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An independent contractor refers to a corporation, person or  business whose main duty is providing goods or services to a different entity  under terms that a contract specify. A worker can decide to be either fully  employed or an autonomous contractor. Each option has several benefits. Your  business is free to hire a contractor or employees. The contractor is a  freelancer, thus not under the same rules and regulations as the other  employees.
 Nevertheless, the following are solid reasons for your  business to hire a contractor or freelancer:

To Save Money

In reference to Nolo legal encyclopedia, hiring an independent consultant saves you money. Your business doesn't have to hire an independent contractor  365 days a year. It only needs the services of the freelancer for a few days,  weeks or months. Consequently, your business doesn't have too many overheads to  worry about. Hiring an employee to work for you means paying salaries and other  benefits such as medical, insurance, travel and holiday among others. The  freelancer can work from his home, thus saving you money spent on equipment and  office space.

Improve Staffing Flexibility

An  independent contractor provides the level of staffing flexibility that your  business can't find elsewhere. You can hire and let the outworker go at any  time. The contractor is great for a business whose workload keeps fluctuating  all the time. Therefore, your business hires the contractor only for a specific  task, before letting him/her go when the work is over. This saves you from the  legal troubles, expenses and trauma associated with hiring and firing.

Reduced Exposure to Lawsuits

According to Forbes, you have less likelihood of lawsuits. Federal and state laws give employees certain unalienable rights.  Therefore, if your employees feel that you have infringed on these rights, they  may take you to court. Your business doesn't want the bad publicity that comes  with being a defendant in court. It's better to avoid such situations by hiring  freelancing professionals instead of hiring employees to work for your business  fulltime. Spending less time in court gives you more time to focus on the  business.
  Nonetheless, you need to understand what the law says about  independent contractors. It/'s worth noting that the state and federal agents as  well as agencies prefer listing all workers as employees rather than  independent contractors. This is because of financial reasons. More employees translate  into more money collected by the government in the form of taxes. Freelancing  doesn't provide the state and federal governments with the level of taxes they  get from employees.
For these reasons, let your business enjoy more benefits by hiring  an independent contractor.