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Ever felt an intense desire to just rage quit from your video editing job because your employer or freelance client is not being professional? Well, if it offers some comfort, there is nothing unique in this. Such scenarios are the norm for all the video editors out there.

Video editing is a tough industry to be in. Not only does it require talent and creativity, but also a great deal of skill and initial investment to start you off; and this is what clients do not understand. All the technicalities overwhelm them which lead to problems and this can jeopardize your contracts and even your career.

That did not sound too pleasant understandably. There are, however, several business practices you should adopt to avoid having client problems and experience smooth-going contracts and careers. Video editing is on the rise and you should be doing what you need to beat your competition.

Contracts are an accepted business practice by the professional video editing community and have proven to be highly influential on how agreements operate. Signing a contract ends so many of your problems with clients that you can peacefully just edit videos and give it your best.

Bonsai is here to help you create a smashing contract draft that does it for you. Here is our short guide to what clauses any video editing contract should include.

The most important part is to include clauses about work duties. Clients can get pretty confused in all the editing stuff so it is always better to finalize those before starting work so the clients' mind is clarified.

Financial clauses are equally important as well. There are several financial problems that you can face such as late or no payments, payment scheduling, taxation issues etc. Make sure that the contract explicitly contains information regarding these issues so you can work without any worries of financial mishaps.

Policies should be a part of any contract. You need to work these out carefully as they can have an impact on how things go if your client does something wrong. These should lay down the lines of action to be adopted if something weird happens. For example you should inform the client of what happens when due payments are delayed or when sudden changes or cancellations are made in the project.

For more information regarding clauses of contract, take a look at this link.

Bonsai has loads of samples and templates for you to choose from. With our expert help, you can completely revolutionize your work routine.