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Website Development Scope Of Work Template

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Website Development Scope Of Work Template

As a freelance web developer, you would probably know the importance of setting out a scope of work template before you start work on a project. A scope of work lays down every aspect of the work that needs to be done, the time within which it is to be done, and the total cost of the project. Since, as a freelancer, you will be working on multiple projects for several different clients, you should have a website development scope of work template in place. 

A website development scope of work template is a draft template that you can use as a starting point for laying out the final scope of work. The draft template allows you to finish making your scope of work much faster, rather than having to start from scratch every time.

The draft template should include all the essential ingredients of a proper scope of work. Once you get a new project, all you have to do is discuss the exact details of the work with your client and make the necessary changes to the draft template. You can then get your scope of work approved by the client so that you are on the same page. 

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There are several advantages to finalizing the scope of work before you start work on a project. 

1. Avoids confusion 

A website development scope of work template will set out the exact deliverables, goals of the project, the responsibilities, the cost, and the timeline of the project. Making the scope of work allows you and the client to discuss every aspect of the project in detail. This ensures that there is no room for confusion at a later date and everyone involved has the same expectations. 

When you deliver the work in accordance with the scope of work, your client will be satisfied since you can show that everything was done as discussed. Therefore, when you make your scope of work, make sure that you manage expectations

2. You have it in writing 

As a website development scope of work template is a written document and the client has given their approval on it, you can use it if there is a disagreement between you and your client. Disagreements are a part of the job, and every freelancer should plan for it. 

Writing down the scope of work beforehand means that you can rely on it and act on it. The client cannot fault you for following the scope of work. This also means that the client cannot ask you to do more than what was agreed upon. 

Since your deliverables have been defined, you can draw the client’s attention to show him what is and what isn’t a part of your duties. 

A scope of work also assigns responsibilities to the parties. If you are not in charge of sourcing photographs for the website, then the scope of work will say so. Hence, your client cannot ask you to source photographs at a later date.

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3. Get paid on time 

Apart from your deliverables, an important aspect of the scope of work is laying down how much you will be charging for your services. It will also give a timeline within which you should receive your money once your work has been completed. The website development scope of work template will also lay down how much security deposit needs to be made before you start your work. 

A client may try to delay his payments or try to pay you less than what was agreed upon. Having a scope of work in place gives you the leverage you need to make sure that the client sticks to his word, and if not, you can charge for late fees

Essential ingredients of a good website development scope of work template 

Having a website development scope of work template makes your job easier as a freelancer because it will have all the necessary clauses that you need to include. All you have to do is change the language to suit the specific details of each project. This ensures that you do not forget to include something that is important. 

Your website development scope of work template should include the deliverables, the timeline for the deliverables and the payment, the cost of the project, the different responsibilities of each party, and the ownership of the copyright. 

Ensuring that your website development scope of work template has all these ingredients will make it easier for your once you start working on the project and help guarantee client satisfaction. 

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Website Development Scope Of Work Template

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Website Development Scope Of Work Template

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