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Before freelancers can start talking about RescueTime alternative, they would need to use it to prove that it can or cannot do what made them go for it in the first place. A good evaluation of this time tracking software is essential before finding a suitable alternative. It tracks time seamlessly, is simple and efficient, has an amazing dashboard, and allows freelancers to see what they spend their time doing.

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However, the cons that make freelancers consider alternative include:

  • A bit on the higher side
  • Takes much time to produce trends that cover several years
  • Laborious to use its Get Focused! Functionality

Its cons may appear minimal, but they are enough to warrant the search for a better alternative.

With that, what is the perfect alternative for monitoring your productivity?

1. Bonsai

Bonsai is one of the most impressive RescueTime alternatives. With this tool, you will never struggle to manage multiple projects without wasting your time on unnecessary and unproductive tasks. Additionally, it allows you to work on more than one task at a time without mixing things up. Its most remarkable attribute is automation. Bonsai does everything – including the generation of invoices and proposals – automatically to save you time!

2. HubStaff

HubStaff is a suitable RescueTime alternative for freelancers who run any kind of business. It services small, medium and large freelance businesses perfectly. It gives freelancers complete control over their working hours. It is ideal for one freelancer or a team of freelancers working under a supervisor. It not only tracks activities but also creates accurate reports thus reducing the likelihood of missing deadlines or surpassing budgetary limits.

HubStaff boasts of an excellent customer support system and server communication.

3. Time Doctor

This RescueTime alternative performs two basic functions. One, it is a superb time tracker. Two, it monitors employees. The two functions are critical for freelancers who need to hire extra hands to help them with certain projects. It takes screenshots and uploads them online so that you can go through them to determine if you – or your team – is doing what you should be doing or spending more time on unnecessary and unproductive activities.

Time Doctor’s main attractions include a user-friendly interface, ease of use, and low cost.

With time, it helps you to manage yourself, your team, and your finances!

4. Toggl

Toggl stands out as an alternative for many reasons. First, its interface is both friendly and simple to use thus allowing you to start tracking time immediately. It has a free version, which lacks the billing hours option though. The support center is always on standby to provide the help freelancers need. It’s a perfect time tracking tool for individual freelancers based on the fact that its services are free and unlimited.

5. Harvest

Do you have a freelancing project that will or should last two weeks maximum? Then, Harvest is the best RescueTime alternative for you. This software tracks time for freelancers – or their teams – every two weeks. What is more, the software protects your freelance business from going over its budget or that of the client. It has a few limitations though. The main one is the inability to track your freelance employees who are on sick leave.

6. OfficeTime

This RescueTime alternative is ideal for its ability to provide freelancers with all the data you need for billing. Its customizable tools are ideal for exporting time spreadsheets in formats that are compatible with other apps that you may be using. It also allows freelancers to group their work. Furthermore, freelancers can use it for storing hourly information. The winner is its ability to let freelancers move from one task or project to the next without causing interruptions.

Therefore, it’s not difficult to find the best alternative. All that is required is to know what works well for you. What is it that you need from RescueTime but can’t get? Ask yourself this question before you start the search for a better alternative. Obviously, the price is a major differential. For this reason, you are justified in looking for an alternative that’s cheaper than RescueTime too. However, focus on one that works better than RescueTime.



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