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Many freelancers struggle with work ethics. Many of them can’t motivate themselves to put in a proper shift. The fact that they work under no supervision makes it easier to slacken a bit. That’s a dangerous attitude to develop. It could derail or destroy your consultancy business. It could shatter the dreams you’re trying to achieve. For this reason, it’s important to invest in a simple timesheet template to change all that.

Show your clients that you love working as a consultant.

Simple Timesheet
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Below are some ways that the simple timesheet template can influence your work ethics.

1. Practicing punctuality with the simple timesheet

How early or late do you arrive at the office or on the site where your freelancing skills are required? Do you turn up for meetings on time? If you’ve developed a reputation of showing up late, then it may be time to invest in a timesheet template. Punctuality is the one trait that can enhance or destroy your reputation as a freelancer. For this reason, it’s important to use the template to train yourself to be a punctual consultant every time.

2. Develop professionalism with the simple timesheet

It’s important to be as professional as possible. Your career as a freelancer depends on the professionalism that you display. Professionalism is not limited to your dressing. Treat others with respect. Be full of integrity when interacting with your clients too. Honesty and consistency are all hallmarks of professionalism. Introduce and use the simple timesheet template to begin working on your professionalism, especially in areas where you fall short.

3. Cultivating self-discipline with the simple timesheet

The best freelancers are some of the most self-disciplined individuals. The fact that nobody watches what they do makes it important to be a highly self-disciplined. Otherwise, the entire business that you’re trying to build could come crushing down. Short-term gratifications keep you away from your goal of being self-disciplined. Therefore, use the template to start working on areas that make you lack the necessary self-discipline.

Learn the right lessons from the template to be more self-disciplined.

4. Wise use of time

Freelancers can’t afford to be careless with their time. They don’t have a long line of clients waiting at the doorstep to bring in new work. For this reason, it’s important for consultants to use their time wisely. A good way of making sure that that happens is by investing in simple timesheet template. Do what you can today. Avoid postponing what you can do today until tomorrow. Your business would love you for doing that.

Simple Timesheet Sample
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5. Keep yourself balanced with the simple timesheet

It’s good to develop a strong work ethic. However, you should not kill yourself while trying to do that. Instead, focus on keeping yourself balanced. Learn to take good care of yourself. It’s good to learn to say ‘No’ to some things. Take a break from it all, especially when you notice your work-life balance suffering. Say no to clients who ask you to do too much work free. Clients who value your input will pay what you charge.

Use the timesheet template to prioritize yourself and keep your freelancer life balanced.

In freelancing circles, nothing works unless you make it work. You need different tools to make things to work. This template is one such tool. It’s a library of helpful information that your consultancy needs to stay ahead of the competition. More importantly, the data you get from the template helps you to improve your work ethic. Solid work ethic makes you attractive to your clients. Poor ethics send your clients – including those who need free services – away.

Start using the simple timesheet template in your business today to boost your work ethic.

Why should you use a simple timesheet if you are a manager?

A simple timesheet template can help you to improve work ethic. Are you unable to inspire your workers to demonstrate better ethics at work? Do they seem to spend more time on non-productive issues? If that’s the case, you may need to try a different strategy. In this case, that new strategy would be the timesheet. Yes, it may sound simplistic though it is guaranteed to ensure that your workers never waste any more time.

Simple Timesheet Example
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1. Communicate to clarify with the simple timesheet

Communication is central to improving office culture. Learn to clarify issues. Learn to communicate well with everybody in the office, so the entire team is in harmony. This way, it becomes easier for the team to make progress together. The timesheet represents new values that you wish to introduce in the office. Therefore, talk about the timesheet. Clarify it to your workers. Clarification is part of a process called adaptive change.

2. Assess progress with the simple timesheet

It’s impossible to build a successful business if you never assess progress. Assessments should be a regular part of the culture in the workplace. Carry out regular assessments. Assess what’s happening. Assess why some of the workers appear to be doing well filling the simple timesheet template while others are struggling. Assess why they appear not to be improving their work ethics too. Assess then implement solutions. Never leave things at the assess stage!

3. Provide leadership with the simple timesheet

Part of the solution would be to provide leadership. A good leader also acts as a mentor by showing the way and analyzing where necessary. You can only move to this stage after taking time to explain the goals and expectations associated with the introduction of the simple timesheet template. Provide strong leadership. As the leader, every time you introduce something new at the workplace, you will invariably act as the trainer, coach, and teacher.

4. Make it relatable and relevance with the simple timesheet

Find a way of relating the reasons for introducing the simple timesheet template to everybody at the office. Again, this boils down to proper communication, which entails clarification. Let all workers understand the relevance of the timesheet. Let them see the connection between this tool and improved work ethics. Make the change relevant to the employee and you. Make it relevant to the business and clients too. Make the employees buy into the changes.

5. Basis for rewards with the simple timesheet

In most businesses, especially where changes are in the offing, nothing seems to work better than rewards. Define conduct and behavior that you consider acceptable. Reward any person who displays such conduct. Rewards can’t exist or mean much if consequences of non-compliance aren’t mentioned. Just as those who comply get rewarded, those who don’t should face the consequences of their actions. The consequences don’t have to be drastic though!

Let them know that complying with these changes will reflect on their performance appraisals.

Keep reminding your staff about the timesheets in all official meetings.

Send them emails and memos, as reminders.

Simple Timesheet PDF
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6. Spread the news with the simple timesheet

Just to re-emphasize, spread the news regarding your changes. All workers – including everybody who forms the management team – should be on the loop regarding the introduction of the timesheet template. Leave nobody in doubt as to the direction you wish to take the company. Apply this rule with all changes you bring to the workplace. Use the soldier’s mantra of “leaving nobody behind” to introduce a new work culture.

When implemented right, simple timesheet template can bring a different way of doing things in the office. It improves productivity. It kills the fraud that has been part of the office and has affected performance and results over the years. It promotes morale and motivates the workers to put in a proper shift every time they report for work. The workers dedicate themselves more to the tasks assigned to them too.

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