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Time tracking provides many benefits to freelancers and clients alike. For starters, it guarantees that the freelancers are working and that everything is right on schedule. Two, it allows clients to attribute payment fairly based on the freelancer’s output. For all its attractions, Toggl has several drawbacks that force freelancers to consider investing in alternatives.

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What is the best Toggl alternative that consultants ought to invest in or use?

1. Bonsai

If you’re wondering whether you can get a Toggl alternative that is just as effective as the original, then your search should take you to Bonsai. With this tool, your struggles with specific aspects of the freelancing business will be over. It mostly provides timely assistance with invoicing as well as preparing contracts and proposals. This tool helps you with the aspects of your work that you would otherwise consider outsourcing thus saving you money.

2. HubStaff

HubStaff occupies a special place in the list of alternatives for various reasons. First, it is perfect for desktop. Two, it is lightweight. It also has more advanced features compared to Toggl. HubStaff allows freelancers to start tracking time at a single click. It tracks data and offers the off-line support that consultants need. Consultants can use it for setting budgets and time limits. In summary, it offers more than freelancers can ever hope to get from Toggl.

You can learn everything you wish to know about this time tracking software from their official site.

3. Paymo

Paymo is a perfect Toggl alternative for freelancers who are tired of the ton of apps and tech that they need for various tasks. It brings several tasks together. For example, consultants can use it for sharing files, project management, and time tracking. Paymo functions as a web and desktop app. It keeps an accurate record of everything that you do on your computer during the day. You can then access that data at night to evaluate your productivity.

Single users can opt for its free version. The paid plan is for more users.

4. RescueTime

RescueTime monitors your productivity, as a freelancer. It runs on your computer silently without causing much disruption to anything that you might be working on. It records all the APPs that you use. It also keeps an updated record of all the URLs you visited. It categorizes everything by the utility. The categories start from “very distracting” to “very productive” thus telling you if you waste most of your time at work.

It furnishes freelancers with customizable reports, which is the source of accurate information.

5. DeskTime

DeskTime shares a few similarities with RescueTime. Despite that, it ranks as one of the best alternatives for wide-ranging reasons. DeskTime is the software to use when you need to stay on top of monitoring your time on an hourly basis. It is perfect for managing a team of freelancers who work under you. It informs you of any freelancer who is late, on time or absent on any given day. Its free version is great for a single freelancer but has limited functionality.

6. Everhour

The robust reporting options on Everhour make it a suitable Toggl alternative for freelancers in different niches. It offers freelancers, especially those in charge of their teams, an opportunity for seeing everything that’s happening at any given moment. It provides data into the activities that each freelancer under your team worked on. It also offers details regarding the progress that your team – or each freelancer – has made on the project.

The Everhour data is easy to export to CSV file, Excel or Google Drive.

7. Harvest

Harvest comes with several handy features, which make it effective as a Toggl alternative. For example, its features allow freelancers to keep the project on track. More than that, freelancers can also use it for running reports on billable and non-billable for certain tasks, projects, and clients of their choosing. Freelancers will never have a problem sending automated messages to their clients using Harvest, which comes in handy when payments are due.

Therefore, feel free to choose the best Toggl alternative for your consultancy from this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

What is better than Toggl?

Bonsai's time tracking software is a better alternative. Not only would you seamlessly track your hours worked, Bonsai comes with a ton over other invoicing, contract, task management and proposal tools you can use.

Can I use Toggl Track for free?

Toggl is free for up to 5 users or team members. The team version costs $10 user/month. Try Bonsai's all-in-one freelancer software. It not only comes with time tracking, you'll also get contract, proposal, invoice templates and a Kanban style task management tool.

Is Toggl free forever?

Yes, Toggl allows you to use its software for free if you have less than 5 users. You can use the software for free forever if you meet these requirements.