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Table of contents

What can you learn from the timesheet example? A lot. Can you apply these lessons in your freelancing business? Yes, you can. Arguably, the most important lesson you will learn is the need for creating more time. Granted, you have 24 hours to do your work each day. You can’t add more hours to those. However, what you can do is to use your time more efficiently thereby leaving yourself with more hours to do other equally meaningful tasks and activities.

Timesheet Template
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How can the timesheet help you?

1. Doing more with the timesheet example

As you’re probably aware, you have a limited set of skills. No matter how good of a freelancer you are, it’s just impossible to do everything on your own. Nevertheless, you can always create more time for your business by doing more. It’s fine to punch above your weight. Never limit yourself only to what you can do. Let the timesheet example capture the fact that you put in long hours at the office whenever it’s necessary to do so.

You can do this in a number of ways, such as:

  • Creating a website
  • Setting social media profiles and pages
  • Engaging with clients more regularly

2. Automate where necessary with the timesheet example

Automation is no longer a luxury. It can add more life to your consultancy. It can make everything you do appear more vibrant. It takes you more effective in all your freelancing tasks that you handle. Timesheet example should drive you towards automated solutions. The manual systems may not work or produce the desired results most of the time. Embrace automation to increase your chances of success in the highly competitive freelancing world.

3. Use your advantages well with the timesheet example

All freelancers have a few advantages. They excel at doing some things better than other consultants. Find what these are and make good use of your advantages. Utilize everything that can push you to the front of the queue. Your size shouldn’t keep you behind. It shouldn’t dissuade you from pushing the envelope until you achieve the success you desire for the consultancy.

The lack of big budgets or huge teams to help you with the work shouldn’t be an issue.

The timesheet helps you to appreciate where you are now.

Use it to start laying the building blocks for the future.

4. Leave the office with the timesheet example

It’s tempting to run the consultancy from your office. However, that rarely works well for freelancers who want to build massive operations. Anyone who desires to build something bigger should develop a habit of leaving the office repeatedly. The timesheet will tell you how many hours you spend in the office. If you’re not satisfied with the level of growth you now see, then it might be time to consider going out to try new stuff.

Know what to do in the office during the slow days when you can’t leave either.

5. Improve the business with the timesheet example

It’s crucial to learn how to improve your freelance business too. Design a purposeful website. Using social media can also help massively. Diversifying your income is an equally great strategy. You need time to do all that, though. Look at the timesheet example to see how much time you can spare for improving the business. Do whatever it takes to make the business better than it has ever been.

Timesheet Template Sample
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Improve the business by building a competitive edge through networking.

As you may have noted here, you can learn a truckload of lessons from the timesheet example. The most important lesson is how you spend your time. Do not take this lesson lightly, as it could determine the direction your freelancing business takes. Focus on the most important aspects of your business. These aspects should appear on the timesheet more than anything else. If they do, then you will know that success isn’t far off.

Do you work with the timesheet within an organization?

How do you work on your timesheet to ensure that it complies with the operations within your system? How do you improve it so that it doesn’t disrupt other systems that are already in place within the organization? It all boils down to management. You have to invest in proper management of timesheet. The starting point has to be a study of the timesheet example. The examples are available online freely or at a small fee.

Timesheet Template Example
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1. The timesheet template improves the business administratively

Timesheet systems bring more positives to the business. The timesheet example is the missing piece that businesses need administratively to take their operations to the next level. The productivity of the entire workforce improves substantially by introducing some of these changes. It’s good to study an example that’s bound to bring in the desired changes to your business. After all, no two examples of timesheets are the same.

2. The timesheet template promotes accurate billing

If you run the kind of a business that bills its clients based on time spent on each project, you would require a system that shows how much time and effort was dedicated to the jobs. In fact, this is not optional in some jurisdictions but is a legal requirement. Before you rush into investing in a timesheet, it would be good to take some time to research on each one. This way, you increase your chances of finding the best one.

3. The timesheet template monitors human resource

How does the human resource at your organization spend their time? It’s difficult to keep an eye on all the workers at any given moment. Make a smart decision to invest in a solution that helps you to manage the workers more efficiently without having to follow them physically everywhere they go. The timesheet helps your organization to quantify the loss – in terms of cost and productivity – associated with the non-business related issues the staff is involved in.

4. The timesheet template is a money saver

Look for a timesheet example that saves you money. As previously stated, each example differs from the next one in terms of uses and features. The capabilities and performances also change from one example to the next. Otherwise, you may invest in one that leads to nothing other than despair. What is more, the wrong choice could cause loss of clients, which would then threaten the very existence of your business.

Timesheet Template PDF
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5. The timesheet template is a useful tool for estimates and quotes

Go for the timesheet example that helps you with estimates and quotes. Clients expect you to bid. A good bid has to be based on actual figures or information, which you can always obtain from the timesheet. Use this data to prepare a bid that blows the others from your competitors out of the water. The timesheet will tell you how long you are likely to spend on the project and the amount of manpower required to complete it on time.

You can either create a timesheet or get one from the Internet. Whatever option you choose would still work well for you. After creating it, the next step would be implementation. Find ways of encouraging your staff to fill the timesheet. For this to happen, the timesheet system would need the right amount of details. Additionally, you would need to define the activities to be tracked. Each member of the team has to understand why the system is in place too.

A timesheet is one of the most effective tools for keeping track of the hours your human resource spend working. Use it in conjunction with other solutions to ensure that everything proceeds well whether you’re present or not. Study different timesheet examples. Install one that allows workers to submit details easily. Keep the timesheet simple too. Explain the benefits each worker will derive from the timesheet system.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you write a timesheet?

Try Bonsai's free timesheet template. Just edit the employee's name, date range, hours worked, task details, total hours and signature.

What is timesheet with example?

Reference Bonsai's pre-made template as an example for a weekly timesheet. Easily edit the hours, add the tasks and calculate the total cost of the time period.

What are 4 types of timesheets?

The four main types of timesheets are: standard, techno, weekly and express timesheet. Try Bonsai's free pre-made template to keep track of hours worked for a client.