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If you want to be a successful freelancer, you should know that freelancing goes beyond acquiring new clients regularly. It also means building a business. One way to do business professionally with your clients is by always using a freelance contract. It has been said many times that a contract is the best way to protect your business and manage your client's expectations.  However, many freelancers do it wrong. And these mistakes can cost you a lot of money. Some of these common mistakes are as follows: Not having a contract in place Spare yourself from monkey business. Period. Here's a good sample by Ash Dryden. 

 Thinking that everything will go down smoothly Apparently, nobody is perfect. Describing your dispute resolution in the contract will save you from trouble. Intellectual Property rights are not a priority  Whether you take on a work for hire or a consultant (i.e. developing creative ideas, designs, business strategy, etc.) role, it's important that your client upholds your IP rights correctly. 

 Failure to negotiate well with a client Freelancing is business. Work out your rate with a client until both parties arrive at an agreeable term. Never give in too easily without taking your best interest in mind, otherwise you might yourself in an unfavorable situation. 

 Fear of questioning the client's terms If you believe that a 14-day timeframe for a project that'd normally take 30 days to finish is unrealistic, you should say so to the client. Pushing through the project without asking for a deposit 

Don't you want to secure a consistent cash flow out of your freelance projects? Get paid in a timely manner, which you can obligate the client to do so by letting him sign your contract.              Now, if you think you're ready to correct these mistakes, let our Freelance Contract Creator help you out. 

We've also got freelance contracts for programmers, app developers, and web designers.