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Sample Statement of Work for Consulting Services

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Sample Statement of Work for Consulting Services

One of the common phrases in everyday consulting business is the statement of work (SOW). A statement of work is an important document for a project and contract management.  A sample statement of work for consulting services would prove useful for consultants in clarifying and communicating the details of a project to clients, contractors, and vendors that are contributing to their services.

The document describes the objective of a project or service, the scope of work, deliverables to expect times lines, cost, among other factors. Besides, a SOW serves a guarantee to clients that the deliverables of a project/service would be done according to specific guidelines and specifications of a client. 

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A sample statement of work for consulting services can be in different formats, including Excel, PDF, or Word. The document can be used for a wide range of consulting services, including design, software development, or large scale projects like government building contracts. In this article, we would show you how to overcome to create a professional sample statement of work for consulting services and the pitfalls to avoid. 

Here is how to create your statement of work for consulting services. If you provide consulting services, you need to draft and present a SOW to clients, which may serve as both a proposal and a binding agreement. Take note of the following when drafting the SOW.

1. Adopt a common structure

This is not the place to display too much creativity. Stick to the common structure that is easy to understand. A regular structure goes thus: introduction, background, objective/goals, the scope of work, milestones, timelines, cost, resources, clauses & assumptions, conclusion. 

2. Include "just enough information"

Different opinions may count here, but it is wise to provide just the needed information in your SOW. Let the content be just enough to handle the following:

  • Sufficient for a client to know what they are expecting
  • Enough to convince the client to buy your idea
  • Just enough to clarify the goals and objectives

3. Know your client

Before writing your sample statement of work for consulting services, it would be helpful if you have discussed with the client and have asked important questions about the project/service. This will help you write a compelling SOW. Besides, show your knowledge and familiarity with the client if you've worked for them before; it takes away doubt and strengthens intimacy. 

4. Demonstrate your expertise 

There is a little room for show-boating in every SOW and proposal. A bit of persuasive elements is required in your sample statement of work for consulting services to prove you are experienced in what you are about to deliver.  Be specific, mentions words that the client has used; many think you are genius if you do this, and it means you are a good listener.

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5. Do it right 

A sample statement of work for consulting services should be unique, professional, logical, and consistent. Avoid different people working on different sections of the document to avoid a lack of consistency, which may lead to loss of consulting hours. Better still, ensure one person proofread the document if several persons must work on it. 

6. Anticipate scrutiny 

A statement of work is a part of a legal contract, which often have work terms and conditions. The document may be reviewed by different people and the legal department of clients; hence, keep it simple and avoid vague terms. The last thing you’d expect is a handcuff when you are half-way into the project because of unnecessary crap in your SOW, which forces you to do a job that is not in line with the objective of your client. 

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Sample Statement of Work for Consulting Services

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Sample Statement of Work for Consulting Services

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