Sports Coach Contract Template

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Like every other job, sports coaching is also a form of service delivery - which is why you will need a legally-binding sports coach contract template to prevent future litigation. Coaches and their clients need this layer of protection to ensure a smooth agreement.

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Why Do You Need a Sports Coach Contract Template?

A solid contract outlines what the coach and the coachee can anticipate from one another. A contract establishes objectives, rules and responsibilities coaches need to abide by when they perform their services.  A template will not only save time but will also ensure you don't miss any important details.

Software such as Bonsai can help you out with a pre-made template.

Key Aspects of a Sports Contract

There are several key aspects that need to be added to a coaching contract when writing it. This will include:

  • The name of the employer and employees
  • Job title, along with the description
  • Workplace or coaching area
  • Start and end date of the contract
  • Working hours
  • Intellectual property rights to ensure that personal information will not be leaked

Each coaching contract is different, which is why you need to customize it for the parties involved.

How to Write a Coaching Contract

When you are writing a coaching contract, there are several steps that you need to go through. These will include:

Get a Coach Contract Template

The contract template will work as a base. This will ensure that you do not miss anything while drafting the contract and that every possible matter is addressed. You may use platforms such as the Bonsai freelancer tool to get your hands on a contract template. Sign up here and customize one of our pre-made templates.

Format the Contract

Choose the format that suits you best (i.e., A4 or Letter) and then move on to the font. Times New Roman, 12 points is usually recommended for coaches to use, but if you have your own branding guidelines, go with it.

Identify the Parties Involved

Once you have completed formatting the contract, it's time for you to identify the parties that are involved in the contract.

This can be a school or organization, or perhaps even the name of the sports coach if they are freelancers. The organization can be the school, for example, or the team that is being coached. Any other party involved should be added to the contract.

Identify the Key Terms

A coaching contract may have several terms with multiple meanings, which may lead to it sounding rather vague. For this reason, you should add a list where you define those terms as precisely as possible.

For instance, if there is a sports league that uses an acronym, then said acronym should be defined. If there are terms such as the academic year or service period, then they must be defined before you sign the contract.

Set the Contract Duration

Express exactly how long the contract will last. For instance, a coach may train someone for just one season, or they will need to cover for multiple seasons.

Usually, a coaching contract will cover a specific number of years. Sometimes, it may have a rollover provision for a renewal or an agreement for renegotiation at a specific time.

A sports coach must add all details in regard to finances on their coaching contract template.

List Down the Coach Duties

Each sports coach will have his or her duties, and these should be included in the coaching contract. For example, the duties of a coach may include:

  • Athlete recruitment
  • Athlete instruction
  • Fundraising involvement
  • Team budgeting
  • Supervision during athletic events
  • Press relations
  • Scheduling competitions

This section should be the easiest to find on the contract, as it holds utmost importance for the coaches. If they want to get paid, their clients need to know exactly what they'll get.

Settle the Payment

Payment must also be addressed. This will include aspects such as how much the coach will be paid, whether there are any benefits or not, as well as the means used to make the payment.

For example, some schools and institutions prefer to get their payment in cash or through a money order. Others, prefer to have the money sent to an account. In this case, tools such as Bonsai Cash may be used in order to make a debit or a credit card payment.

Identify Potential Conducts Leading to Termination

Provisions for termination should also be included. If the termination is "for cause", then you should find on the contract the items that can trigger it. This can include:

  • Coach violates school rules knowingly
  • Coach fails to undergo the duties mentioned in the contract
  • Coach commits fraud
  • Coach is convicted of a felony
  • Coach commits acts of violence

You might want to discuss with a lawyer the clauses that should be added to a contract.

Address Termination Consequences

The coaching agreement must address what will happen if the contract expires before its termination date. For instance, if the cause was misconduct from the coachee, then the employer will have to pay money to the coach.

However, if the misconduct came from the coach, then there should be a clause in regard to the punishment. For instance, they may not be entitled to payments, or they must resign from their post in writing.

Sign the Contract

The last step is for both parties to sign the contract. The sports coach and the coachee should both receive a copy of the contract before signing it. This way, they can make revision suggestions. Once the contract has been signed, ensure that it is stored in a safe place.

Bottom Line

Coaching contracts may take some detailed work, but as long as you have a good template, things should go smoothly. Once the contract is drafted, make sure that you read every clause before you sign it.

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