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Vendor Contract TemplateVendor Contract TemplateVendor Contract Template

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If your freelance business is focused on sales, or you’re an event organizer, there are times when you’ll need a vendor contract. In fact, you may need a vendor agreement on a regular basis. Having access to a vendor contract sample makes it easy to replicate what works, and avoid writing a contract for every engagement. 

A vendor agreement typically includes two parties, a vendor and an organizer. The vendor sells goods or services at an event run by the organizer.

As a business agreement, a vendor contract should also include:

  • The time frame of the event, including access for setup.
  • The fee to be paid by the vendor to the organizer.
  • Any requirements such as a stall, table and other items often provided by event organizers.
  • Compensation to the vendor if the event is cancelled or postponed. 
  • The ability for each party to sign-off on the agreement, with e-signature being preferred.

The format of an agreement may vary, but if you get a solid vendor contract template, you can use it time and again.

How can I create a vendor contract template with Bonsai?

One of the products offered by the freelance platform Bonsai is contracts, with templates that have been vetted by thousands of freelancers and top contract lawyers. With a sample contract provided by Bonsai, it’s easy for you to customize the document for your particular needs. There’s also the ability to legally bind both parties with e-signature capacity.

It’s possible to create a one-time vendor agreement, but with the ability to then save it as your own template, you won’t have to repeat the work every time you need a vendor contract. You simply download Bonsai’s template and make it your own.

Take advantage of Bonsai’s free trial and their effective templates to get started writing a contract today.

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Vendor Contract Template

Bonsai has helped create 151,954 contracts and counting

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Vendor Contract Template

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