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The main reason why freelancing has flourished to such an extent over the years is the convenience with which the workers can do their jobs. This is down to the fact that all the jobs are computer-related and the research related work can also be done easily with the use of internet. In more recent years, several software and tools have been developed to make lives easier for the freelancers, which have had a great impact.

There is one section of freelancing though which concerns the workers more than anything else- the payment. Freelancers are often made to wait for their payments by the clients for long periods of time, something which hampers their financial stability and lowers their commitment level. This problem arises mainly due to the fact that the workers mostly don't lay their demands to their clients in a proper manner. The payment is often, rather hastily, agreed verbally, in order to save time which would otherwise be wasted on discussing the details of the billing. We at Bonsai are determined to make financial agreements of freelancers and clients more convenient through our Freelance Invoice Software.

Sending an Invoice is a widely adopted method by the freelancers to let their clients know about their payment demands in an organized and a convincing way. An invoice basically has all the major and minor billing details of the worker like the hourly charges, the overtime charges, the late charges, and the total charges of the work carried out. It also has a unique Invoice number, personal details of the worker as well as the client and a payment schedule.

Bonsai's Freelance Invoice Software is bound to make your life easier in a lot of ways. It will not only solve the payment delay problem by providing suitable template for your invoice, but it will also be time-saving as it will automatically send the invoices prepared to their respective clients. This software can also be used to receive payment from the clients later on.

The main advantage of this software, as all others, is its convenience. All you have to do is enter the information and the software will design the invoice for you. It is also useful for tracking down the invoices in case you have multiple clients. Another benefit of this software is that is compatible with every device, whether it's your computer or your smartphone. So wherever you might be, you can easily deal with your clients with the help of this software.

So to guarantee timely payment and time-saving, try Bonsai's Freelance Invoice Software, and see how your professional life shows and uplift.