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Printable Invoice Template (Word)

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Printable Invoice Template (Word)

A printable invoice template Word is an itemized list of the products sold and the services rendered. It gives an overview of the quantities, pricing, and additional charges incurred in exchange for the product or service. However, not all invoices are drafted in a similar manner. Different types of invoices serve different purposes. 

Choosing a generic format for all your business partners could be a rookie invoicing mistake that should be avoided at all costs. However, it is also impossible to keep creating different invoices for every business transaction.

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This is where you can make use of Bonsai’s printable invoice template in Word as an easy and feasible solution for your business requirements.

1. Advantages of a printable invoice template Word

The following are the advantages of using a printable invoice template in Word:

  • Following a defined template not only adds uniformity to each invoice raised by you but also saves you time that you would have otherwise expended in creating an invoice from scratch.
  • Printable invoice template in Word format offers the convenience of working with a template but also having it in an editable form so that you can modify it as per your business’ needs.
  • When you make use of invoice templates, you spend less time on the invoice structure and aesthetics and more time on the essential information that needs to be reflected in the invoice. As a result, you can generate accurate invoices without forgetting any vital details.
  • At Bonsai, the invoice templates are created by skilled and experienced specialists. Thus, you borrow from their expertise to create clear and explicit invoices that are detailed and easy to understand.
  • Raising invoices in a timely manner makes it convenient for your clients and is the best possible way to get paid promptly and on time.

2. Parts of a printable invoice template Word

Your invoice represents your business. Further, if you make use of e-invoicing, then it is the primary form of contact with your client. Hence, it is essential to create a professional invoice that conveys every possible detail to avoid any confusion.

Every self-contained printable invoice template in Word format must contain the following core elements:

2.1. Company details

In the event that your client runs into some issue while processing your invoice, making your company details readily accessible will make it convenient for them to contact you. The printable invoice template in Word should contain your legal company name, physical address, and contact information like email address and phone number.

2.2. Header

It is the most obvious but often overlooked part of an invoice - the word “Invoice” in the header. This imparts clarity on the role of the document.

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2.3. Date and invoice number

A unique invoice number acts as an identifier that you can refer to when you are corresponding with businesses. Further, the invoice should contain a date as it is often the time of reference for calculating payment duration.

2.4. Itemized list of goods and services

Depending on the nature of your business, you can keep this section as generic or as specific as you would like. However, the following parts are a must in this portion, which includes:

  • Name of the product/service
  • Date of purchase
  • Rate (per unit or hourly) and quantity
  • Taxes or add-on fees

2.5. Total amount due

It may appear to be a no-brainer, but it is definitely worth mentioning that the total amount due and the corresponding due date must be displayed prominently on the invoice.

2.6. Terms

Every invoice must contain terms of payment, which could include return policies, mode of payment, payment cycle frequency or due dates, and any other preferences that may cement your relationship with the client.

Bonsai’s printable invoice template in Word makes invoicing a ridiculously easy affair. It works as a hassle-free option for anybody and everybody - from freelancers to small businesses. All you need to do is download the printable invoice template in Word, edit it as per need, print and issue it to your client. It’s that easy!

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Printable Invoice Template (Word)

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Printable Invoice Template (Word)

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