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Fillable Invoice Template (PDF)

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Fillable Invoice Template (PDF)

A fillable invoice tempalte PDF form is a bill of deliverables generated by a company or an individual to collect the receivables in lieu of the service offered to the customer. It lists out the quantity of the goods or services, the corresponding cost, and the taxes if any. They are useful to give a clear breakdown of the costs, to maintain a paper trail of the payment requests, and to keep an internal record of all the transactions. Most importantly, as they define the due date for settling the invoice, it also ensures that your clients pay you on time.

If these are recurring tasks, it would be convenient to keep a fillable invoice template in PDF ready at hand as all you need to do is enter the new and relevant details and share it with the customer. With a fillable invoice template PDF, all you need to do is make an invoice template in one go and reuse it for every billing cycle! It saves you a lot of time and effort as you only need to work on the first format.

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Types of invoices

Some of the most prevalent types of invoices include:

  • Proforma or bid: An estimate of expenditure for the goods and services, often used as a preliminary appraisal
  • Interim invoice: Often used during long-term projects, these invoices facilitate periodical payments
  • Recurring invoices: These are used for recurring customers and can be replaced by fillable invoice template PDF
  • Past due invoices: Often enclosed with the original invoice, it is issued when a previous invoice is past its due date and includes the interest accrued if any.
  • Final invoice: Sent after the completion of the complete project

Parts of a fillable invoice template PDF

Here's what a professional fillable invoice template must contain for your business to get paid:

1. A standout header

If you want your invoice to have a professional header, then it must contain the following elements:

  • Your business name or full name.
  • Contact details including phone number, email address, and website.
  • Unique invoice number that acts as an identifier.
  • Date when the invoice is raised.
  • Business logo.

2. Details of goods or services

In this section of the fillable invoice template PDF, you must give an itemized breakdown of the products or services. You can categorize it in the following five columns:

  • Goods or services: A detailed description of the goods delivered or the service performed.
  • Date of purchase or when the service was performed.
  • Quantity, in terms of the number of items or number of hours put into the service.
  • The rate at which the product or service is charged.
  • Subtotal of each good or service.

3. Tax component

If your service attracts any tax or additional fees, it must be added to the invoice in a dedicated column. This includes local or state taxes, service taxes, delivery fees, sales tax, etc.

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4. Total amount due and due date

The grand total corresponding to the product and services of the invoice must be given separately so that even if someone is casting a cursory glance at your fillable invoice template PDF, they can find out how much they have to pay you. You may also include the amount in figures and words.

Bonsai allows you to set the payment due date at your discretion and you can choose your preferred timeframe such as 30 or 45 days. Alternatively, you can also choose a 'Due on receipt' for immediate payment. You may even automate your fillable invoice template PDF to be generated at a certain date of every month. 

5. Terms of transaction

When you are making use of fillable invoice template PDF from websites like Bonsai and deliver the invoices electronically, you must also specify your preferred mode of payment. You may also include a terms and conditions section that contains other related information such as return policy on goods, late fee rates, discounts, or any other policies. In the end, you can include a small "thank you" note to appreciate the client's interest in your business.

Making use of fillable invoice template PDF not only saves you time but also ensures that you get paid duly and on time. Online invoicing services like Bonsai allow you to dispatch invoices, subsequent reminders, and every other task in a click of a button.

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Fillable Invoice Template (PDF)

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Fillable Invoice Template (PDF)

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