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Consultants and freelancers are often busy looking for new contracts or trying to complete the one on hand. Payments are expected upon completion of work, and since freelancers take a different types of jobs, there's a need for an invoicing system that puts consultants and freelancers on a fast track to getting their payment.

Creating an invoice is nice, but it would be difficult doing so for every client, hence the need for an editable invoice template PDF, which can be downloaded online. Freelance invoices are unique, and they need to include some basic information if they must serve as the ideal invoice for your work.

One of the unique features of a freelance invoice is that it captures hourly and separate it from flat rates and other fees like equipment or set up. Irrespective of your business peculiarity, you can download an editable invoice template PDF or generate one online. Once that is done, you may edit with the instructions and features below to meet your requirements.

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Creating and customizing your invoice template (PDF)

Start customizing your invoice template PDF by adding your business logo if you have and then basic details about your client and the service you are providing to your clients.

1. Your contact information

Include your business name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and the website of your company.

2. Client information

Include the details of your client like address, email address, and contact.

3. Invoice number and date

Choose your preferred numbering system, it may take chronological or set of number broken into parts. If A2000 was the last invoice number in your editable invoice template PDF, the next should be A2001, even if you are sending it to a new client. For dating, create room for at least two different dates; the date you sent the invoice and the due date for payment. Most organizations make use of the international standard: Month, date, and years (June 14, 2019).

4. Service information

Your invoice must be clear as much as possible to your recipient. Ensure you describe the services you are offering to include the following:

  • Description & date - Describe the services you are offering. If you are providing a graphic design service, mention it, and if you have offered a free service, also state it along with the charged services. Also, include the date you performed or completed the service or project on your editable invoice template PDF.
  • Billing rate - Billing may be a flat charge or hourly payment depending on the type of service you offer and the agreement you had with your client. Choose a flexible billing tool for billing that would allow tax deductions to make your work easy. Be transparent here; you may specify the charges for each item and give a total to help your recipient understand the invoice.
  • Terms and conditions - Add your invoice payment terms in the terms and conditions section or personal notes. Let your client know the due date and terms for late payments to avoid delays. Besides, state the currency if you are sending the invoice to an international client along with industry-related requirements for your invoice.
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Benefits of a great freelance invoice template

It would be best if you had a great editable invoice template PDF not only to make your invoice fast but also to position your business well before clients. It is the last documents that link your business and a client; therefore, it should speak well of your business. Below are some of the benefits of a great invoice:

  1. It leaves a lasting impression with your client
  2. It can make a happy customer patronize you again
  3. Benefits of a referral by your clients
  4. It helps create a professional record