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Printable Invoice TemplatePrintable Invoice TemplatePrintable Invoice Template

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What is an invoice? Invoicing can be fast and ridiculously easy to achieve if only you adopt efficient solutions and techniques to handle the process. Whether you run a big company or small business, getting paid is very important, and it should be done on time. A free printable invoice template eliminates a lot of headaches involved with invoicing. With a ready template and cloud-based solutions, you can create faster invoices with little or no room for error, download and send to clients to enhance speedier response. Sometimes, using sophisticated accounting software may cost you a lot when you can adopt a simpler and more customizable solution. 

Printable Invoice Template
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Invoices serve more purposes than just requesting payment from clients. Sometimes, invoices are the last contact a client has with your business. So, you can't afford to undervalue the document and its potential to win you more customers. There are several ways of creating a printable invoice template; it is either you craft the document from scratch or download a printable invoice template online. Creating and editing invoices online will serve you right if you have little or no idea of the best practices of crafting the document. See the next section of this article for the relevant sections of a professional invoice. 

1. Creating a printable invoice template

When creating a printable invoice template, you want to keep in mind that it needs to cover relevant information on invoicing and its ease of printing. So, you must choose the format suitable for printing if you will need a hard copy document. See the sections that you must not miss in the invoice template. 

1.1. Professional header

Your business name should appear in the header section of your printable invoice template.  It should also carry your business logo and contact information, including mailing address, contact address, email, phone number, and website. 

1.2. Client contact information

Including the contact details of a client on a printable invoice template makes it easy claiming responsibility for the bill. Information here should at least include mailing address, phone number, contact address, and website of the client. 

1.3. Invoice number & date

Numbers on invoices are useful for referencing and tracking the documents. They also help you track your account receivable, which is vital to the financial health of your business. It also shows to your customer that you are professional and organized. Also, include the date field on the template for reference purposes. 

1.4. Product or service details

Give a breakdown of the items and the cost of each product or service in the bill. A detailed explanation of items, units, and prices in your printable invoice template would eliminate room for calls and unnecessary delays in response from clients. You may enter goods as line items and include fees to ensure your customers understand what and the amount they need to pay.

Printable Invoice Template Sample
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1.5. Tax & shipping fees

Shipping fees and taxes are elements that may affect the total amount on the invoice. Check tax materials for applicable rates and include shipping fees if applicable. You may also add other expenses that would affect the total amount in this section of the bill.

1.6. Terms & conditions

Clarifying payment methods and preferred currency if sending the invoice to an international client will help prevent unnecessary delays. Include your payment due date, say "Due in 30 days, 45 or 60" and add discount rate if applicable. Discount and penalty for late payments are discreet ways of encouraging faster payment from clients.

1.7. Note

You may add this optional section to communicate anything you wish to tell your customers. This could be a thank you message, reminder, or a closing note.

2. How to create a printable invoice template Word

A printable invoice template Word is an itemized list of the products sold and the services rendered. It gives an overview of the quantities, pricing, and additional charges incurred in exchange for the product or service. However, not all invoices are drafted in a similar manner. Different types of invoices serve different purposes. 

Choosing a generic format for all your business partners could be a rookie invoicing mistake that should be avoided at all costs. However, it is also impossible to keep creating different invoices for every business transaction.

Printable Invoice Template Example
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This is where you can make use of Bonsai’s printable invoice template in Word as an easy and feasible solution for your business requirements.

2.1. Advantages of a printable invoice template Word

The following are the advantages of using a printable invoice template in Word:

  • Following a defined template not only adds uniformity to each invoice raised by you but also saves you time that you would have otherwise expended in creating an invoice from scratch.
  • Printable invoice template in Word format offers the convenience of working with a template but also having it in an editable form so that you can modify it as per your business’ needs.
  • When you make use of invoice templates, you spend less time on the invoice structure and aesthetics and more time on the essential information that needs to be reflected in the invoice. As a result, you can generate accurate invoices without forgetting any vital details.
  • At Bonsai, the invoice templates are created by skilled and experienced specialists. Thus, you borrow from their expertise to create clear and explicit invoices that are detailed and easy to understand.
  • Raising invoices in a timely manner makes it convenient for your clients and is the best possible way to get paid promptly and on time.

2.2. Parts of a printable invoice template Word

Your invoice represents your business. Further, if you make use of e-invoicing, then it is the primary form of contact with your client. Hence, it is essential to create a professional invoice that conveys every possible detail to avoid any confusion.

Every self-contained printable invoice template in Word format must contain the following core elements:

2.2.1. Company details

In the event that your client runs into some issue while processing your invoice, making your company details readily accessible will make it convenient for them to contact you. The printable invoice template in Word should contain your legal company name, physical address, and contact information like email address and phone number.

2.2.2. Header

It is the most obvious but often overlooked part of an invoice - the word “Invoice” in the header. This imparts clarity on the role of the document.

Printable Invoice Template PDF
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2.2.3. Date and invoice number

A unique invoice number acts as an identifier that you can refer to when you are corresponding with businesses. Further, the invoice should contain a date as it is often the time of reference for calculating payment duration.

2.2.4. Itemized list of goods and services

Depending on the nature of your business, you can keep this section as generic or as specific as you would like. However, the following parts are a must in this portion, which includes:

  • Name of the product/service
  • Date of purchase
  • Rate (per unit or hourly) and quantity
  • Taxes or add-on fees

2.2.5. Total amount due

It may appear to be a no-brainer, but it is definitely worth mentioning that the total amount due and the corresponding due date must be displayed prominently on the invoice.

2.2.6. Terms

Every invoice must contain terms of payment, which could include return policies, mode of payment, payment cycle frequency or due dates, and any other preferences that may cement your relationship with the client.

Bonsai’s printable invoice template in Word makes invoicing a ridiculously easy affair. It works as a hassle-free option for anybody and everybody - from freelancers to small businesses. All you need to do is download the printable invoice template in Word, edit it as per need, print and issue it to your client. It’s that easy!

3. How to create a printable invoice PDF

Invoices are business documents for providing information regarding a particular purchase or service. Usually, invoices itemize the goods or services provided, and they give details about the individual prices of goods or the rate for specific services in a transaction. In today's fast-paced world, you can create and send invoices to customers electronically within a few minutes.

So, you don't necessarily need to print and physically store your invoice. However, an occasion may demand you print your invoice. So, you need a solution to create a printable invoice PDF for billing your client effectively. 

Drafting and sending of invoices is a necessary aspect of your business. This vital business activity, if not monitored, may end up consuming valuable time you could have invested in executing a project or sourcing for new contracts. Invoicing can be effectively done if only you employ solutions that would make the process seamless. Since invoicing is part of almost everyday business, it will help if you get a free printable invoice template PDF that you can always use to bill your clients. 

An invoice is a non-negotiable document that a seller issues to a buyer. It is an official document used to request payment from clients who received goods or services. Every invoice is unique and should cover the details of transactions in which the bill is used to charge. These include the goods or services provided, the quantity, fees or rate, and the total amount due. With a free printable invoice template PDF, you can meet all the requirements of invoicing and still have ample time to deal with your core business functionalities.

Printable Invoice Template Sample PDF
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If you run a small business or work as an independent contractor, you do not have to spend so much on accounting software and invoicing solutions. You can always adopt affordable invoicing tools and maximize free solutions to create an invoice that you can print.

Bonsai offers different invoicing solutions to create your preferred printable invoice PDF template. All you need to do is choose a template and start creating your invoicing by entering unique details about your business. Once you are done, you can save the template, send it to the client online or download it to your local machine if you need to print it in PDF.

Another alternative is to search for a printable invoice PDF from the gallery, download, and edit it offline. 

4. Benefits of using a printable invoice PDF

Invoices play a vital role in requesting payments from clients. No matter you're the niche your business belongs to, you are bound to experience lingering payment. A PaySimple survey revealed that 80% of small businesses struggle with receiving payment. So, a professional printable invoice PDF would go a long way to serve as a gentle reminder to notify the client of payment and track your outstanding payments.

See the benefits of using invoices to request payment below:

  • Using invoices is the best and most convenient way to request payment officially
  • A printable invoice PDF helps you keep a proper record of client bills and also track your income. You can stay organized using the invoices as it helps you with the documentation of your financial transactions
  • The invoices will help clarify the goods or services for which you have received payment. Hence, it is important to itemize the goods or services supplied along with the fees when creating your printable invoice PDF. This way, you have a more transparent record and avoid complications in payment reconciliation. 
  • It is quite problematic getting payment if you don’t employ an invoice. Some policies and payment terms in your invoices like a discount for early responses and penalty for late payment may serve as a positive reinforcement to getting paid promptly.
Printable Invoice Template Example PDF
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5. Creating your printable invoice PDF

Follow these simple steps to create a solid printable invoice 

  1. Browse through our gallery to choose a template or download one to start customizing
  2. Include your business name and your logo in the header section of the printable invoice PDF.
  3. Next, add your contact information- mailing address, email, phone number and website
  4. Include the contact details of your client or the payer in case there is a difference between parties
  5. The date you created the template should be added. Besides, generate a unique customer/invoice number to track the document
  6. The body of the invoice is where you add details of the service provided or goods supplied. List the services each on a line or create a table for a better arrangement
  7. Include the fees for each service/task or the quantity and rate for each good supplied
  8. Add a section for taxes and other fees that would affect the grand total. Sum the fees and emphasize the total due payment
  9. Include your payment terms-preferred payment method, payment due date (Net 30, 45 or 60 days
  10. Save the document and send to your machine for printing
Printable Invoice Template Word
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6. Why use a free printable invoice template PDF

Getting an invoice template will do you more good if you render recurring services to clients. A blank or editable template will help you achieve better invoicing and consequently, faster payment when your customers get the bill on time. You can always download a template of your choice or design one online if you will. PDF is a popular option for many documents since it's so easy to create, edit, and send. Services like Docsend to PDF reflect this trend of everything going to PDF.

It is possible to create your template online with few clicks using free online solutions. If you make one online, you can download the free printable invoice template PDF to your local machine and keep for record purposes. This is also essential should in case you have to present a physical copy of the document to a client, board, or tax reconciliation. 

7. What information should my free printable invoice PDF include?

There's no hard and fast rule for drafting an invoice. However, a professional invoice would provide basic information about the details of a transaction. A detailed invoice would help, but it is recommended you provide just enough information for your client to clear your payment.

See the elements you mustn't miss when creating your free printable invoice template PDF.

7.1. Header section

The first thing you want to do is create a professional header for your invoice. Include your business name using a professional font. You may also add your business logo and don’t forget to make your business color theme of the document

7.2. Contact information

This section should at least include your mailing address, email address, phone contact and website.

Printable Invoice Template Excel
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7.3. Client information

Add relevant contact information of your client like name, address, and website. Sometimes, the payer(Bill -to-party) may be different from the individual that requested your service. So, ensure you address the document to the appropriate individual or body

7.4. Date & invoicing number

Every invoice should carry the date it was created; it is part of the details that makes the bill an official business document. You may also include the date you rendered the services or supplied goods as the case may be. Your free printable invoice template PDF should carry a unique invoice number to identify the document. 

7.5. Details of service

Next are the details of the services rendered. List what you've done and briefly describe them. You may create a table or enter each service on a line to make it easy to understand

7.6. Payment & terms of service

State your billing policy once again and include the fees for each service. Include all the fees that affect the total amount and put the total on a separate line. Sales tax applicable in 45 US states and shipping fees are common elements that affect the total amount. Payment terms and conditions may include your preferred payment method and the due date of payment.



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