and have confirmed work hours—which can depend on whether the planner is there on the wedding day or not.

More specifically, your wedding planner contract template should set out:

  • The payment dates
  • Additional charges for staying longer
  • A non-refundable deposit
  • Cancellation fees
  • Expenses and reimbursements
  • Working hours

A good idea is to have an invoice template ready for both your non-refundable deposit and for after the event itself.

What Should Be Included in a Wedding Planner Contract?

Every wedding planner contract and template should include at least the following details:

  • Contact details of both parties
  • Deliverables and their costs
Editing a wedding planner contract template
  • Venue details
  • Date and times of service
  • Cancellation policy
  • Force majeure and liability
  • Copyright
  • Travel and expenses
  • Termination of the contract
  • Other elements to consider

This goes for a bridal makeup contract / makeup contract template or event planner contract as well.

Contact details of both parties

Always remember to include the contact details of both parties, which will include both your names, the job description, and the preferred method of contact. You’ll want to contact each other with ease, so an exchange in mobile numbers is a safe bet.

Deliverables and their costs

Outline what the wedding planner will do, such as organizing guest transportation, finding a ceremony location, finding a reception location, and any other wedding planner services. Each service will have a cost assigned to it, you can neatly sum up how much each deliverable will cost.

Venue details

This should clarify the venue details for the client and outline where it is, where the reception is located, as well as the location of the ceremony. There may be non-refundable deposits associated with the venue hire, which both parties should acknowledge.

Date and times of service

The event date should have a detailed timeline, this way the wedding planner can organize exactly what happens on the day.

Cancelation policy

The cancelation policy will outline what happens if the client cancels, if there is a non-refundable deposit, and details on a full refund if the wedding planner cancels.

Force majeure and liability

Meaning ‘Force Superior’ in French, this clause will waive any liability should a natural or unavoidable catastrophe stop the wedding day or the planning of the wedding. This can affect wedding planner services and should always be included.


Quickly outline if there is anything that comes under copyright law for either of the parties.

Travel and expenses

Wedding planners will most likely have to travel (whether or not they’re there on the wedding day), hire clothing, book a hotel, pay deposits, or anything else that requires them to get the job done. Make a statement about reimbursement of expenses.

Termination of contract

Every wedding planner contract should include termination conditions. This can be on a specific date or for any other reason.

Other elements to consider


Some wedding planners can have multiple clients at the same time, so there should be an exclusivity agreement. Planners may also want an agreement on the exclusivity of their services.

Guest rules

It’s a good idea to outline what the wedding planner should expect from the guests and guest responsibilities.

Dress code

Almost every wedding has a dress code and the wedding planner (as well as guests) should acknowledge and abide by that code.

Punitive damages

You can never be too careful and by having a clause around punitive damages, you’ll have some peace of mind should any outrageous conduct come from either party.

Finding a replacement wedding planner

Sometimes a wedding planner's availability will mean they have to cancel. Detail who should find a suitable replacement planner if they cannot perform their duties.

Wedding Planner Contract Sample

Want to see what a wedding planner contract is going to look like? Sign up now to Bonsai and take a look at the template for wedding planners. It's free to sign up and by choosing the wedding planner contract template you'll be able to see all the basic fundamentals that go into making a solid contract.

Wedding Planner Contract FAQs

Wedding planner rates

Wedding planners can offer a whole range of different services that will affect their rates. However, a full-time planner can cost anywhere from $3000 to over $10,000. This can depend on the type of wedding planning business it is, what state and country you’re in, as well as the personal reputation and demand of the wedding planner.

Wedding planner costs 2022 graph

Canceling a wedding planner

Sometimes the unexpected can happen or the wedding planner overbooks themselves, which means that either party has to cancel. As of 2021, more wedding planners are finding themselves fully or overbooked for their services.

It’s important to outline any refunds involved should this happen or if another replacement planner is needed.

How to write my own wedding planner contract?

The easiest way to write your own contract is to start with a free wedding planner contract template from Bonsai.

By following this guide, you’ll know what should be included in a professional wedding planner contract and be able to edit the template as you see fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

What are the responsibilities of a wedding planner?

Wedding planners ensures that everything goes smoothly from preparations up to the day of your wedding. They coordinate with vendors and handle the contracts, and everything that you need on your big day.

Are there free wedding planning contract templates?

Yes, Google Docs does have free templates. However, if you want professional looking ones that are legally reviewed by attorneys, try Bonsai. Bonsai allows you easily edit and set up a contract template to kickstart a client relationship.

Does Google Docs have free contract templates?

Yes, Google Docs does have free templates. However, if you want professional looking ones that are legally reviewed by attorneys, try Bonsai. Bonsai allows you easily edit and set up a contract template to kickstart a client relationship.